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A fecund land of peppers, cardamom, nutmeg, coffee, tea and oranges, Coorg is an undiscovered potential destination of Cuisine Tourism. Offering some of the mouth-watering cuisines and lip-smacking delicacies, it is, interestingly, a great place for foodies. Savoured with coconut, curry leaves, ginger, chilli and spices like pepper and cardamom, the Coorg food is tastefully prepared. There are wide choices for vegetarian and non-vegetarians here. Well, Honey and Coffee are a must-taste on offer in Coorg! Check out some of the famous and lip-smacking dishes of Coorg. Never miss the taste of these dishes. 

Bamboo Shoots: Prepared out of the Bamboo Shoots, local to Coorg, Bamboo Shoot Curry is a tasty cuisine. 

Pork Curry: Made with great culinary, this non-vegetarian dish, Pork Curry, is most-sought-after cuisine. 

Jungle Mango Curry: Prepared with riped mango as the main ingredient, the Jungle Mango Curry tastes sweet. 

Puttu Steamed Rice: The main ingredients of Puttu are Rice Rava, Water, Milk, Sugar and Salt. It is a purely vegetarian dish. 

Fish Fry and Curry: Prepared in Kodava style, Fish Fry of Coorg tastes excellent. Spiced up with natural masalas, Fish Curry is a hottest non vegetarian food. 

Coorgi Pineapple Curry: Constituting of pineapple, onion, chillies, coriander and onion, Coorgi Pineapple Curry is a delicious delight for all veggies. 

Coorgi Pork Vindaloo: A mouth-watering Coorgi non-veg dish, Coorgi Pork Vindaloo is extra-ordinarily spiced pork that tastes wonderful.

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