Top 10 Spookiest Places

Road to Marve and Madh Island, Mumbai
A narrow strip of road with mangrove trees on both the sides leads to the Marve and Madh Island on Mumbai outskirts. The road stretch has seen many fatal accidents. It is alleged that a women in full bridal wear distracts the drivers especially during nights of full moon thus resulting in tragic accidents. Reports of uncanny activities in the dead of night as experienced by locals and staff of beachfront hotels have foxed the authorities for long.

Grave of Alice Richman, Pune
The University of Pune has a lush verdant campus greened by a canopy of trees. The campus is also dotted with stone buildings from the colonial era. On one corner of the campus lies the grave of Alice Richman a British / Australian woman of Pune during the colonial era. The way Alice died is shrouded in mystery. Some say cholera, others sucide still some others say she died in the garden while riding a horse. Whatever is the cause of Alice’s death she was buried here. If the old-timers are to be believed she still prowls around her grave in a white dress.

The Writers Building, Kolkata
Writers Building or Mahakaran located at Dharmatala rechristened as the BBD Bagh happened to be the residence for the junior writers of the East India Company. A place which has seen a bloodbath during the freedom movement is bound to have its share of paranormal activities. There are a lot of vacant rooms here and it is believed that spirits of British sahibs still roam here at night. According to hearsay in the late evenings, a barrage of unusual sounds is heard inside the building premises.

Nirala Nagar, Lucknow
Blame it on the government a decision to set up a colony in 1960 by Lucknow Improvement Trust over an area where there was a large crematorium, 2 graveyards, six mazaars, a peepal tree where the people deposited ashes of the dead and a lone temple. It invited trouble for the residents of Nirala Nagar. There are some houses here where something tragic happened  with the owners. There is another area where widows stayed sans any  trouble. Young people are hardly seen and the whole colony wears a look of moroseness.

Lothian Road Cemetery, Delhi
The oldest Christian burial ground of Delhi the Lothian Road Cemetery, near the Lothian Bridge, near Kashmere Gate ISBT is a numero uno spooky place of Delhi. Many residents of the city have purportedly seen weird things. Out of the many stories doing rounds the three used to be most common A British soldier refused love blew up his brain and he has been seen walking carrying his head in his hand, then there was a child who carried his own bier and finally a woman draped in a white dress moving lazily with a cradle in her hand. With rapid urbanization these stories are somehow on the ebb.

Bhangarh, Rajasthan
Bhangarh lies in between Alwar and Jaipur on the outskirts of the Sariska Tiger Sanctuary. The city amid the Aravalli hills is in ruins as all the inhabitants have abandoned this Rajput principality. Even a signboard put up by ASI in Bhangarh placed 1 Km away from the Bhangarh fort prohibits people not to venture anywhere near before sunrise and after sunset. The place deserted since the 17th century is believed to have been cursed by a Tantrik when refuted by the Princess of Bhangarh. Many people swear by the paranormal activities witnessed in the fort area like musical and dancing sounds. The place continues to remain clothed in mystery.

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), Devanahalli, Bangalore
Though nothing substantial proof exists ( if ever they exists at all?) rumour mills are abuzz about a ghost of a lady who prefers the Devanahalli Airport. The various incidents like a pilot spotting a lady in the middle of the runway, a lady in white spotted taking a stroll around the cargo area or the airport lift operating on its own have left the authorities flummoxed. Even the Taxi drivers are not spared who had found a ghost occupying the seat during the middle of the night.

Graveyard on Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Banjara Hills, residence of Hyderabad’s rich and famous has a graveyard on road number 12 with a reputation of eerie happenings reported by some of the passerby. It is alleged that late in the night the streetlights switch off by themselves and there is a drop in temperature by 5 degrees. Some have complained of repeated tyre punctures. Those who had these uncanny experiences dare not take this road again. 

Broken Bridge Chennai
From the Theosophical Society compound wall just a 1 km or so on the slum road comes a bridge that practically leads to no where. Elphinstone Bridge popularly called as broken bridge across Adyar river and ends abruptly after extending into the middle of the backwaters. It’s a popular shooting spot in the day time but as darkness descends the bridge is deserted, no lights no sight of humanity nothing. No body has sighted anything but why take the risk? Thus warns the locals.

Technopark, Trivandrum
Spread over 300 acres, 17 thousand tech and associated workers, more than 140 companies that’s Technopark most important hub for technology in Kerala. So what is it doing here? Hold on an employee of a company inside the hub had a ghostly experience at the back gate on the Karyavattom University campus road. This is not all from other building spooky sounds and haunting cries were reported.

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