Tantalising Trail to Verdant Hills of Tawang

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Tawang is nestled in the land of moonpa tribe, Arunachal Pradesh, Eastern India. Tawang is located above 13000 feet above sea level. The journey through Tawang takes the travelers through the chain of snowy hills. The most prominent of all the Mountain Peaks are the Gorichen Peak, Sela Pass, and Ghesila Range.

Following the age-old route connecting Tibet to the Brahmaputra plains, the Journey to Tawang will get exciting, the moment travelers will move to Northward from Tezpur to Assam, short of your destination. A little after Sari Duar, a traditional center into the erstwhile Ahom kingdom, the road enters Elephant Nameri Wildlife Reserve. If you are driving after dusk, the travelers will face the prospect of herds of elephant blocking the passage. Once out of the forest, the road follows the Bhairali River, whose waters constantly threaten its existence, washing off sections and, tragically, a few tourists every year.

Marking the border of Assam and Arunachal is Bhalukpong, 60kms from Tezpur, a tiny commercial center on the river’s edge that gets overrun by anglers every winter. The most interesting part of the ride is the section beyond Bomdila, 100kms after Bhalupong. At this point, the air gets thin and breathless. The real climb starts from the Sela Pass, 109kms from Bomdila which is at 13,828 ft, is the highest memorable pass in the North East. After crossing the Shangrila and Baisaki army camps, the air takes on a real chill. A top the glass, there is a temple and three small lakes. The two lower ones are interconnected, while the other one is connected above the slight pass. Back on the road, after cutting through a pine forest, you will reach Jaswant Garh, 21kms ahead is the war museum and memorial of the Indian army. A bend beyond is the vast Tawang Valley and one also easily gets a glimpse of the tiny yellow roof of the Tawang Monastery, 57km away. A little after Lau is a crossroad, one fork leading to Bum La at the Chinese border, a restricted area, the other of Tawang tour Packages where a giant war memorial greets visitors on the outskirts.

Perched on the vast of the Himalayan side is Tawang. The Tawanchu river River flows in a gorge to the South, while to the east tower a few peaks. And dominating the skyline, like a mighty medieval fortress, is the massive Tawang monastery. The travelers can also make a visit to Urgeling, Ryabgelling, Khinme Monastery, and Singh Nunnery. The nearest airport to Tawang is Tezpur and the nearest railhead is Rangapara (340kms/ 10hrs). Taxi costs Rs 4000-5,000. The 537Kms away drive from Guwahati turns to Charduar NH 37 A. There are many Home Stays in Tawang amongst travelers who can choose to stay at Hotel Alpine, Hotel Buddha, Hotel Nefa and Hotel Shangrila.

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