Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Treasures in Assam that Every Traveller Should Explore

Nestled in the Northeast part of India, Assam is a treasure trove that offers great culture, unexplored wonders and natural beauty. However, this place is famous for tea gardens that draw the attention of a lot of tourists from far and wide. But it also has numerous offbeat locations and hidden gems where you can visit to have a unique experience. Whether you are a culture seeker or an adventure enthusiast, you must explore lesser-known gems of the state. These places are perfect for all those who are looking for peace in the lap of nature. Here, we have compiled a comprehensive list of lesser-known destinations in Assam that you should include in your Assam Tourism Packages

Bholaguri Tea Estate
Located at Sonitpur, Bholagpuri is a place that offers a great tea environment. This place offers a historical significance. The entrance of tea estate is a museum that displays equipment which were used by filmmakers. If you have an interest in Assamese cinema and want to learn about the past, then you must visit this tea estate. It is a place that was the location of ‘Joymoti’ first Assamese firm. Book Assam trip package online and don’t miss to visit this place.

Haflong, also known as ‘Switzerland of the East, is a fantastic tourist place that is perfect for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. You can engage yourself in a lot of recreational activities, for example, trekking, paragliding, and boating. Being the main tourist attraction in Assam, it offers breathtaking views to all the travellers. It is the only hill station in Assam and therefore, you can experience pleasant weather year-round. This place is blessed with abundant greenery and natural beauty. Must include this place in your Assam trip package! 

In Assam, Majuli is the largest river island in the world that is known for rich culture and great beauty. This island is home to the Neo-Vaishnavite culture and the Mishing tribe. It boasts of satras, traditional mask-making and vibrant festivals. Here, you can experience the unique blend of nature and tradition. Must-visit place for all those who are seeking a cultural and spiritual retreat!

It is a small town in the Tinsukia district that is most popular for its oil refinery. If you want to know oil extraction process, then you should visit this place. In the late 19th century, crude oil was discovered in this place. Here, you can find Italian style architecture guest houses and apartments. The main attractions of Digboi are Dibru, Namadapha National park, golf course, Margherita, and National oil park. Check Assam holiday tour packages & make your trip memorable! 

Being an ancient pilgrimage site, Halo is a situated just 24KM away from Guwahati. This place is most popular for its charm. That’s why, it attracts a large of travellers from every corner of India and World. It has sacred artefacts and beautiful temples that make this site a must-visit destination. While booking your Assam Tour Packages, you should not forget to explore the Hayagriva Madhava Mandir. 

In Assam, Hojai is a newly established district that is known for two tourist spots – Kampur Fru and Kerelajan City Centre. Besides, you can visit here the beautiful Akashiganga lake and Akashigaag waterfalls. This place is well connected with regular state buses and bus stations. To reach this district, you can also hire a taxi or a cab. Being the granary of Assam, this district is also the centre of Agar perfume industry. Interested to visit this place? Grab affordable Assam holiday tour packages today & enjoy your trip!

Paradise Lake
Nilapani or Paradise lake is a perfect holiday destination for all those who want to rejuvenate yourself in the lap of nature. It has blue crystal water that attracts a large number of visitors for its natural beauty. If you want to see diverse species of migratory birds, then you must visit this lake. Include this beautiful lake in your Assam trip package and have a fantastic experience!

Kamakhya temple
Located at Nilachal Hill, the Kamakhya temple is a revered pilgrimage site that is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya. Being a scared spot, this temple has power to attract curious travellers and devotees all over the world. It is a great blend of history, spirituality and nature. This temple is amongst the oldest 51 shakti peeths. It is a belief that it is a place where the yoni of Goddess fell which offers a connection between spirituality and creation. The ideal time to visit this temple is between October to February. Want to go on a spiritual tour in Assam? Just book your Kamakhya temple tour package today!

Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, Manas National Park is a gem of wildlife conservation. This park is one of the picturesque and diverse parks that have numerous bird species and wildlife. While visiting this park, you can do river rafting. It is most popular for rare and endangered endemic wildlife such as hispid hare, Assam roofed turtle, pygmy hog and golden langur. Just grab Assam Travel Packages from Kiomoi today and make your trip memorable!

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