The Churches of Daman

Spiritual site
Perched on the coastline of Valasad, Daman, Southern Gujarat is divided into two areas, Moti Daman and Nani Daman, split by the Damanganga River. Famous for its tranquilizing beaches and more than a century old churches, this destination would take the travel enthusiasts in the world matching to the architectural affiliates of Europe.

After the Portuguese successfully invaded Goa, they eventually felt the need of exploring a coastal destination for trading their products. In the year 1531 they landed in Daman, where they convinced the ‘Sultan’ of Daman to hand over the territory in exchange to the share of custom revenues. Daman became the part of Indian Territory in 1961. The town is worth visiting, if you want to enjoy the imbibing influences of the Portuguese Colonialism. Perhaps, Moti Daman is such destination conjuring a special niche among the revelers, keen to peep in the past of this region. This small hamlet is known as the best hang out  haven for the junkies where they can enjoy relishing the aromatic regional cuisines, which would genuinely set adrenaline rush, compelling to make it as the most cherished place of sojourn. Besides its marvelous impressions, the travelers can’t avoid to miss a visit to the churches of Daman. The Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary built in the 17th century, the outer area of the Church is although simple but interiors are genuinely imposed with the shades of red rose petals, intricate finishing of hand crafted wood work and pre-assumingly, the golden cherubs would not miss a chance to win the hearts. In Nani Daman, the Church of St Jerome completed in the year 1627, is surrounded by sea from all sides. A statue of St. Jerome embellished on the gateway and overlooked by the azure skies, carries a spell binding hallowing effect-- transmitting the vibrations of peace and optimism. While walking along with the narrower vistas, there is one more church in the stronghold; Church of Lady of Our Sea. The local denizens believe that this fortress has a hidden passage which opens up a way to Moti Daman.

 Albeit, Church of Bom Jesus is not that interesting but still it entices good numbers of pilgrims from every corner of the world. Due its manifesting interiors, and the captivating images of Baby Jesus, it certainly bestows a different magic on the populace coming in close contact with this sanctum. The murals, deliberately designed niche, biblical teaching embellished on the wall and the wooden doors simply intensifies an impression of spiritual thoughts to be pondered by the ardent pilgrims searching for solace and inner peace.

To reach Daman take a train to Vapi, from where the shared rickshaws provide a shuttle service which traverses to the distance of 7 Km. The state buses run after every half an hour charging reasonably. The shared taxis charge 25 rupees and if the visitors are boarding private taxi, then of course the whole cab would cost around 100 rupees. The Private boats also ferry between Daman and Vapi which by any chance could be chosen as an alternative to road transport. In regard to accommodation, there are good numbers of luxury as well as budget hotels in Daman, which could be chosen by the vacationers as a place for sojourn. The Hotel in Daman suffused with a blend of Portuguese as well as Indian aesthetics, in totality would make the entire stay of the travelers genuinely cherishing in every aspect. Following the similar trail, the hotels in India shares the same tones of cultural tyranny and unrivaled hospitality, comprehensively matching the expectations of every discerning travel enthusiast.

 Fittingly, a visit to Daman would leave the last long impressions on the minds of travelers looking to relax and rejuvenate. Come and cherish the beauty of land blessed with the holy nexus of beaches and churches still unexplored.

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