Best Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh

There are various places across the country that can leave you in awe. Uttar Pradesh is one such location. It is quite rich in cultural heritage. With a glorious past, the monuments here can still render one mesmerized. This state has numerous locations that one can visit. One can experience quality, architecture, natural diversity, scenic views, spirituality, and more. Uttar Pradesh offers it all. Here are some places that must be a part of one's Uttar Pradesh Tour Packages.

1. Agra 
It is known worldwide for being home to a well-known wonder of the world. It is quite rich in its history. The monuments here left people speechless for obvious reasons. It offers the perfect mix of old world as well as contemporary charm. People visiting Agra not only get to witness the Taj Mahal in all its white marble glory but also admire the numerous other structures of significance. It is the perfect place should one wish to glimpse into the past richness and diversity of the nation. Get your Agra Tour Packages today!

2. Varanasi
It is known as the hotspot of religion in the country. This ancient city has quite a unique ambience. Spirituality is said to prevail in this ancient city. There are holy baths, and ceremonies carried out every day. People that seek tranquility and wish to reflect visit this city in thousands. Make sure you visit this location when visiting Uttar Pradesh. Include it among the Affordable Uttar Pradesh Trips package.

3. Vrindavan
This place has thousands of temples. People like to visit this location on occasions of auspicious festivals. If it is a celebration of spirituality that one has to witness, there is no better location than Vrindavan. The devotees of Lord Krishna consider this land sacred. People visit here to find tranquillity and peace. Should one wish to explore religion and spirituality, this is a location that they must include in the Uttar Pradesh Cultural Tours.

This is a location that is rich in culture. The past here has left a glorious impression. From high-quality textiles to food that leaves one's mouth watering, it is all here. Make sure you visit this place when in Uttar Pradesh. This city offers a blend of high-rise buildings and structures made ages ago. The streets here are quite photogenic. People visit this city every year to look at and admire its beauty.

5. Allahabad
People know this spot well as the spot where the three sacred rivers meet. The Triveni Sangam is something that draws people to Allahabad. This place has numerous locations that offer unparalleled views and a look into the rich cultural heritage of the nation. The confluence also offers unparalleled views that people remember for years. It is a must-visit spot should one be making a visit to Uttar Pradesh.

6. Sarnath
This place is a marvel and of significant historical importance. There are numerous Buddhist stupas here. One can visit numerous excavated ancient sites, museums, and amazing temples when visiting this place. It is sure to astonish one. It has one wonder, given its unparalleled beauty. It has a mystical feel to it. The place holds much spiritual significance for many. It is a Buddhist pilgrimage site with numerous attractions for one to visit.

7. Mathura 
This place has much of a significant value when it comes to spirituality. The location has a rich history, the influence of which is visible throughout the place. Thousands of people visit it yearly, for it is the place of spirituality related to Lord Krishna. It is also quite well known for its street food variety, which is something people must explore if they have a love for food. The riverside act of worship 'arti' draws in quite a crowd. A lot of people who go to Uttar Pradesh make sure they visit Mathura.

8. Vindhyachal 
People come to this location to take a dip into the Ganges. It is a town well known for its religious significance. It is located on the bank of the Holy River. People visit this place during the time of auspicious occasions to celebrate the spirituality that prevails here. People also visit the numerous temples located in the vicinity of the space. Each with its own interesting story is sure to have people intrigued.

It is impossible to overstate how important this place is because it is mentioned in many holy scriptures. There are references to it in the Ramayana and other important religious and cultural texts. One can visit the numerous temples in this small town. It has quite a historical importance. It also offers one an unparalleled view of the Vidhyan range. Besides its quite rich history, an aura of peace also prevails here, that one can thrive in!

10. Ayodhya
Another location of much cultural and religious importance. It is the birthplace of Lord Rama. This location witnesses a lot of tourism related to spirituality. Devotees visit it yearly to seek blessings at the many sacred spots and visit auspicious temples. The Ram Mandir, which has recently been inaugurated, also brings in many devotees. It offers one the opportunity to witness architecture that is awe-inspiring and a treat to the eyes, besides holding much religious importance. Ayodhya Tour Packages offer one the opportunity to explore the various locations the place has to offer in itself!

11. Dudhwa National Park 
This spot is great for nature lovers. People who go to this national park can see tigers. Swamp deer, a species that is in danger of going extinct, can also be seen here. One of the best spots for those in the country who wish to see tigers. One can also witness Barahsingha herds and hispid hares here. A variety of exotic as well as migratory birds also adds to the ecological diversity one can witness here. People can indulge in a safari when visiting this national park. One can also choose to ride on the backs of elephants here.

12. Kushinagar 
It is a significant location for Buddhist pilgrimages. A place of international tourism. People from across the globe visit this location to witness its marvellous shrines and other architectural wonders. Its roads happened to be lined with several temples. People can explore the principal ruins here that provide insight into the architectural expertise of the past. Life-sized sculptures of numerous duties also amaze tourists. It is well known for its grand fair, which is very loved by the locals and organized Buddha Purnima.

13. Hastinapur
This is the centre of the glorious tales mentioned in the epic Mahabharat. It is an ancient town that is very important as a pilgrimage site. Having survived the ages, this place offers one the opportunity to witness numerous architectural wonders. It retains the aesthetic that speaks volumes of the grandeur of the past. It keeps the spirit of mythology alive. People here have fascinating tales to share. Make sure to visit this place and add it to your tour lists.

14. National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary 
The wildlife sanctuary is a great place to see a wide range of plants and animals. People can have an exciting experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Indulge in the thrills of witnessing numerous animals in their natural habitat. People can get a glimpse of the Gnagetic river dolphins and Gnagetic Gharials here. For those who love plants and animals, these are the best places to visit. The red crowned roof turtles can also be seen here. It is the perfect place to capture unique shots of wildlife.

15. Jhansi 
Jhansi has its name significantly highlighted in the history of the nation. Located between two rivers, this location with unparalleled beauty has several monuments. There are Forts, museums and places of historical importance that one can visit here. The history of this location is quite well documented, and one can get to know more about it when visiting the Government Museum here. This is a site to include in one's Uttar Pradesh tour package list.

In Conclusion
Uttar Pradesh offers some of the best destinations for one to explore in India. There are plenty of amazing attractions. There are places of unparalleled beauty and those that hold much significant historical value. It is here that people can experience the feel for contemporary life as well as explore aesthetics from the past. All the while experiencing spirituality and peace. Visiting the state can be a raw experience if one wants to experience the taste of India's culture and rich heritage. 

Make sure you explore it with an Uttar Pradesh Travel Guide so that you do not miss out on the best locations. Include these 15 locations on your tour package when visiting Uttar Pradesh. 

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