Manali Honeymoon Package 

While there is no dearth of lovely places for spending a memorable honeymoon, there are some places which are designed by nature specially for a love filled occasion of that of a honeymoon. Manali is one such destination. 

One of the best things about choosing Manali for honeymoon vacation is that it’s an all-year-round destination with each season having its own charm. While the summertime brings with it a beautiful beauty of hills covered in a variety of flora and lush green forests, couples can have a picture-perfect cozy ambiance during the winters with snowfall all around. 

While Shimla Manali honeymoon package is a popular choice among couples, choosing Manali alone for honeymoon is also a highly demanded Manali tour packages

Most Popular and Top Places to Visit in Manali for Couples

Manali offers popular tourist spots that have some of the most breathtaking views of the valley. From waterfalls to restaurants and cafés, there is no shortage of tourist attractions for spending a honeymoon in Manali.

Solang Valley

Arguably the best spot one can add to a typical Manali couple package, Solang Valley is a beautiful location surrounded by snow-capped mountains and breathtaking landscapes. The best time to visit Manali for honeymoon to enjoy your time at the Solang Valley is during the winters when there is enough snow fall. 

Hadimba Temple

Get acquainted with the local culture and religious beliefs of Manali on your visit to the famous Hadimba temple. Taking a piece out of the mythologies of Indian culture, the temple is dedicated to Hadimba, wife of Bheem (one of the Pandavas from the Mahabharat), the temple is located in a blissful location and an ideal addition to Manali tour package for couples. 


Kothi, a picture-perfect village, is around 15kms from Manali and takes around 30mins to reach from Manali's main town. Picturesque views of the Alps may be found in this settlement making it an ideal inclusion to every Manali honeymoon package. It's the perfect spot for couples, offering seclusion and unspoiled beauty. Most visitors to Kothi just stay for a day, although there are a few possibilities for couples who would like to extend their stay. 

Vashisht Hot Water Springs

Manali offers a series of hot springs in and around its vicinity. One such patch of hot springs is Vashisht Hot Water Springs, renowned for its therapeutic properties. This natural spa is a must-visit during the winter, providing a warm escape from the chilly weather. Couples can unwind and enjoy a soothing soak, making it an integral part of Manali couple package.

What to Expect in Manali Couple Package

As a part of any honeymoon travel experience, the expectations are always high with activities that would elevate the romance between the couples. Kiomoi makes sure that you have the best experience during your Manali honeymoon tour:

Stay in a Tree House

If you plan to book a comprehensive Kullu Manali honeymoon package, there is every possibility for you to experience a stay in a typical tree house, which are in abundance in Kully region. Spending some time in these treehouses will help you spend some quality time in peace with your partner. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, they are free of chaotic city life.

Enjoy Paragliding in Solang Valley

If you and your life partner are into adventure activities, then indulging in paragliding activities in Solang Valley is a great addition to your Manali honeymoon package. Get a drone view of the majestic landscape surrounding Manali and feel the exceptional combination of peace and thrill together. You can very well enjoy this activity under a comprehensive Shimla Manali honeymoon package as well. 

Tour the Many Cafes of Manali

Some of the best places to visit in Manali for couples are the many chic cafes located in the town. From cozy corners with breathtaking mountain views to charming interiors adorned with local artwork, these cafes provide intimate settings for couples to savor delicious food and create unforgettable memories together amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Himalayas. Johnson’s Café, Drfiter’s Café, Café 1947, Café Meraki, etc. are some of the recommended places to eat in Manali. 

Enjoy Shopping on Mall Road

Shopping is an integral part of any travel experience, even for a honeymoon trip, and Manali offers several unique souvenirs for couples on honeymoon to take back home. Mall Road is the major shopping area in Manali where you can find a variety of local handicrafts, trendy winter wear, and much more. 

How to Best Plan Manali Tour Package for Couples 

Plan in Advance 

One of the very first things you can do to ensure a budget-friendly trip is to book your honeymoon tour packages well in advance. Early planning allows you to take advantage of discounts and special offers, ensuring a memorable trip without breaking the bank.

Packing Essentials for Your Romantic Getaway

Pack wisely for your honeymoon to ensure you're prepared for the varying weather conditions and diverse terrain. Essentials include warm clothing, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, and any medications you may need. 

Go Local with Your Activities

Whether it is trying out the local cuisines at roadside stalls or local cafes, or buying souvenirs from local shops, going local with your activities during romantic honeymoon getaways contributes expansively to an affordable honeymoon travel.

Stick to a Budget

With Kiomoi’s specially curated Manali honeymoon packages, you can travel stress free and feel no stress on your pocket with some budget-friendly activities in Manali including accommodation, transport, food, etc. 

Immerse in Local Culture

Irrespective of the fact that you are traveling for a honeymoon in Manali, to experience the best of your travel you need to involve in the local traditions and cultural activities. Attend local events, interact with residents, and savor authentic cuisine. 

Travel Responsibly 

Contribute to sustainable tourism by respecting the environment. Avoid littering, use reusable items, and choose eco-friendly accommodations. 

Important Details About Honeymoon in Manali

Best Time to Visit Manali for Honeymoon

Manali is an all-year-round destination, and couples can enjoy a great honeymoon vacation anytime of the year.

Best Way to Reach Manali

• By Air: The nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport (KUU), approximately 50 kilometers from Manali. From the airport, taxis and buses are readily available.

• By Road: Manali is well-connected by road, and buses ply regularly from major cities like Delhi and Chandigarh. The scenic drive to Manali is a journey in itself.

• By Rail: While there's no direct rail link to Manali, the nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar, around 166kms away. Alternatively, you can reach Chandigarh or Pathankot by train and then proceed by road.

Best Places to Eat in Manali

Indulge in the local culinary delights at Manali's vibrant eateries. Try authentic Himachali cuisine at places like Johnson's Café or indulge in global flavors at Café 1947. For families, choose restaurants along the Mall Road offering diverse menus to cater to varying tastes.

Best Places for Shopping in Manali

Without a doubt your go-to places for shopping in Manali are the Mall Road and Old Manali market area. Pick up locally crafted items like wooden artifacts, handwoven shawls, and traditional caps reflecting the local culture.


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