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Aritar is a charming hill village with views of gigantic Himalayan peaks, lush forests, pristine glacial lakes, peaceful monasteries, and a serene overall atmosphere. Situated on the eastern edge of the state of Sikkim, with Mt. Kanchenjunga encircling it on all sides, this location is definitely a haven for nature enthusiasts and a photographer's dream come true, providing an unforgettable vacation experience for all. 
Typical Sikkim tour packages may not necessarily include a visit to this quaint little hamlet, and therefore, in order to experience the sublime beauty of this village, you need to make sure you add Aritar holiday deals separately. 
Additionally, irrespective of whether you have booked Sikkim honeymoon packages or Sikkim family packages, a visit to Aritar will offer a profound sense of satisfaction and happiness with quality time to spend with your loved ones. 
Whether it is the local folk and cultural art, indulging in sports like archery and horseback riding, taking leisurely boat rides, or savoring the most exotic cuisine the area has to offer, the place has something for everyone.
So, if you too are planning to book Aritar holiday packages, here’s all you should know to make it a memorable one.

Best Places to Visit in Aritar

Lampokhari Lake: One of the oldest, natural, lakes in the whole of Sikkim, Lampokhariis 1120 feet long and 240 feet wide, and it is situated 4600 feet above sea level. It is also known as Aritar Lake and is even more astounding because it is surrounded by lush, green pine forests. It is one of those places to visit in Aritar that counts for a memorable time spend with your friends and family. The surrounding pine forest captivates and adds further beauty for the visitors. In addition, there is a small sacred area dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava on the lake's shores.
Aritar Dak Bungalow: This is a colonial-era bungalow that once served as a stopover for travelers during the British rule in India. What makes a bunglow worth a mention in the list of places to visit in Aritar is the surroundings of lush gardens and the panoramic views of the Himalayas, making it one of the most famous sights in the village.This 19th century property, which often finds a mention in a typical Aritar travel guide, was the official residence of Sir James Claude White, the first political officer of Sikkim. Today, however, it has been transformed into an opulent inn in Aritar, complete with state-of-the-art furnishings.
Kali Khola Falls: The Kali Khola Falls, sometimes referred to as "Kuikhola falls" by the locals, are located in East Sikkim while traveling from Rorathang to Rongli along the Old Silk Road. This 100-meter-tall cascade is renowned for its immense majesty, making it popular addition to every Aritar tour packages and one of Sikkim's most captivating and popular waterfalls. What adds to the fun of visiting this place is the addition of an adventurous trek to reach the falls, offering panoramic vistas of the verdant landscape and an opportunity to spot exotic flora and fauna. 
Mankhim Temple: If there is one temple place that finds a mention in almost all Sikkim tour packages, it’s the Mankhim Temple. One of the most well-liked places to visit in Aritar,Mankhim Temple is gaining popularity among visitors owing to its remarkable authenticity and religious significance. It is situated near Hattipailay Village at the crest of the hill. The Khambu and Rai indigenous ethnolinguistic groups, who are believed to have originated in the Maity Village in Nepal, call it home. From here, you may also take in a breathtaking vista of Mt. Kanchenjunga. The Rai community hosts the Sakewa puja in this temple once a year. During this occasion, there will be folklore displays and vibrant dance.

Things to Do in Aritar

Unwind at Seven Sister Waterfalls: No matter where you are travelling in Sikkim and for whatever purpose, a visit to the famous Seven Sister Waterfalls is a must. Whether you have booked Sikkim honeymoon packages or Sikkim family packages, your Aritar holiday deals would be incomplete without a visit to this majestic natural landscape. The cascades offer a captivating and seductive vista. Travelers find it immensely rejuvenating, as the verdant woodlands create a prismatic backdrop for the evening light. Children can appreciate nature in its captivating setting, making this site ideal for them as well.
Go on a Trek to theLungchuk Valley: Attention all adventure enthusiasts! Aritar may be a small village by itself but, is strategically located to several other beautiful tourist spots in Sikkim, offering memorable excursions. One such place located near Aritar is the "Lungchuk Valley" which is a popular hiking destination in the area. For those who enjoy trekking, this trail offers an inexhaustible supply of excitement, zeal, and adrenaline. As you pass through its picturesque places, be enthralled by its serene lakes, classic buildings, reputable museums, historic centers, and ancient monasteries. Rich in vegetation, this location also serves as a fantastic location for observing birds.
Offer Prayers at the Aritar Gumpa: Also known as the ‘Ari Gumpa’, this ancient monastery is one of the highly recommended places to visit in Aritar, simply for its peaceful environment. Sitting atop a peak next to Mankhim, the monastery is undoubtedly a well-known location that you shouldn't skip while visiting Aritar. It is highly recommended that you visit Gumpa Monastery if you are interested in learning more about Buddhist culture. This sacred monastery houses an extensive collection of ancient artwork, murals, antiques, and representations that belong to the Karma Kagyu lineage in Tibet.

Important Details About Aritar Travel Guide

Best Time to Visit Aritar
The best time to visit Aritar is during the spring and autumn months, from March to May and September to November, respectively. During these seasons, the weather is pleasant with clear skies, making it ideal for outdoor activities like trekking, birdwatching, and sightseeing. 
Best Way to Reach Aritar
By Air: The nearest airport to Aritar is Bagdogra Airport, located around 124kms away. It takes a 4-5hours drive from Bagdogra airport to reach Aritar.
By Road: Aritaris accessible by road via well-maintained highways and road networks.
By Rail: Aritar is connected to the Indian Railways network, with New Jalpaiguri Railway Station being the nearest main railway stations at a distance of 124kms.

Best Places to Eat in Aritar
Aritar boasts several delightful dining spots offering a taste of the local cuisine amidst scenic surroundings. And, while there are several places to visit in Aritar for enjoying local flavors, there are a few standout names such as the Aritar Dhaba. Silk Route restaurant and Himalayan Café are a few other popular eating places in Aritar. 

Best Places for Shopping in Aritar
For the best shopping experience in Aritar, head straight to the Aritar Bazaar, where you can find everything from handcrafted woolens and traditional handicrafts to locally sourced teas and spices. Another shopping hotspot is Lampokhari Lake Market, located near the picturesque Lampokhari Lake. This market offers a charming setting amidst natural beauty, with vendors selling an assortment of handmade souvenirs, including wooden carvings, pottery, and jewelry.


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    What is the location of Aritar in Sikkim?
    Aritar is a small town situated in the East Sikkim district of the Indian state of Sikkim, nestled in the Himalayan mountains.
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