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Zuluk, a little heaven in the lap of the of the Majestic Himalayas in East Sikkim, India. At an elevation of 10,000 feet this exquisite place was once a part of the legendary Silk Route and a transit point for travelers in the ancient times. Zuluk have some breathtaking landscapes like no other place, that offers you peace in the lap of mother nature while being surrounded by majestic mountains and unexplored forests. If you want a trip full of adventures that includes camping, trekking, sightseeing and amazing views, then start your adventure with this Zuluk Travel Guide. Offering numerous vantage points to enjoy the nature’s panoramic beauty along with dwelling in the adventurous experiences Zuluk is a place that must be included in your Sikkim Tour Packages.

Being an offbeat destination, Zuluk provides a lot of adventurous activities to do like sightseeing, trekking and places to visit. Some of the Top Places to Visit in Zuluk are Thambi View Point, Heart Lake, Lungthung View Point and Tsomgo Lake. Watch the breath taking sunrise that includes the mesmerizing view of the Eastern Himalayas, the winding roads that snake through the rugged terrain from Thambi View Point, Lungthung View Point provides the spectacular panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from an elevation of 13,000 feet. View the Heart Lake that is surrounded by lush greenery in summers and snow in the early winters and the blissful Tsomgo Lake that is just exquisite. The best time to visit Zuluk is during summer (April to September) and winter (November to January), avoid monsoons due to the risk of landslides. While checking Zuluk Tour Packages make sure to check for the special permit required to visit Zuluk as it is closer to Indo-China Border and ensure to carry the valid documentations and ID proof while travelling. This special permit may feel like some extra hassle but upon visiting Zuluk all this extra effort will definitely worth taking the trouble.

To make your trip more economic or while travelling with family or partner make sure to add some must visits of Zuluk to your Sikkim Family Packages to make you trip more worthwhile and adventurous.

The terrain is marked by the ruggedness of the lower Himalayan range. The place offers glimpses of the higher Himalayas without having to travel to North Sikkim. Zuluk held a strategic place in the famed Silk Route that connected China to India. It was a strategic post being used by ancient traders traveling to and from Tibet while passing the Jelep Pass. Being close to Tibet, visitors require special permits to visit this place. 

The beauty of the place is that Zuluk is covered with brightly coloured rhododendrons during the summer months. The riot of colours is a feast to the eyes. During the winter months, the temperature ranges between 3-degree Celsius to 10-degree Celsius. Due to high humidity levels outside, the weather is quite pleasant, even during the chilly season. Owing to the location of the place, Zuluk is ideal for a visit throughout the entire year.


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