Nilgiri Mountain Railway A joy ride

The travelers can see the coffee and tea plantations while traversing by the Mettupalayam-Ooty route. The halts at Ruuneyemede, Adderly, Lovedale, and Ketty railheads range will lend the travelers with an opportunity to delve their senses in the famous food provided at these halts. The railhead halt of Adderly is somewhat nestled at the dense lush green curve where the travelers can also take the beautiful bird view pictures of the whole cit
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The Abode of Lord Vithal

Pandharpur is located in Maharashtra and many devotees of Lord Vitthal visit this sanctum every day and on some special occasions. Legend has that Lord Vithal once visited Pundalik, an ardent devotee of Vitthal. However, Pundalik was busy serving his parents. As Pundalik was busy, he threw a brick that was handy in that direction of his divine visitor. He asked him to stand on the brick. Later Pundalik forgot all about his visitor and
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10 Most Visited Monsoon Destinations in India

1- Lonavala
Lonavala a favorite attraction for the Mumbaikars attains its zenith during the rainy season when the other hill stations in Maharashtra are abandoned. Lonavala is at its best during the monsoon season as the whole countryside turns green, lakes and ponds brimming with water, myriad waterfalls gushing down ravines, mists enveloping the valley. it`s a heavenly out there.
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Katra - A classic case of burgeoning religion

Travel has always captivated homo sapiens while religion has had sustained humanity. Nothing gets better than this when these two combine commercially. So it is not surprising to learn that the World Tourism Organization (WTO) has as always captivated homo sapiens while religion has had sustained humanity. Nothing gets better than this when these two combine commercially. So it is not surprising to learn that the World Tourism Organization (
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Konark Dance & Music Festival: Divine Romance on t

The land of the world-famous Sun Temple and the magnificent Chandrabhaga beach lures discerning tourists with another attraction. No points for guessing we are talking of the Konark Dance & Music festival an annual feature at the Konark temple. 

The festival, a brainchild of Guru Gangadhar Pradhan provides an ideal treat for the art connoisseurs as well as a platform to the well known as well as emerging
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Grandeur of Bhawani temple

The Bhawani temple is the same place where the great warrior Shivaji was given a sword by the goddess Bhawani. Situated in Tuljapur, Maharashtra, a few steps below the hill known as Bala Ghat, in the Central Osmanabad is the Tulja Bhawani Temple. The goddess here is also known as Kulaswamini, the patron deity of Maharashtra. With Shivaji’s many many conquests attributed to her, she has defined the state both geographically and spiritually. I
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Kalyanotsavam in Tirupati

Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Temple celebrates a festival called the Kalyanotsavam (marriage of the Lord). It is celebrated every day at the Kalyanmandapam except during the Brahmotsavam and on certain other festive occasions.

Kalyanam" means Wedding in Sanskrit. Performing or watching a divine wedding is considered to be very auspicious by the Hindus. It is believed to cleanse the family of all sins.
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Ayurvastra: The cloth that heals

Thumbod a tiny village lying just outside the state capital of Trivandrum and otherwise is like any other Kerala village with swaying palms and lush green vegetation has shown the world the door to a more natural lifestyle. Ayurvastra the name given to a whole new concept of natural clothing has the fabric yarns infused with plant extracts and herbs. Developed under the aegis of The Handloom Weavers Development Society a nonpro
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Tantalizing Trail to Verdant Hills

Tawang is nestled in the land of moonpa tribe, Arunachal Pradesh, Eastern India. Tawang is located above 13000 feet above sea level. The journey through Tawang takes the travelers through the chain of snowy hills. The most prominent of all the Mountain Peaks are the Gorichen Peak, Sela Pass, and Ghesila Range.

Following the age-old route connecting Tibet to the Brahmap
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Dylan Music Festival

“Rock on at the scintillating concert where fans bow to the god of the guitar”
If you visit Shillong once, you will keep coming back again and again, goes an old saying. The same sentiment echoes for the annual Bob Dylan fest in Shillong which began on May 24, 1972, to celebrate Dylan’s music, a tradition that continues every year on his birthday. As a young performer in the heydays of Kolkata’s Park Street, the now-i
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Toy train - A joy ride

The 77-year old Toy Train in Matheran is a sheer enchantment to take a ride on! The oldfangled Toy Train in Matheran is Matheran`s best bet that posits the visitors under the shady greens of the serene and unpolluted hill station of Maharashtra. It is from the window of the toy train that one can lap up bonnie of Matheran.

Matheran-Neral Toy Train is one of the four historic toy trains functioning in India
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Sweet Tooth Corner of Chikki

You might smack wet your lips when hearing the word ‘Chikki’. Let alone the chimera of hills, dams and nature bounties, Chikki compels you to recall sugar-coated groundnuts that do wonder to your taste buds. A trip to Lonavala is never complete without stuffing bags with few kilos of Chikki — the signature dish of Lonavala. Chomping a bite of Chikki just bought from some seller is not all about the confection. Chikki, the roasted groundnut c
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Day Visit to Vembanad Bird Sanctuary

"I am the eagle, I live in the high country, in rocky cathedrals that reach to the sky; I am the hawk and there`s blood on my feathers, but time is still turning they soon will be dry; All those who see me, and all who believe in me, share in the freedom I feel when I fly."...........-- John Denver (American Singer and Song Writer)

Vembanad Bird Sanctuary is located at a distance of 16 km west of Kottayam in K
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Traditional Performing art of Kerala

Kerala is bestowed with some ancient traditional art forms that are still today performed with the same zeal and enthusiasm. We discuss here two art forms. 

The art form of Kathakali is the oldest form in the world, which crystallized at around the same time as Shakespeare was scribbling the plays, though elements of it stem from 2nd-century temple rituals. The Kathakali performanc
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Kaziranga - A home for rare species of wildlife

The open county makes wildlife viewing at Kaziranga fairly easy. A day`s outing is often sufficient for visitors to see most of the major species here. Elephants take them into the park in the early morning hours. The three most famous and the endangered species at the park are the Great Indian One – Horned Rhinoceros, Hoolock Gibbons, and the Wild Buffaloes. 

Great Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros: 
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Breath Clean Air & Relax in Lap of Nature

I had been planning to visit Kasauli for a long. So one September night I decided to check out this quiet hill station in Himachal Pradesh’s Solan district. I took an early morning train to Kalka the next day. From here I boarded a toy train to a small station called Dharampur, which is at an elevation of around 1500 meters from sea level. One can feel the effect of cool mountain air here. From here I got into a bus for Kasauli. The bus, whi
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The Chestnut Trails

Perhaps the best way to start a journey is without any expectations. That way, even if you find nothing at the end, you can say, “It was just what I expected.” There are no monuments, ancient temples or great waterways that can be explored. Kasauli is no doubt a walker’s town given its peaceful vistas and amazing shortcuts. Do carry along with water and some high energy snacks like chocolates on your rigorous walks.

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Kanyakumari through the ages

Kanyakumari has a rich and ancient history. It also bears Christian, Jain and Muslim influence. It is believed that when St Thomas (one of the 12 apostles of Jesus) came to the Indian subcontinent in 52 AD a church was established in the Kanyakumari area.
It is proved that great Greek philosophers like Eratosthenes, Ptolemy and Pliny had been to Kanyakumari. It also finds mention in the Periplus written somewhere around 800 AD
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A Tale of Darjeeling Tea

When you drink a cup of tea, ponder for a moment on the precision Skills required to produce the apparently simple dried tea leaf. It was the British who introduced tea production into north-eastern India in the 9th Century, using tea seed imported from China. In 1841 Dr Campbell raised his first tea brushes at his home in Darjeeling. Soon the government set up tea nurseries, whose bushes were planted in India’s first commercial tea gardens
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Corbett & The Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words!!! And it is worth ten million words if it’s a wildlife photograph. Well, where else can you spot tigress protective of her kids, woodpecker at home, elephants in a jolly bath and all those extinct species, other than Corbett National Park? Imbued with widespread flora and fauna, the animals of the park hold a good scope for your camera. The role of photography in capturing rarest of the rare moments in th
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A journey towards Auli - A winter sport capital

My journey to Auli was one of the most arduous ones considering that it takes more than 14 hours on narrow and winding roads with hairpin bends. As we neared Joshimath Mountains kept getting higher and higher with Alaknanda giving us company throughout the journey on one side. Joshimath is the place from where one of the most famous Char Dhams Badrinath is just 40 km away. And, it is from here one takes ropeway to go up to Auli. By road, Aul
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Nehru Trophy Boat Race Alleppey

As August draws near, there is excitement in the air on Punnamada Lake in Kuttanadu, near Alapuzha, in Kerala. The D- Day falls on the second Saturday of August, when the polished boats are readied for the renowned Nehru Boat Race – The most awaited boat race of the year...

The race is known as Nehru Boat race in memory of India’s first prime minister, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was so enthralled by the boat ra
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Top 10 Historical Battlefields in India

Kurukshetra Hariyana
Unquestionably "Mother of all battles" Kurukshetra lies 160 km north of Delhi. The 18 days war fought between the Pandavas and Kauravas in the epic Mahabharata saw the Pandavas led by Lord Krishna emerge triumphantly but not before many casualties on both sides. Kurukshetra is now a center of pilgrimage.

Panipat, Hariyana
The fertile plains of Panipat, 90 km
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Conjugal life of Venkatanatha

VenkatanAtha’s (later Raghavendra Swamy) married a simple yet virtuous lady by name Saraswathi. She belonged to a very pious family. Saraswathi proved to be an ideal life partner for him. Venkatanatha and the couple had a son whom they named as Lakshminarayana.

They carried on with their married life under abject poverty. Many days in the week they had to contend with no food at all. Records say that he had no me
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Best Zoological Parks

Mysore Zoo
Mysore zoo aka Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens has located 3 km from the City Bus Stand and just 2 km from the Mysore Palace. Set up by Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar, the century-old Zoo is spread over 250 acres of verdant greenery. Some of the animals housed here include striped Hyena, Jungle cat, Asiatic black bears, African Elephant. It is the only zoo in South Asia to host a Gorilla.

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Most Unusual Museums In India

Sri Rallabandi Subba Rao Museum, Rajahmundry
Sri Rallabandi Subba Rao museum finds merit for its nondescript entity as nearby people are oblivious of this treasure trove of antiquity. Located on the banks of Godavari it is well ensconced from the public view. The Museum has a good range of outdoor exhibitions of sculptures, well-preserved palm leaf manuscripts, a number of stone inscriptions, ancient and medieval coins.
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10 Unique Prasadam offered to Devotees in Temples

Mata Vaishno Devi, Katra
At Vaishno Devi, the Prasad has to be bought. Devotees mainly buy from the Bhaint Shops managed by the Shrine board. The Prasad consist of sugar balls, puffed rice, dry apple, dry coconut. They are beautifully packed in eco-friendly jute bags in various denominations. There is also the facility of despatching prasad by speed-post.

Sri Venkateswara Temple, Tirupati</
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10 Beautiful Hotel Buildings by Architecture

The Taj Nadesar Palace, Varanasi
The Taj Nadesar Palace located in Varanasi was originally a palace built-in 1835. Built by the British East India Company and subsequently acquired by the ruler of the princely State of Benares, HH Maharaja Prabhu Narain Singh. The palace derives its name from Nadesari Devi whose shrine standstill today inside the palace

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Top 10 Considered Holy River Dips

Triveni Sangam, Allahabad
Allahabad is famous for the ‘Sangam’ the site for the holy confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati. According to Puranas, it was at Triveni Sangam that drops of Nectar fell from the pitcher, held by the Gods. There is quite a spectacle during the solar eclipse or the Kumbh Mela held once in 12 years as it draws huge people desirous of purifying the
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India's Top 10 Places for Fruit Orchards

Nagpur - Oranges
Nagpur is synonymous with Oranges. In the Nagpur district alone Orange is cultivated in 20,965 hectares area, while in total Vidharva region 80,000 hectares are under Orange cultivation. There are 2 seasons of Oranges, Ambiya and Mrig with the Oranges of Mrig season being bigger and sweeter.

Ratnagiri -Alphonso Mangoes
Ratnagiri region of Maharashtra boasts of so
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10 Famous Hot Water Springs

Maniakaran, Himachal Pradesh
Manikaran, at 1829 m above MSL is famous for its Hot Springs. The water here is said to contain high dose of Uranium and radioactive minerals besides Sulphur. The temperature of the water is above the boiling point. One can have a bath here within the premises of a Gurudwara and two other privately-owned tanks. Manikaran is 70 km from Manali.
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10 Most Thrilling Ropeways in India

Darjeeling-Rangit Valley Cable Car
Darjeeling-Rangit Valley Ropeway is India’s oldest passenger cable car being introduced in the British days as transport between Darjeeling and Rangeet Valley. The ropeway takes off from North Point about 3-4 kilometers north of Darjeeling and ends at Singla Bazaar. The ride of 8 km takes 45 minutes and gives magnificent views of the lush green tea garde
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Entering Teertha Brindavana

Raghavendra Swamy did 12 years of penance at Pachamukhi Anjaneya temple at the bank of Tungabhadra River. He was blessed with the vision of Lord. The Lord instructed him to take Samadhi at Manchale(Mantralayam). As Rayaru, decided to take samadhi, his devotees were inconsolable. He consoled them by saying that he will be alive in this very Brindavana (Samadhi) for 700 years. Till that time he will hear the woes of his beloved devotees. He th
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10 Most Vibrant Places for Dussehra Celebration

Mysore Dasara
For 10 days the peaceful image of Mysore takes a backseat. Mysore erupts into life and every street gets bustling with streams. The most striking part of the Dasara celebrations is the Vijayadashami procession held on the last day. Goddess Chamundeshwari kept in the golden howdah of an elephant is moved for 2.5 miles beginning from the Palace grounds.

Kullu Dussehra
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10 Most Scenic Golf Courses

Shillong Golf Club
Developed during colonial times the 19th century Shillong Golf Club in the shape of an Eagle is also known as the Gleneagles of the East` after the Gleneagles Course of Scotland. Carved out from dense pine forests the course basks in the glory of natural beauty. The highest point on the course is 4,750 feet above sea level.

Gaekwad Baroda Golf Club
A touch of t
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Top 10 Unusual Temple

Hadimba Temple, Manali
Hadimba Temple in Manali is rather an unusual Temple. Erected in 1553 AD this four-story wooden temple is dedicated to a Rakshashi named Hadimba. Hadimba, of course, is the wife of Bhima the second of the 5 Pandava brothers. The temple in the pagoda style is located in the middle of Dhungiri Van Vihar. It is believed that it was here that Hadimba had meditated and she became Devi Hadimba.
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Top 10 Spookiest Places

Road to Marve and Madh Island, Mumbai
A narrow strip of road with mangrove trees on both the sides leads to the Marve and Madh Island on Mumbai outskirts. The road stretch has seen many fatal accidents. It is alleged that a women in full bridal wear distracts the drivers especially during nights of full moon thus resulting in tragic accidents. Reports of uncanny activities in the dead of night as experienced by locals an
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Top 10 Imposing Railway Stations

Chikbalpur Railway Station
Chikballapur Station on the Bangalore-Kolar rail route is in operation since the days of the Raj. In fact, the Indian Railway is still continuing with the same building with tiled roofs with the pattern of a bungalow. Station Code: CBP

Egmore Railway Station
The busy Egmore Railway Station completed a 100 Years on June 11th, 2008. The imposing facade co
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Top 10 War Memorials

Jammu War Memorial
The country`s largest and newest War Memorial was recently inaugurated in Jammu. Known as Balidan Sthambh, the memorial came upon a 20 acres plot at Bahu Rakh area of the city. The memorial immortalizes the supreme sacrifice made by the martyrs of our security forces in post-independence wars and counter-insurgency operations in the border state of J&K. It boasts of a 60-meter tower desi
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Top 10 Light & Sound Shows

Golconda Fort, Hyderabad
The Sound & Light Show light up the evenings of the enchanting Golconda fort 11 km west of Hyderabad city. It takes you right back in time, narrating Golconda`s history glory and grandeur. The Show is conducted in English, Hindi, and Telegu.

Cellular Jail, Port Blair
An hour sound and Light show in the eveni
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Top 10 Hop-On-Hop-Off City Tours

Hop-On-Hop-Off Delhi Darshan
Delhi Transport Corporation, DTC, in short, has a daily sightseeing Tour of the city of Delhi. It starts at the Scindia House. After picking up passengers from Delhi Tourism office at Baba Kharak Singh Marg and ITDC Office at Janpath the bus takes the tourists on some of the prominent landmarks of Delhi. These include Red Fort, Raj Ghat, Birla Mandir, Qutab Minar,
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Top 10 River Cruises & Boat Rides

Kolkata Varanasi on the Ganga: 
12 nights on board in the ship operated by RV Bengal Pandaw has created ripples among cruise enthusiasts with its innovative tour. The itinerary has the right mix of colonial India, Nawabi heydays, ancient temples, spirituality, Buddhist heritages and much more. Places covered include Chandernagore, Murshidabad, Fararka, Rajamhal, Vikramshila, and Patna. The cruise with various attraction
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Trekking In Mahabaleshwar

Discover what paradise can offer amidst azure skies as you move ahead with your laced ones. Trekking to Mahabaleshwar could provide you an eye satiating view of the landscapes and an opportunity to flaunt its wealth in your still or video camera. There are times when travelers go through a miserable situation and they are not able to reach the right place about which they have always dreamt. This could be called a lack of knowledge or the de
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Ambaji Shakti Peeth

Nestled in Western India, Gujarat being evident of various historical consequences receives the infinite number of pilgrims from every corner of the world. Looking into its core aspect, Ambaji in Gujarat (India) has such a high spiritual intensity that the faith and conviction of devotees touch every minute shade of humanity.

Embracing the religious importance, the Ambaji Temple has a strong connection with age-o
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Under the shadow of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

India has a long trail of 5,000-year-old spiritual history which allures an infinite number of enthusiasts from different parts of the world. There are infinite numbers of temples, Shaktipeeth, monasteries, and mosques which carry the epitome of real spiritualism. Every spiritual destination in India has strong mythological history which binds the aspiring devotees in a pristine thread of faith and equanimity. Garlanded with the presence of
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Kukke Shri Subrahmanya Temple

Nestled against the backdrop of Kumarparvata in the Western Ghats, near the sacred river Kumaradhara, scenic Sunbhramanya is ensconced in the Sullia Talluk of the Southern Kannada district of coastal Karnataka (Southern India). Like all journeys, the road to Subhramanya begins and befits a devotee tryst with destiny. Being known amongst the most famous pilgrimage places amongst the Hindus, a short 22 KMS stretch of bad road through co
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The Churches of Daman

Perched on the coastline of Valasad, Daman, Southern Gujarat is divided into two areas, Moti Daman and Nani Daman, split by the Damanganga River. Famous for its tranquilizing beaches and more than a century old churches, this destination would take the travel enthusiasts in the world matching to the architectural affiliates of Europe.

After the Portuguese successfully invaded Goa, they eventually felt the need of
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Abode of Lord Krishna Nathdwara

Nathdwara situated in the state of Rajasthan, Western India is well known for Shrinathji Temple. Being a doorway to Lord, this destination pulsates with the presence of various cultures, languages, and rituals of Rajasthan. Generally known as the Brij Bhumi, this region sharing a close cultural affinity with UP, Haryana, and Gujarat remains a pivotal center of the Vallabh sect. Apart from all, the idol of Lord Shrinathji is caressed l
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Pooram Festival in Thrissur

The Thrissur’s Pooram Festival is associated with the caparisoned elephants that symbolize Kerala. Pooram is an annual festival held after the summer harvest. The legend has that in the 18th century AD there was a quarrel among 10 temples about participation in the festival held at Arratupuzha. To finish this dispute, the king (raja) Rama Varma decided to unite these temples and decreed them into one temple festival. Since 1798, it became th
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A holy visit to Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple

In the early morning hours, when a blanket of mist silently envelops the tall, magnificent Gopurams of the Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple at Srisailam, it certainly creates the heart-stealing environs for the devotees who want to flow in the capsized notions of devotion and holiness. Perched on the right bank of Krishna River in Kurnool District in Central Andhra Pradesh, Southern India, the picturesque valley surrounded by Kronchgiri & Nalla
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Natural beauty of Shimla

Shimla is the biggest hill station in India. It’s no surprise because it was the summer capital of British India. Post-independence Shimla has been the Honeymooner’s Paradise in north India.

For my first trip to Shimla, I took Kalka Mail from Delhi to Kalka. After an overnight journey, I reached the sleepy little station of Kalka around 5.30 in the morning. From Kalka, I had one of the most beautiful train journe
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Rishikesh -Yoga and Rafting

Rishikesh has become the international capital of Yoga with tourists from all over the world making a beeline to this holy town.

However, Rishikesh’s real fame lies in it being the Gateway to the Uttaranchal Himalayas. Sight of Ganga rushing through the Himalayan foothills is an awesome experience. There are several temples dotting the banks of the Ganga at Rishikesh, which devotees visit in thousands
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The Abode of Serpents

Saputara, the word implies to as the ‘abode of serpents’, hills are located on a plateau of the Sahyadri range in the Dang district of Gujarat. Guarded against man’s gaze for quite some time, the Dang city is a newfangled hilly delight of Gujarat catching with the fancy of contemporary travellers’ at 3, 196 ft above the sea level. Saputara roosts beautifully, 80 km from Nashik and 170 km from Mumbai. Its approbation of being th
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Alandi Pandharpur Yatra

The Vari (procession) time of the year is back in the monsoons. Asia’s largest pilgrimage, Alandi-Pandharpur Yatra is undertaken by many people in Maharashtra and several parts of India. The Alandi-Pandharpur Yatra is seen to be the most sacrosanct procession with a history as old as eight-sanctuaries. The tradition traces back to Sant Dyaneshwar who founded the Bhagats sect adopted by Sant Namdeo, Sant Tukaram, and Eknath in d
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Ooty Flower Show

Ooty’s flower show usually starts in may and happen in the Botanical garden, Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu. The annual show displays more than 10,000 different types of flowers. During these days, lakhs of foreign as well as domestic visitors visit this destination to feast the captivating beauty of the whole event. Before the flower festival, the festival at Rose gardens remains the harbinger of flowery trails. Th
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Amazing Views of Nainital

Nainital is called India’s Lake District. And it’s really not an unfair reference because it is dotted with many big and small beautiful lakes.
Nainital town itself is situated around a beautiful lake called Naini jheel. It’s this pretty setting which makes Nainital a hot tourist spot especially for honeymooners who enjoy the view of the lovely lake and also try their hands at boating (There are plenty of them, of
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The Queen of Hills

It`s that time of year again when you want to get away from the scorching heat of Delhi. This popular hill station, which was established by an Irishman called Captain Young little over 169 years ago, has changed over the last decade or so because of over ‘tourist satisfaction’.

However, it still retains some of its old glory if you are ready to look beyond the Mall Road, the Gun Hill, and the Kem
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Summer Festival - Carniwal

Venue: Nakki Lake, Mount Abu, Rajasthan
Time: Mid May, Every Year
Theme: Culture
The Summer Festival in Mount Abu is celebrated every year in the month of May. In the year 2011, the Summer Festival is going to be held in Mid May ( for Dates pls check RTDC calendar ). Celebrated on the Budh Purnima, this 3-day festival is marked by various events. In the first day ceremony, the processions ar
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Beauty at it’s best

The former summer refuge of Brits, Coorg is bedaubing with the plenitude of incomparable beauty. Every bit, right from the roads to the lodges, homestays to the panoramic valleys, waterfalls to meadows is laden with unsurpassed natural beauty. An éclat of bounties of nature, Madikeri lies on the Western Ghats of Karnataka state. Ideally, Coorg is one place to lose your self and never return from. The real Coorg lays ensconce in its escalatin
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Almora An Enriched Experience

Bored with visiting the same hill stations on your weekend holidays? How about trying Almora next time when you plan your weekend break? Almora is not your usual hill station. While Shimla, Mussoorie, and Nainital have a fixed kind of travel menu, Almora has a rich mix of culture, history, and sightseeing to offer.

Though some of its old magic is gone but it still retains its charm for those looking for some quiet es
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Kufri A Romantic Getaway

I arrived in Shimla by the toy train called Shivalik Deluxe, a small gauge version of more luxury train Shatabdi Express. The train had only one stop "Bharog" a quaint beautiful railway station from where it collected food items to be served as breakfast to the passengers. Its final destination Shimla`s railway station was no less beautiful.

I spent my arrival day in Shimla checking out the Mall. It’s not much di
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Coorg Local Cuisines

A fecund land of peppers, cardamom, nutmeg, coffee, tea and oranges, Coorg is an undiscovered potential destination of Cuisine Tourism. Offering some of the mouth-watering cuisines and lip-smacking delicacies, it is, interestingly, a great place for foodies. Savoured with coconut, curry leaves, ginger, chilli and spices like pepper and cardamom, the Coorg food is tastefully prepared. There are wide choices for vegetarian and non-vegetarians
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Dasara Festival in Coorg

Dasara/Janotsava or Vijaydashmi, as it is known to be in northern states of India, is a time of the year in Madikeri when the gung ho crowd enshrouds in gaiety and fun to celebrate good over evil. This ten days festival is celebrated in the months of September and October with full fervour. A splashy festival, Madikeri Dasara seconds the Mysore Dasara in the state of Karnataka.

Celebrated uniquely with decorated
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