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What behold the tourist in Bhutan, believed to the least corrupt country in the world are the citizens of this country who are propagators of peaceful living, guided by a government that is leading from the front on the concept of Gross National Happiness. This landlocked nation in the Eastern Himalayan Range is no less than heaven on Earth surrounded by dense vegetation and forests, huge rolling mountains, gushing rivers and water bodies and man-made monasteries. A culture that prides itself on calm co-existence between nature and mankind, visitors surely cannot give the local cuisine a miss while on a tour here. Due to its natural heritage, visitors here can indulge in different thrilling activities that include rafting, hiking, mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, bird watching with the exclusive opportunity to experience community-based ecotourism initiatives. Some of the best places to visit here include the Tiger’s Nest Monastery perched on a high cliff offering amazing views of the pine forest below; the Punakha Dzong that is the second largest monastery in the country located between two rivers Pho Chu and Mo Chu; Zuri Dzong is the oldest monastery here offering a panoramic view of the Paro Valley; the Gangtey Valley also known as the Shangri-La of Bhutan, surrounded by thick growth of rhododendrons and magnolia; the Kichu Lhakhang Temple in the airport city of Paro, Cheli La at a height of 3810 meters and the highest pass in Bhutan. The best tour of Bhutan is incomplete without a visit to the Wangchuck Wildlife Sanctuary in Trongsa that is home to the Himalayan Black Bear, snow leopards and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Some memorable travel experiences to this pristine nation can be gathered by tourists by participating in the religious Paro Tshechu festival that is held for a period of five days during the Bhutanese second lunar month. 


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    Is it possible to extend my Bhutan holiday tour or customize my itinerary?
    Yes, tour packages can often be customized: Extension: You can extend your stay by adding extra days to your tour. Customization: Work with your tour operator to include specific destinations, activities, or experiences based on your preferences. Festivals: Plan your trip around Bhutan's vibrant festivals for an immersive cultural experience. Remember that a Bhutan holiday tour offers a unique blend of cultural discovery, natural beauty, and adventure, so make the most of your trip by planning ahead and embracing the local way of life.
    How can I respect Bhutanese culture and customs during my tour?
    What are the popular trekking options in Bhutan?
    How can I obtain a visa for Bhutan and what is the best time to visit?
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