The Most Effective Guide For A Safari In Kaziranga National Park With Elephants And Jeeps In Assam

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People who are on the lookout for a unique experience. Be it during a simple holiday, or getaway may enjoy visiting Kaziranga National Park. This location happens to be one among the most visited places in Assam. It is home to the majestic creatures as the one-horned rhinoceros. This spot is loved by many. This happens to be a ground of breeding for elephants. Plenty of wild buffalo can be seen here. Enthusiasts can also spot swamp deer among other animals. Kaziranga Tour Packages are one of the best selling tour packages of north-east India. 

With time, this region has seen a significant increase in the population of tigers that inhabit this national park. Many birds can also be seen here. Depending upon the season they visit. This National Park is quite well known because not only is it home to many wild animals, but it is also actively involved when it comes to their conservation. Kaziranga Travel Guide is very important for the first timers so do your proper research.

The rich flora here makes for quite a stunning view. One can explore marshy wetlands or the grassy Savannas that are spread far and wide. If you happen to visit this National Park, make sure you know the various details involved to make the experience an impactful one. Here are some basic things that you must know when it comes to seeking a Safari at the Kaziranga National Park.

How frequently are safaris offered at the National Park?

The National Park offers two types of safaris. There are two slots for each kind of Safari. These happen to be the morning and afternoon slots. The  Jeep safari is scheduled  between eight to ten in the morning. The afternoon Jeep Safari is scheduled between two to four. An elephant safari can be available between five thirty to six thirty and six thirty to seven thirty. If one is willing to stay in the region for a couple of days, opting to go for three to four Safari rides can help cover each zone of the park.

What does one have to do to book a safari?

When it comes to booking a safari, one is required to have a safari permit. Individuals who wish to opt for Sasafarian book a safari permit at Kaziranga. It can be done through their official website. The entry fee to the National Park for Indians is close to 115 rupees per person. For foreigners this entry fee is close to rupees 700 per person. The park offers a large number of vehicles, such as jeeps, to take people across at all times. It is due to this that these slots for Safari do not have such limitations.

How can one book a guide and a jeep?

One can simply book a jeep safari in Kaziranga online. However, if one does not wish to do so, it can also be done on the spot. The Jeep Safari association counter happens to be located right outside the National Park. The prices of these rentals can greatly vary depending upon the zone of the park that an individual is willing to visit. There are majorly four zones, these are called as the  central zone, the Western Zone, the eastern zone, and the far West zone.

Hiring a guide is not always needed; however, one can be hired on the spot. The fee involved can reach anywhere between 700 to 1500 rupees. Most of the time, it is not required because the drivers happen to be quite knowledgeable about the park as well as its inhabiting wildlife. A lot of times, if one is staying at a hotel, these amenities can be arranged by the hotel itself with the addition of extra charges.

Which are the best zones to visit at the National Park?

The park is divided into 4 major zones. The eastern zone, Agoratoli, is quite well known for spotting birds in the morning and plenty of .elephants. The Western Zone, Bagori, is where one can spot rhinos. It is so because it has an extensive grazing area. People often visit this area with hopes of proper photography. The central zone, Kohora, is the perfect location for spotting both tigers and rhinoceros. The fourth zone happens to be the far West zone, Burapahar. It is a great location to spot capped langurs as well as gibbons.

How else can one explore the National Park?

Besides opting for a Jeep, people can also opt for an elephant safari in Kaziranga. These do not take one deep into the park, but the ride can be quite an adventure. It can also allow people to spot other wildlife around the location. The far western zone of the park can also be explored on foot. One can be accompanied by a travel guide in order to do so. Dolphins can be spotted on the boat Safari Adventures, which is not very far from the location.

Are there any accommodations for one to reside in or near the park?

One can find numerous nature getaway options around Kaziranga National Park. There happen to be wildlife sanctuaries, parts for bird watching, hill stations and much more. There also happens to be a range of luxury resorts and rest houses, besides other accommodations available in the National Park. These happen to be maintained and furnished by the forest department. Times around November to April happened to be quite busy. Thus, it is advised that should one plan to stay, they should book in advance. People can also explore a range of packages to best match their requirements.


Kaziranga National Park, a rhino wildlife sanctuary, can offer a complete experience when it is something different and adventurous that they seek. Residing in the lap of nature can be a refreshing opportunity to observe the wonder the planet has to offer. One can observe the natural beauty while catching a glimpse of wildlife at this UNESCO-recognised site. Make sure that you also visit stunning locations nearby for a complete experience unlike any other. Explore your Assam Tour Packages options now.

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