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Kiomoi welcomes you to one of the most visited hill stations in India, Nainital. Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, Nainital offers a complete travel experience for travellers coming from all walks of life and with different needs. 
Being an all-year-round destination, the best time to visit Nainital is throughout the year. However, planning your Nainital family holiday packages between March and June can be a great time to have an amazing family outing.
The best part about Nainital holidays is that they offer something for every kind of traveller. Whether you are a couple looking for Nainital honeymoon packages or a solo rider seeking budget-friendly Nainital tours, it’s worth a visit. 
So, wait no more. Book your Nainital travel packages with Kiomoi today and explore this majestic destination. 

Best Places to Visit in Nainital

There are a number of places to visit in Nainital that offer a unique travel experience in their own ways. Here are just a few of these highly recommended places to visit in Nainital. 
Naini Lake: When the town itself gets its name from a particular spot, you know that the spot holds a lot of significance and is clearly the main representative of the town. That’s Naini Lake for you. Easily the crown jewel of the hill town, Naini Lake is a freshwater lake that was discovered by a British businessman, P. Barson, back in 1839 during one of his hunting expeditions. This is the top recommended place to visit, especially for those on their Uttarakhand honeymoon packages. 
Snow View Point: When a spot is accessible only by a cable car, you know you are in for a viewing paradise. As the name suggests, the best time to visit Nainital and enjoy snow view point is during the winters. Budget-friendly Nainital tours often include this spot, ensuring a glimpse of snow-clad peaks that leave an indelible mark.
The Mall Road: The heart of Nainital's bustling market, Mall Road, is a paradise for shoppers and strollers alike. Lined with shops, cafes, and local boutiques, the market place gives a glimpse to the city’s local lifestyle and artefacts, making it a must-visit in Uttarakhand family holiday packages.
Tiffin Top: Attention all trekking enthusiasts! here’s your opportunity to satiate your cravings for a great trekking expedition. Formerly known as Dorothy's Seat, Tiffin Top offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes and is best explored during the mild climate from March to June. It's an affordable and rewarding excursion for those on budget-friendly Nainital honeymoon tour package.
Naina Devi Temple: Arguably the most popular and revered temple in the town, Naina Devi temple is a must-visit for all those seeking a spiritual retreat. Overlooking Naini Lake, the temple holds cultural significance and attracts devotees and tourists alike. 
Jim Corbett Gurney House: Home to the of renowned conservationist Jim Corbett, the Gurney House is a heritage gem and compels one to visit during their Nanintal tours. Families on Nainital family holiday packages can delve into the past while enjoying the lush surroundings.

Things to Do in Nainital

Go Boating on Naini Lake: Arguably the most recommended thing to do in Nainital is a boat ride on the Naini Lake. Why? The experience, for one, is out of the world, with pristine view of the mountains all around. A perfect activity for those on Nainital honeymoon packages. 
Visit the Nainital Zoo: If you are an avid wildlife enthusiast (or not), a visit to the Nainital Zoo can be a great experience, especially, if you have opted for Uttarakhand holiday packages. The best time to visit Nainital to experience this excursion is during the summers when the zoo animals are more active and available to see. 
Shopping at Tibetan Market: Go on a shopping spree at the famous Tibetan Market for a unique shopping experience. Budget-friendly Nainital tours often highlight this activity as it allows travellers to explore affordable souvenirs. The market's lively atmosphere and distinct offerings cater to diverse tastes.
Experience the Thrill of Paragliding at Bhimtal: The neighbouring ‘twin-town’ of Bhimtal is a great place for adventure seekers. Add paragliding expedition at Bhimtal to your itinerary and experience a bird's eye view of the stunning landscapes surrounding Nainital. This can turn out to be a perfect inclusion in Nainital honeymoon packages for couples seeking an adrenaline rush amidst natural beauty.
Photography Expedition at Lands End: Situated at an altitude of 2118 m, Lands End Lands End offers a thrilling adventure with its panoramic views of the Kumaon mountain ranges.  As the name suggests, this spot marks a final point where there is no land beyond the cliff.
Stroll in Eco Cave Gardens: Provide an educational yet entertaining experience for children, while enjoying a leisurely stroll in the Eco Cave Gardens. These interconnected caves make up for an excellent addition to Nainital family holiday packages.

Tips for Budget-Friendly Nainital Tours 

To ensure your travel is seamless and memorable, consider these invaluable tips:
Best Time to Visit Nainital: Plan your visit between March and June for the most favourable weather. 
Pack Wisely: While a hill station, Nainital does experience some hot and humid days during peak summer months. So, pack according to the season. Also, it would depend on the type of tour you have opted for.
Select Accommodation Options Smartly: With Kimoi, you get a range of accommodation options in Nainital that fit your requirements and budget. Connect with us today to learn more. 
Try Local Delicacies: For those on budget-friendly Nainital tours, exploring local street food vendors is a tasty and cost-effective option.
Be Wary of Your Safety and Scams: Nainital is generally safe, but it's wise to be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas. 
If you are a newly married couple and making a plan for your lifetime remarkable honeymoon trip, then opt for Nainital honeymoon packages. Uttarakhand is a popular destination in India that offers many adventurous activities for newlywed couples. Kiomoi travel offers Uttarakhand tour packages at a discounted rate of up to 30%


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