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Kiomoi welcomes you to Zuluk, also called Dzuluk or Jhuluk, a little heaven in midst of the Mighty Mountains located in Sikkim in the lap of Eastern Himalayasat an altitude of around 10,000 feet above sea level and63 kilometers from Gangtok. An offbeat destination known for its beautiful landscape and scenic views, was once a part of the legendary Silk Route.

The natural beauty of this village is one of a kind, being a transit point for travelers in the ancient silk route this village have breathtaking landscapes like no other place.

Want to have a vacation that offers you peace in the lap of mother nature and being surrounded by majestic mountains and unexplored forests or a trip full of adventures that includes camping, trekking, sightseeing and amazing views, then Zuluk silk route tour package is the ideal selection for you.

The rugged terrain of Zuluk with its scenic views will leave you with everlasting ecstatic memories.

On your way to Zuluk, surrounded by the majestic Himalayan peaks and Rangporiver carving its path beautifully through the lush green forest a beautiful hamlet Aritar is amust visit. Make sure to include this in your Gangtok to Zuluk tour package to ensure you don’t miss this amazing place.

Thambi View Point
Thambi View Point is well known for its stunning landscapes offering the breathtaking view of the sunrise that includes the mesmerizing view of the Eastern Himalayas, the winding roads that snake through the rugged terrain, surrounded by backwoods and untouched by the modernization. The path to the top itself is something worth exploring while enjoying the serene beauty of this place.

Lungthung View Point
Also known as Dhupidara is another vantage point that offers the fascinating panoramic view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga and Himalayan Mountains touching the clouds, while being in the midst of dense unexplored forest. At an elevation of 13,000 feet the whole natural landscape is mesmerizing.

Heart Lake
As the name suggests, this lake is indeed having a shape of heart surrounded by lush greenery in summers and snow in the early winters, will definitely take your heart away. A must visit if you’re taking one of the Zuluk Sikkim tour packages with your partner.

Nathang Valley
Well known as Gnathang Valley is also called as the “Ladakh of East India”, being one of the most stunning locations along the silk road offering you the breathtaking scenic views of the majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga. Nathang Valley is surrounded by snowcapped hills and craggy terrains that makes watching the sunrise from here a once-in-a-lifetime experience making it the most picked place for Zuluk Sightseeing Packages.

Tukla Valley
Just 4 kms in front of Lungthung, another stunning offbeat destination is Tukla Valley. Tukla Valley provides the spectacular view of the Tibetan Highlands that are covered in snowfall during winters and have blooming flowers during summer, the serene views of the valley are remarkable. A war memorial paying tribute to the warriors of the battle of Tukla was established here.

Tsomgo Lake
Ever thought of visiting a lake in midst of snowy mountains, a fascinating landscape you might have seen in movies, far from the modernization, away from your stress and worries. Then you must visit the Tsomgo Lake, also called Changu Lake, this ethereally beautiful lake can take your Sikkim tour packages to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Things to Do in Zuluk 

Zuluk being situated at the higher altitude in the great Himalayan Mountains, mostly covered in snow, with its rugged terrain, scenic landscapes along with its historic significance in the Silk Route offers surreal views along with the numerous adventurous sport activities and exciting places to explore. A real paradise for true explorers and adrenaline junkies.

Here is a list of things to do in Zuluk:

Trekking and Sightseeing
Offering a rugged terrain along with its proximity to the Himalayan Range makes Zuluk an incredible location for the trek lovers. The scenic views that you will have with an amazing trekking experience is an icing on the cake. There are multiple vantage points that offers you amazing experiences and a lot more vantage points still waiting to be found. Zuluk have a lot of unexplored terrains along with its lush wilderness it could be considered as a heaven for adventurous nature explorers.

Camping and Star gazing
Want to enjoy the tranquility of the mountains and clear night skies with countless stars, there is no other option better than camping. Zuluk is just mesmerizing with its every aspect and the nights that you spend here looking at the night skies will make you feel blessed and will make your worries fade into the endless skies.

Attend the Yak Race Festival
Held in month of February or March the Yak Race Festival celebrating the local culture with tradition music and dance performances by locals is just as amazing as it sounds. The main highlight of the festival is the thrilling Yak Race where local villagers race their yaks on a steep hillside, the traditional music and dance performances adds more flavor to this festival.

Nature Photography and Exploration
Ariel landscapes, panoramic view of Himalayas, lush green forests with a lot of diverse flora and fauna, Zuluk is a place that can make your creative photographer emerge out of you with every step you take.

Tips for a safer Zuluk Tour 

Zulukis an enjoyable place for nature enthusiasts, adventure lovers and explorers, you can make it more enjoyable by keeping few of the below things in-check before heading out to the wonderous trip to ensure a safer and wonderful trip. It is advisable to plan ahead and pick one of the Zuluk Holiday Packages or you can also visit some places you like while exploring more of the places nearby like creating a Zuluk tour package from Gangtok to make the trip more economic.

Best Time to Visit Zuluk
During summer (April to September) and winter(November to January) are considered to be best time to visit. Also, it is advisable to check the weather forecast before you start your trip.

Permit Requirements
Because of its proximity to the Indo-China border, travelers are required to obtain permits for Zuluk. If you are visiting Zuluk with family it is advisable to book one of the Zuluk Family Packages to ensure a safe travel making sure that you get the permits through a registered tour operator.

Pack Wisely
Being at an elevation of about 10,000feet and Himalayan range proximity it is usually chilly for most part of the year in Zuluk. Also, some of the areas are remote and secluded so you must pack wisely and make sure to bring some extra clothes, necessary medication, power banks, etc.

Enjoy your visit to Zuluk!

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