The chestnut trails in kasauli

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Perhaps the best way to start a journey is without any expectations. That way, even if you find nothing at the end, you can say, “It was just what I expected.” There are no monuments, ancient temples or great waterways that can be explored. Kasauli is no doubt a walker’s town given its peaceful vistas and amazing shortcuts. Do carry along with water and some high energy snacks like chocolates on your rigorous walks.

In the old days when Kasauli was still the Kusowlie, the Britishers used to ride the high ridges of the region by tonga or by pony. Even before the mountains were carved up for constructing the roads, the officers used to trek the woody hills to get to the hub of the cantonment. It might take you a couple of days to get your hills feet, but once you get to reach the peak then there’s nothing better than to follow the footsteps of those who have the courage to stride, where no roads existed…the craggy, pugdundees lined with Kasauli’s glorious chestnut trees.

These walks are even more enthralling when the ancient chestnut trees are in full bloom during the months of April to June. The fragrance of pine flora pervades the air. Occasionally, wild animals like jackals, Hare and Red Hen can be seen across the trail. Also on a clear day one can enjoy the vistas of the snow-clad Dhauladhar Ranges and the Churi Chandni Peak. Kasauli is one such destination that offers solitude, picturesque environs and the opportunities for treks. It may well be described as an absolute paradise where the soul has limitless opportunities to gain that beyond description; something it keeps on longing after.

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