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A vacation can bring much relief to those who seek peace and a refreshing getaway. Assam can provide one with the needed tranquillity and mesmerizing views. It is one of the best locations in the nation if you are looking for a place to relax. It offers sights that one is bound to remember for ages. The experience can be unparalleled. When you choose to visit Assam for a vacation, make sure these locations are on your list.

In this blog, we will take you through the 15 best places in Assam that one must visit at least once if they believe that mountains are where they'd rather be.

This National Park has much to offer. One of India's most well-visited national parks. It can be quite an experience for one. If you are someone who loves to explore the diversity of wildlife, this location can be interesting to you. You should make sure it is a part of your Assam wildlife tours package. It is here that you can spot a one-horned rhinoceros. The place has been categorized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is quite well placed between the regions that the river Brahmaputra runs through. It is well-loved by photographers, too!

2. Manas National Park 
Assam is well known and quite admired for its natural parks. Manas National Park is a location where you can have a great experience. When it comes to viewing wildlife, it offers a unique perspective. This is the location if you are somebody who wishes to see tigers. It is also easy to spot wild water buffaloes, besides other endangered species. This location offers exceptional diversity of scenery as well as quite a bit of history. This National Park is also quite loved by those who have an interest in photography.

3. Kakochang Waterfalls
Waterfalls tend to be quite a majestic sight. If you wish to be mesmerized, this is a location that should be on your list of places. Bask in the serene surroundings as you take a glance at the ethereal view that is bound to become a core memory! This is a location which is quite well known as a great spot for a picnic. Let the green and undisturbed valley surrounding this waterfall bring you joy. During monsoon, the waterfall plummets significantly, adding to its existing beauty!

4. Haflong Lake
Lakes are huge bodies of water that can often remind you of mirrors. The shimmering surface reflects the surrounding beauty. It is a sight to remember and an experience that cannot be forgotten. This lake is a scenic beauty. It is surrounded by beautiful hills, exceptional valleys and a majestic view. It is not wrong to call this a natural paradise. Make sure that this location is on your Assam holiday packages when visiting Assam. If it is peace, and relaxation you seek, this is the best location for you. Visitors appreciate the serenity that prevails here.

5. Kamakhya Temple
This is a much-visited site that holds significant value to people in terms of spirituality. It is unlike any, and if you happen to be someone seeking spirituality, then this is the location to be. Located in the Nilachal hills, this temple is quite old. Built in a unique style, this has a hybrid architecture. Over the many decades, it has become an important destination for many. If you have an interest in history, make sure you explore the several legends and myths associated with this Shrine. Also, make sure that you witness it in all its grace in person when visiting Assam!

6. Assam Kalachhetra
This spot is also called the Srimanth Sankara Deva Kalakshetra. It is a Cultural Centre that is not profitable in its nature. Named after an individual who made significant contributions when it came to the cultural and spiritual upliftment of Assam. This is an institution that helps preserve, restore, promote, and develop the cultural heritage of Assam. When visiting here, you can look at the Central Museum, which is home to traditional artefacts related to the Assamese culture. It is an artistic spot that you must not miss. Those who value other cultures and are attracted to all sorts of art will find themselves intrigued here.

7. Assam tea estate 
Assam is quite well known for its tea. When people visit this location, they make sure that they visit the tea estates for quite a unique experience. If you consider yourself to be adventurous, or if you are willing to face something new. You are bound to find it quite fascinating, so make sure that you add the location to your list of spots to visit in Assam travel packages.

8. Mahamrityunjaya Temple
The temple here is quite unique and a sight to behold. The structure is relatively new. It is shaped in the form of a Shivalinga, which is nearly 126 feet in height. It is made from black stone. The surroundings are quite tranquil and peaceful, suitable for people who are seeking spirituality. It is quite sought-after by devotees; It has an impressive architecture. It can be accessed with great ease. It happens to be a sight that you must not miss on your Assam tour packages.

9. Paltan Bazar 
It is an active and lively space. If it is something you need or you seek, you can probably find it here. It is the perfect spot for locating trinkets and traditional items. It is where numerous hotels, restaurants, offices, and other amenities are located. This place is bound to interest you if you seek adventure and an active atmosphere. It is the central hub for all the buzz.

10. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
The life here is diverse, and visiting this location can be quite the experience. The wildlife sanctuary has several one-horned rhinos. One can spot animals such as Asiatic buffaloes, wild bears, birds, leopards and much more. Wildlife lovers find this to be quite an inspiring location. This is a must-visit location for all who love biodiversity.

11. Majuli Island
It is quite a well-known location across the world. Majuli happens to be among the largest river islands in the world. Located across the Brahmaputra River, it stands quite uniquely. Visiting the island can be quite a delightful experience. So, make sure that it is a part of your vacation packages to Assam. It offers quite a scenic view. It is culturally rich and offers unexpected natural beauty. It is a great place for one to truly wind down and relax.

12. Assam State Zoo
It is a large space rich in a variety of animals as well as unique flora. Species of animals as well as plants here are cared for well, as they fall under the category of endangered flora and fauna. The zoo has thousands of animals, birds, and reptiles, panning across 150 species. 

13. Brahmaputra River
Brahmaputra is quite well known to all. The slope of the river in Assam is quite steep at several locations, and it meets the Bay of Bengal, originating in the Kailash ranges of the Himalayas. The river is a source of calm for those who visit along its banks. Make sure you visit the river should you be in Assam. Witness its might in person to feel the awe.

14. Nameri National Park
A mesmerizing location in Assam. It is quite accessible. This national park is famous for the herds of elephants found here. Wildlife enthusiasts can also spot animals such as slot bears, Leopards, Sambar, Gaur, Indian wild dogs, hornbills, and a variety of bird species. Visiting this national park can be quite a thrilling adventure. Experience the joy as you explore the rich biodiversity here. Make sure to include this mind-blowing location and your Assam vacation list. This location also happens to be a tiger reserve, which makes it more sought-after.

15. Umananda Temple
This temple is quite unique in its structure. It happens to be the smallest inhabited riverine island in the world. Visitors must visit this temple using boats. The structure of the temple is quite mesmerizing as well as distinct. The workmanship of it is unparalleled. There are 10 Hindu gods whose idols reside in this Shrine. The place is much revered among the devotees. Make sure you have this mind-blowing location on your Assam cultural tours package when visiting.

Visiting Assam can be quite an experience. Make sure you take in all its beauty and visit all the amazing places that there are. Create memories that etch themselves in your mind for a long time. Look for a reliable Assam travel guide or touring partner to make the most of your trip. It is time you pack your bags and set off on the adventure that awaits you. Do your research and plan a tip that you find fulfilling. If you find all of it to be challenging or a lot of work, consider depending on professionals to have the details down for you! So that you simply enjoy a satisfying vacation at a destination where you find joy and the needed time away from a busy life.

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