Family Tour packages

Family Tour Packages 

Spending quality time with your family is a very important and crucial aspect for anyone. And, given the number of occasions one gets during a calendar year to plan all-inclusive family holidays, it becomes even more important to make that time count.  India has many amazing family-friendly travel destinations that one can pick from across all seasons. 

For example, you have the pristine hill stations of Himachal and Uttarakhand to get away from the scorching heat of summer. On the other hand, you have the lush green plains and natural landscapes of the northeastern states, such as Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Assam, etc. to enjoy the monsoons. And, of course, the winters bring snow which can be enjoyed at northern ridges like Kashmir, Munsiyari, etc. And the best part is, with Kiomoi you can easily avail of affordable family tour packages that will allow you to enjoy every moment of your family holiday. 

Let’s explore some of these family tour packages and some interesting insights around them to plan your next all-inclusive family holidays. 

Best Family-Friendly Travel Destinations

Whether you are looking for the best destinations for family holidays in summer or top holiday destinations for family vacations in winter, there is no dearth of options available across India. And, with expert travel advisors from Kiomoi at your disposal, you can plan affordable family tour packages within no time. 

Here are some of the highly recommended destinations for family vacation. 

Jammu and Kashmir
Arguably the most popular summer holiday destination in India, Jammu and Kashmir is a perfect place to experience all-inclusive family holidays. The lush green valleys of Gulmarg and Sonmarg mesmerize you and take you to another world altogether. The pristine Shikara ride at Dal Lake is an experience to behold in itself. A sip of hot Kahwa (local tea) refreshes you from all tiredness. 

Book your Jammu and Kashmir tour packages with Kiomoi 

Himachal Pradesh 
Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most visited holiday destinations in India. Whether it is the domestic families or ones traveling from overseas, Himachal Pradesh offers a range of affordable Himachal family tour packages as an option. Whether it is the capital city Shimla or the twin towns of Kullu and Manali, there are a number of family-friendly travel destinations in Himachal Pradesh to explore. 

Book your Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages with Kiomoi 

Uttarakhand is one place which is popular amongst travellers for not only its natural beauty but also its spiritual vibe. Home to some of the most revered places such as Haridwar, Joshimath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, etc., this pious hill state is a great option for all-inclusive family holidays. 

Book your Uttarakhand Tour Packages with Kiomoi

A state known for its royal history, rich heritage, and vibrant culture, Rajasthan is one of the most perfect family-friendly travel destinations. Given the dry and hot atmosphere, it is an ideal destination to spend winter holidays with family. The rich history makes it a good experience for children to learn about the great warriors from the past. 

Book your Rajasthan Tour Packages with Kiomoi

North-Eastern States
The northeastern part of India is an untouched paradise and an ideal place for all seasons. The lush tea gardens of Assam, the naturally built root bridges and clean atmosphere of Meghalaya, the surreal natural landscape of Arunachal Pradesh, or the warmth of welcoming locals of Sikkim holiday packages, there is a lot to experience in any of the North-Eastern states of India through family tour packages. 

Tips for Affordable Family Tour Packages

When you book your family tour packages with Kiomoi, you can expect all-inclusive family holidays at your disposal with nothing to worry about. Here are, however, some additional tips to make sure you are planning a memorable family vacation.

Plan in Advance 
One of the best ways to plan affordable family tour packages is to plan your holiday well in advance. Early booking gives you the benefits of low prices on travel as well as stay. 

Do Your Research Well
Knowing about your choice of destination goes a long way in helping you plan your family vacation properly. Here’s where you have Kiomoi to the rescue with its team of highly experienced travel advisors who help you pick family-friendly travel destinations and create a comprehensive travel plan. Connect with one of our advisors today. 

Choose All-Inclusive Family Holidays
Picking all-inclusive family tour packages helps eliminate the stress and extra effort of budgeting for meals and leisure activities. Such travel packages offer a better overall value and allow you to enjoy your holiday without worrying about additional expenses.

Try Local Outlets for Food
Often the best of the local taste comes from the least expected food outlets. Instead of opting for high-end restaurants, try the local food outlets to get the taste of local delicacies. This would not only help you save on your budget but also allow you to indulge in local lifestyle. 

Shop from Local Markets
Just like eating from local food outlets, your shopping escapade should also be from local markets. Through this, you will be able to find the best of locally crafted, hand-made artefacts and good. 

Find Budget-Friendly Accommodation Options
To have affordable family vacations, it is important to not only look for family-friendly travel destinations but also budget-friendly accommodation options while on your vacation. With Kiomoi, you can choose from a range of accommodation options to have a customized family vacation experience. 

We are also offering some of the best family tour and holiday packages, which are listed below:


What are the best family-friendly travel destinations in India during summer?

Some of the highly recommended summer destinations for family vacations include the pristine towns of Himachal Pradesh, the lush green areas of Kerala, and the beautiful beaches of Goa. These destinations provide a perfect escape from the summer heat while offering a variety of activities for the whole family.

What are some affordable family tour packages available during winter?

While it may come across as a surprise, some of the best places for family tour packages during winter include the hill towns of Shimla and Manali, solely for the reason of experiencing snow-clad mountains and activities.  Along with these, Rajasthan and North East regions of India also make up for perfect family-friendly travel destinations. 

Is it possible to customize family tour packages?

Absolutely! With Kiomoi’s wide range of travel packages available, you can create your travel itinerary as per your family’s liking and travel preference. Whether you want to add extra days, include specific activities, or choose different accommodations, our team is here to create a personalized itinerary that suits your family's preferences. Connect with us today to learn more. 

Which are the best places to go with kids in India?

Looking for kid-friendly destinations for your next family vacation? Try indulging in the adventures of Rishikesh, or experience the magic of Disneyland in Mumbai. You can also choose to take them on a historical learning spree in Rajasthan or give them an enjoyable time amidst the wildlife of Jim Corbett National Park. 

Are there any affordable family tour packages for North India?

Absolutely! Our family tour packages for North India are designed to be both affordable and enriching. Explore the historical wonders of Delhi, the vibrant markets of Jaipur, and the breathtaking landscapes of Himachal Pradesh—all while staying within your budget. These packages are curated to provide a memorable North Indian experience for the whole family.

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    You can choose between hiring private taxis, shared jeeps, and local buses, depending upon how budget-friendly tour you want it to be.

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