The Abode of Serpents

Hill Station
Saputara, the word implies to as the ‘abode of serpents’, hills are located on a plateau of the Sahyadri range in the Dang district of Gujarat. Guarded against man’s gaze for quite some time, the Dang city is a newfangled hilly delight of Gujarat catching with the fancy of contemporary travellers’ at 3, 196 ft above the sea level. Saputara roosts beautifully, 80 km from Nashik and 170 km from Mumbai. Its approbation of being the only hill station in Gujarat has to do with its climate – the secret behind Saputara’s beatitude. The climate of Saputara maintains consistency at 27° C even on the hottest day of the year. In point of fact, Saputara got its snaky moniker from its Dang denizens who inhabited the place over a longer period of history. The Dang tribes visit Saputara during the months of Holi and Vash Darash to offer prayer to snake-like sculpture at the Sarpganga River.

Saputara, in its entirety, comprising the Dangs, is inhabited by tribes suchlike Kunbis, Games and Bhils who are well popularised for their bamboo dances. Many believe that an eerie Saputara has some links with Indian mythology for in this hinterland of Gujarat did Lord Rama (Ramayana epic) spend 11 years of his exile. The Dangs are equally instilled with urban and rustic enticements. To gauge, tourists must sample out Lakes, Forests, Museums, Clubs, Ropeways, Theatres alike. Away from the flurry of activities, travellers go there to unwind and drink in peace

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