15 Best Places To Visit in Arunachal Pradesh - Get an Amazing Nature Adventure!

Arunachal Pradesh, also known as the land of the rising sun, is one of the most breathtaking places in northeast India. It has 26 different tribes, each with its own culture, practices, and customs. Its various landscapes include snow-capped mountains, green valleys and streams and dense forests. Moreover, it is a great destination for nature lovers because Bhutan has all that one can expect from a wildlife haven.

If you want an unforgettable experience for your Arunachal Pradesh holiday package that could make your holidays remarkable, then this is it right now. The top 15 of Arunachal Pradesh best places to visit will be covered by this blog, where one can have great adventures in nature. So, if you are thinking of going alone or planning on bringing your family along for a holiday getaway, looking for an Arunachal Pradesh sightseeing or honeymoon destination, or even taking a group tour, Arunachal Pradesh accommodates every purpose. Therefore, let’s get started without wasting any more time.

1. Tawang
Tawang can be described as a scenic paradise located at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level. The Tawang Monastery stands out as the largest in India and the second largest globally while serving as a spiritual retreats. There is also a Tawang War Memorial, which remembers soldier’s bravery during the Indo-China war (1962). Besides spirituality, everything about Tawang makes it a perfect place to visit by those who like trekking, camping, and skiing against Himalayas backdrops.

Ziro Valley, situated in the lower Subansiri district, is listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The paddy-cum-fish cultivation practised here is unique to the Apatani tribe, besides the tribal women having distinct facial tattoos. Additionally, modernisation has been added to this cultural sanctuary through the annual Ziro Music Festival, which has attracted various artists and music lovers from all over the globe.

3. Namdapha National Park
For wildlife enthusiasts, Namdapha National Park beckons. It is a leading national park in India and the third largest globally, with a rich biodiversity hotspot. With over 1000 plant species, 425 bird species, snow leopards and red pandas, all of which are endangered animals, there’s a chance of immersing yourself in wildlife through activities such as trekking, camping or elephant safaris.

Sela Pass completes the connection between Tawang and the rest of Arunachal Pradesh, standing at an altitude of 13,700 feet above sea level. Its historical significance lies in the Sino-Indian War that broke out in 1962; natural beauty, however, is added to it by the presence of the sacred Sela Lake as well as serene Himalayan peaks. Sela Pass thus exemplifies history meeting nature in an appealing way.

5. Tezu
Tezu serves as headquarters for the Lohit district, where traditionalism blends gracefully with modernity. Cultural treasures here are indicated by Tezu Botanical Garden, Tezu Craft Centre and Tezu Tour Package, a holy site for Hindus. Glow Lake and Dong Valley are among nearby attractions that can be explored using this place as your base.

Situated on the banks of the Dibang River, Roing boasts Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Mehao Lake and ancient Bhismaknagar Fort. Thus, Roing is a calm retreat with remnants of history like Iphi-Pani Ghat and Hunli Valley that linger outside these places.

7. Bomdila
Bomdila may be at an elevation of 8500 feet, but it qualifies as both a cultural centre and a religious destination. Rich heritage sites like Bomdila Monastery, Bomdila View Point, Craft Centre & Ethnographic Museum make the town stand out. Moreover, this is also a base for mountain climbing and hiking expeditions since it is surrounded by mountains with snow-capped tops.

8. Dirang
Located on the banks of the Dirang River, Dirang has a 17th-century fortified village called Dirang Dzong. Also, Kalachakra Gompa and Sangti Valley make it more cultural and natural, serving as a gateway to Tawang Valley and attracting tourists with its historic villages and natural wonders.

It is located on the Siang River and serves as the gateway to Arunachal Pradesh. Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary and Pangin, which is a spot where the Siang River changes its colour, are other famous adventure sports destinations for white water rafting, kayaking or fishing. Kekar Monying Cliff is one of the nearby attractions.

As Arunachal Pradesh’s capital city, Itanagar blends urban conveniences harmoniously with natural beauty. The historical sites provide insight into their history (Ita Fort) and aesthetics (Ganga Lake), as well as an understanding of wild creatures in their habitat, such as Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary. Culture is represented by the Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum, while architectural heritage remains alive through Raj Bhavan.

11. Nuranang Falls
Nuranang Falls or Bong Bong Falls are another hidden gem near Tawang in the form of misty spray created by cascading water from rock cliffs, causing a rainbow visible from far-off points, and therefore leaving one mesmerised. Nuranag Falls will be an unforgettable place for nature enthusiasts since it still holds memories from the 1962 Sino-India war.

12. Changlang
With Tangsa, Tutsa, Nocte and Lisu tribes, Changlang is the headquarters of the district Changlang, which has diverse cultures. Namdapha National Park, Rima-Putak Wildlife Sanctuary, and The Lake of No Return, with its World War II Cemetery and Stilwell Road, are evidence of the cultural and historical wealth of the area. Every time, obey these guidelines.

13. Bumla Pass
Bumla Pass, located at 15,200 feet above sea level, is one of the highest and most adventurous places in Arunachal Pradesh. The pass, which was a battleground during the 1962 Sino-Indian War, offers views of snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes and Tibetan flags. And to add some Bollywood touch to it, you should also visit Sangestar Tso Lake or Madhuri Lake, as they are popularly known.

14. Gorichen Peak
Mountaineers are challenged by Gorichen Peak at a height of 22,500 feet but are rewarded with magnificent views. Known as Sa-Nga Phu “The Kingdom of Deity’’, it has cultural significance for the Monpa tribe. No matter whether one sees it from Tawang, Bomdila or Dirang, Gorichen Peak’s majestic presence captivates all who see it.

15. Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife lovers are attracted to this sanctuary, which is also referred to as Pakke Tiger Reserve. Covering an area of about 862 sq km, this sanctuary hosts over forty tigers, elephants, bison, and hornbills, among others. In addition, fishing can be done at Pakke River besides elephant rides and jeep safaris; hence, boating or rafting on this river cannot go unnoticed.

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