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Mathura, Vrindavan, Kashi Ayodhya, etc. are some of the famous pilgrimage sites of India's northern state Uttar Pradesh.  Mathura or Krishna Janmabhoomi the birthplace of Shri Krishna, who is an important Hindu God. This city is one of the state’s most popular pilgrimage sites and is rich in history and faith. Many Krishna devotees and visitors visit this holy city every 12 months to lose themselves in the rich heritage, love for Krishna, and its religious importance.

This brilliant city gives several opportunities for travelers to discover its attractions and immerse themselves in its energetic culture. Mathura Holiday Packages offers a whole lot of pastimes, together with non-secular vacations and ancient trips. Mathura Travel Packages include trips to popular temples like as the Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, Dwarkadhish Temple, and Vishram Ghat, wherein visitors can carry out rituals and try and discover benefits.

The religious buildings of Mathura have a wide range of historical attractions, museums, and bustling markets. Tourists may purchase traditional handicrafts, materials, and wonderful local cuisine in vibrant bazaars such as Hoil Gate and Chatta Bazaar.

While you’re planning a short trip or a long vacation, Mathura Tour Packages make it easy to experience this interesting city. Travelers may have a remarkable experience designed to their interests and budget thanks to a flexible itinerary.

Best Tourist Places to Explore in Mathura

There are many places to explore in Mathura like Temples in Mathura, ghats, and other attractions. But here are the best tourist places to explore which you can include in your Mathura Family Tour Packages:

Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple: This temple is called the birthplace of Shri Krishna. The temple includes the prison cell (jail) where Krishna was born. The place attracts millions of devotees and tourists all over the year to seek the blessing from Shri Krishna. 

Dwarkadhish Temple: The area dedicated to Shri Krishna, this temple has fantastic works of art which can be wealthy with paintings and sculptures. The temple is an essential pilgrimage destination and its Janmashtami celebrations are mainly busy.

Vishram Ghat: This is one of the holiest ghats in the Bank of Yamuna River, Vishram Ghat is known as the location where Lord Krishna slept after defeating his uncle(mama) Kansa a devil. It is a popular location for prayers, rites, and boat rides.

Govardhan Hill: This hill is situated near Mathura as it is very important to Hindu Mythology. It is known that Shri Krishna extended the hill with his finger to protect the villagers from the Lord Indra’s anger. The hill offers beautiful views and is a popular hiking destination.

Radha Kund and Shyam Kund: These are the holy lakes that were built to show the Radha and Krishna’s everlasting love. Devotees bathe in these kunds(ponds) to wash away their sins and are searching for benefits. The peaceful surroundings and spiritual emotions make it a perfect region for meditation and rest.

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How to Reach Mathura

It depends on individuals where they start, as they have so many alternatives for getting to Mathura:

By Air: Mathura doesn’t have any personal airport but the nearest airport is Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is roughly around 180 Km and it will take 2 to 3 hours. From the airport, you can take a cab or a bus to Mathura.

By Train: Mathura Junction is a railway station that is well-connected to trains from around the country. You can find the train timetable and purchase tickets online or offline.

By Road: Mathura is well connected by road to major cities including Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur by national roads. To get to Mathura, you may either drive or use a taxi.

Best Time to Visit Mathura

The best time to visit Mathura is during the winter months from October to March. As the weather is so pleasant this time it is ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. The city is a pilgrimage destination, especially for devotees of Shri Krishna. This city celebrates several festivals with great excitement, including Holi, Janmashtami, and Diwali. If you want to experience the vibrant culture and religious zeal of Mathura, visiting this place during these festivals will be a memorable experience for you. It depends on your preference when you want to visit this place.

What Things to Shop from Mathura?

When you visit Mathura, you can find a variety of things that are unique in the area and make it a great gift for your loved ones. Here is the list of the things you can shop for:

Mathura Peda: The most famous item of Mathura is its delicious pea, sweet which is made from condensed milk. It’s a popular local food item and a must-try thing when you visit the city.

Handicrafts: The city is famous for its handicrafts, including brass items, marble sculptures, and textiles. You can find beautifully crafted items that reflect the region’s rich heritage.

Bangles: Mathura is famous for its colorful bangles, which are popular among both locals and tourists. These bangles are in various designs and materials, making them a great accessory to take home.

Mathura Art Work: This place is the home to many talented artists and you can find a variety of paintings and so many artworks that show the cultural heritage of the area.

What we can Eat in Mathura?

Peda: a popular sweet made from Khoya(sold milk), sugar, and cardamon. Peda is a must-try dessert in Mathura

Kachori: this place is famous for its crispy and spicy kachoris filled with a mixture of potatoes. It is often served with aloo sabzi and sweet tamarind chutney.

Thali: A traditional Indian meal served on a platter, the Mathura thali usually includes a variety of dishes like dal (lentil curry), sabzi (vegetable curry), rice, roti (Indian bread), and desserts like kheer or halwa.

Lassi: A refreshing drink made from yogurt, and sugar, and sometimes flavored with fruits or spices, lassi is a popular beverage in Mathura. It is best enjoyed chilled, especially during the hot summer months.

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