Entering Teertha Brindavana

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Raghavendra Swamy did 12 years of penance at Pachamukhi Anjaneya temple at the bank of Tungabhadra River. He was blessed with the vision of Lord. The Lord instructed him to take Samadhi at Manchale(Mantralayam). As Rayaru, decided to take samadhi, his devotees were inconsolable. He consoled them by saying that he will be alive in this very Brindavana (Samadhi) for 700 years. Till that time he will hear the woes of his beloved devotees. He thern asked his closest disciples and Divan Venkanna to help him build the Brindavana.

Raghavendra Teertha entered Brindavan in 1671 AD. His Brindavan is made with a black stone structure. The stones had a special significance, they were procured from Madhavaram, a place frequented by Shri Rama during his Vanabas(exile). 

Last moments before Samadhi 
Guru Rajaru as he is fondly called by his devotees began reciting the Pranava mantra. Within no time he was totally immersed in meditation. His face shined with a rare brilliance and his whole persona was serene.

The rosary beads ( Japamala ) in his hand became still. Venkanna and other disciples with a heavy heart understood the signal and started arranging the slabs. They arranged the slabs up to his head. As per the instruction of their beloved master then they placed a copper box containing 1200 Laxminarayana Saligrams. These were specially brought from Gandaki River. The covering slab was put over and then the area filled with earth. 

As Rayaru was attaining Samadhi his most devout Shishya Appannacharya could not make it in time to reach mantralaya. On his way, Appancharya was composing Raghavendra stotra. He arrived when the construction of the Brindavan was already completed. Surprisingly, it was Rayaru who completed the sloka from inside the Vrindavana. The words were ``Sakshi Haya storage.

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