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Shillong Tourism & City Guide

No one is sure who gave Shillong the sobriquet ``Scotland of the East``, but sure it has a lot of resemblance – the rain – drenched corrugated meadows and strongly clannish society, being just two aspects. But the Capital of Meghalaya, in northeastern India, at 1,496 meters, has more to it than just airs. Today Shillong is a blend of the divine and the mundane- remnant of the Raj, virgin nature , astounding ethnic colors, exotic orchids, cascading waterfalls, mysterious and sacred forest groves, unpredictable weather, an 18 – hole championship golf course, probably the best Chinese / Tibetan cuisine food east of Kolkata and ofcourse growing unplanned urbanization.

Shillong Bazaar

Also known as the rock capital of Meghalaya, Shillong is a sure- fire place round the year. Though the best time to be in Shillong is during Christmas, March – April is the tourist season.
From museums, to gambling, to some exotic shopping to winemaking – its all happening in Shillong and our Shillong Travel Guide provides you with all the information to make your stay hassle free and memorable. The city’s major sightseeing attractions center on the churches and exquisite and abundant, natural wonders in the vicinity of the capital are also talked in the Shillong City Guide.

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