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Kiomoi welcomes you to the tribal region of Nagaland, a captivating destination boasting natural beauty, adventure, and rich culture. There are as many as 16 distinct tribes existing in the state, with each having its individual set of festivals and cultural nuances. 

For example, the renowned Hornbill Festival in Kisama Heritage Village during December attracts locals and tourists alike.

Nature enthusiasts find paradise in Nagaland's surreal hill stations, such as Mokokchung, Mon, Kohima, Wokha, and Tuensang. The state's diverse flora and fauna provide opportunities for trekking, camping, and angling. 

The culinary scene is dominated by meat dishes, with specialities like salty smoked pork stew and bamboo steamed fish. For vegetarians, there are options like a healthy mix of beans and boiled vegetables. 

Nagaland's skilled craftsmen offer unique items like cane crafts, Naga shawls, handbags, and jackets. Wood carving, bamboo work, and pottery are among the region's noteworthy handicrafts.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey to the majestic Nagaland with Kiomoi’s specially curated tours. 

Best Places to Visit in Nagaland

Nagaland tourism offers a range of places to explore and understand. From quaint little villages to exciting trekking trails, the list can become endless. Here are some of the must-visit places that should definitely be a part of Nagaland tour packages. 

Begin your budget-friendly Nagaland tours from the bustling capital city, Kohima. Whether it is the War Cemetery, scripting the reminder of the Battle of Kohima during World War II, or the Kohima State Museum, reflecting the region's cultural heritage, the city offers a blend of historical significance and contemporary charm. 

Dzukou Valley
There are trekking trails, and then there are trekking trails that you just can’t stop admiring and walk through them endlessly. Nestled between the borders of Nagaland and Manipur, Dzukou Valley is one such trekking option in Nagaland. There’s nothing that we can write that would justify the beauty of this region. You have to visit here to believe it. 

Witness the traditional Naga lifestyle in one of the oldest villages, Ungma, on your visit to the vibrant Mokokchung. You will find people here celebrating life like nowhere else. 

Japfu Peak
For all the trekking enthusiasts, a visit to the Japfu peak can be the highlight of their Nagaland tourism. It is the second-highest peak in Nagaland and promises a challenging yet rewarding trek. The scenic beauty of the surrounding hills and the view of the Dzukou Valley from the top make it a favourite among adventure enthusiasts.

Khonoma Village
Budget-friendly Nagaland tours are all about exploring the state’s quaint little villages. Khonoma is one such village in Nagaland that reflects how simple and beautiful it is when communities and nature co-exist. Witness the grit of sustainable and eco-friendly practices while experiencing a unique cultural extravaganza in Khonoma village. 

Dimapur may not be the capital of Nagaland but holds immense prominence as it operates as the gateway to Nagaland. The city offers a blend of history and modernity and holds its own unique charm.

Things to Do in Nagaland

Attend the Hornbill Festival Extravaganza
Sitting right at the top of all cultural festivals in Nagaland is the Hornbill festivals, an annual festival converging all the ethnic groups of the state on one platform. It is for this that this event is also termed as the ‘Festival of Festivals’. Witness traditional dances, indulge in delectable local cuisine, and engage with artisans showcasing their craftsmanship. 

Take a Stunning Trek to Dzukou Valley
Crafted into most of the budget-friendly Nagaland tours, the Dzukou Valley trek offers an awe-inspiring adventure of a lifetime. The trek is not that challenging and can be easily done even by those who don’t have much experience of trekking mountains. The advantage, however, is the breathtaking view of the valley while you ascend the hill.

Spend Quality time at the Khonoma Village 
One of the most influential places to visit in Nagaland is this quaint little village of Khonoma. Not many Nagaland tour packages might highlight the importance of this place, but with Kiomoi’s customized Nagaland holiday packages you can immerse yourself in the eco-friendly practices and cultural richness of this village. 

Pay Tribute at the War Cemetery Visit in Kohima
Nagaland has a long and rich history of tribal life and cultural heritage. However, its history also holds the pieces of war-torn chapters, something that you can learn on your visit to the War Cemetery in Kohima. Visit the War Cemetry in Kohima to pay respect to the heroes of World War II in order to make your Nagaland tourism fulfilling.

Angling at Japfu River
If you love fishing, Nagaland offers a lot of opportunities for you to experience angling. Japfu river, for example, is a great option for a tranquil angling escapade. Do look for this unique experience in your Nagaland tour packages. 

Shop Authentic Handcrafted Items
An essential part of Nagaland tourism, the culturally rooted lifestyle of Nagaland comes with the charm of traditional craftsmanship. Delve into the intricacies and hard work put into crafting bamboo mugs, cane carpets, baskets, and handbags by the skilled locals. The local markets and bazaars in these regions showcase a wide array of items such as silk mekhela, Naga shawls, home decor, ornaments, and more, reflecting the unique artistry of Nagaland.

Experience Unique Local Delicacies
Being a land of tribals, the Naga food itself is unique and (probably) challenging for some to swallow. Insect starters, featuring a variety of insects spiced up with the infamous Naga chillies, are pretty famous among the locals. Explore the traditional method of preparing fish in Nagaland where they stock fish infused with spices and buried in the ashes of a fire. 

 Tips for Budget-Friendly Nagaland Tours

To ensure your travel is seamless and memorable, consider these invaluable tips:

Best Time to Visit Nagaland
The months between October to May are highly recommended due to pleasant weather conditions for picking your Nagaland tour packages. 

Follow the Cultural Ethics Diligently
Nagaland is a culturally driven state and it is very crucial that you follow and respect the local cultural diversity. Be respectful and do not interrupt religious ceremonies. 

Pack Smartly
Nagaland is a hilly area, and there will be a lot of walking involved. So, a pair of comfortable trekking shoes, light clothing, a sturdy backpack, and a first aid kit are a must. 

Plan Your Stay
You won’t really find it challenging to seek places to stay in Nagaland as the region offers a range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly guesthouses to more luxurious resorts.

Look for New Places to Eat
If you are struggling with where to eat in Nagaland, then no need to worry. Look for small eateries and local markets to savour authentic dishes like smoked pork, bamboo shoot curry, and various indigenous preparations. 

Know About the Languages Spoken
While English is widely understood, locals appreciate efforts to converse in their native languages. Phrases in Ao, Angami, and other regional languages can go a long way in fostering connections. 

Be Wary of Safety and Scams
Nagaland is generally safe for travellers, but it's wise to exercise common precautions for a memorable Nagaland tourism experience. 

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