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Looking for your next budget trip to India?! You’ve landed in the right place. 
Kiomoi brings a series of highly customized and affordable holiday packages in India that will give you the opportunity to explore your destination of choice with ease. 
In a country as diverse as India, finding affordable vacation deals can get a bit tricky. But, with the right guidance and knowledge, you can prepare an itinerary to land you the desired affordable vacation packages. 

Best Budget Tour Packages 

With Kiomoi, you get to plan the best budget tour packages that will give you the opportunity to explore your destination worry-free and with ease. 
Here are a few of our handpicked and affordable vacation deals for you to pick from:

Divine Nashik Shirdi: Embark on a spiritual journey with one of our most reliable and affordable vacation packages. Visit the sacred cities of Nashik and Shirdi, offering blessings and tranquillity without straining your budget. Explore ancient temples and enjoy cultural experiences.
Duration – 2N/3D
Trip Cost – INR 8020/-
Covers – Nashik, Shirdi

Varanasi Vindhyachal Devi Darshan: Discover the spiritual essence of Varanasi and Vindhyachal with this budget holiday package. Witness ancient rituals, partake in holy ceremonies, and immerse yourself in a spiritually enriching pilgrimage without overspending.
Duration – 3N/4D
Trip Cost – INR 8999/-
Covers – Varanasi (Banaras)

Konkan Temple Trails: The coastal line of the Maharashtra state, better known as the Konkan belt, is overwhelmed with temples and revered places of worship. With our affordable travel packages, you get to explore several of these ancient shrines, all while staying well within your budget.
Duration – 3N/4D
Trip Cost – INR 11132/-
Covers – Kunkeshwar, Tarkarli, Vengurla

Exotic Holidays in Maldives: Maldives is inarguably one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world . If beaches are your ‘thing’, then pick affordable vacation deals to enjoy an exotic holiday in Maldives.
Duration – 3N/4D
Trip Cost – INR 62,790/-
Covers – Male

Kashi Gaya Prayagraj Tour: One of our best and most affordable travel packages will take you through the narrow lanes of the pious cities of Varanasi, Gaya, and Prayagraj. Known for their centuries-old shrines, these cities are built on the banks of the holy river Ganga. Embark on a spiritual sojourn and perform religious rituals without worrying about expenses. 
Duration – 3N/4D
Trip Cost – INR 11132/-
Covers – Kunkeshwar, Tarkarli, Vengurla

05 Days Pokhara and Kathmandu Trip: Our budget holiday packages not only take you through the rich land of India but also to its neighboring countries. One such trip is to the quaint little nation of Nepal. From serene lakes in Pokhara to ancient temples in Kathmandu, this trip offers an affordable adventure, ensuring you experience the best of Nepal without exceeding your budget.
Duration – 4N/5D
Trip Cost – INR 18,400/-
Covers – Kathmandu, Pokhra, 

Mystique Kashmir: Witness the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir on one of our best budget tour packages. The tour covers mesmerising snow-capped valleys, boating on Dal Lake, and an experience of a lifetime with stays in houseboats. 
Duration – 5N/6D
Trip Cost – INR 17,986/-
Covers – Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Srinagar

Best of Kerala with Kanyakumari: This is one of those affordable vacation packages offered by us that you bring you face-to-face with the enchanting beauty of the South. From lush backwaters and tea plantations to scenic beaches and cultural experiences, this trip showcases the best of South India without overspending.
Duration – 7N/8D
Trip Cost – INR 19,665/-
Covers – Kochi, Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey, Kovalam

Here’s the complete list of all our affordable vacation deals for you to pick from.

Top Things to do During Budget Holiday Packages: One of the main highlights of our affordable vacation packages is the series of enthralling activities you can do during your trip. These are some of the best budget tour packages you can find which are not just about the destination but, also about the remarkable experiences waiting to be discovered. 

Here’s what to expect; 

Local Eateries: Savour the culinary delights of the region by dining at local eateries and street vendors. Not only are the dishes authentic and delicious, but they are also budget-friendly. Whether you're in Amritsar feasting on delicious Punjabi food or in Goa relishing seafood, local eateries are a must-visit.
Explore Heritage Sites: India is a treasure trove of historical and cultural landmarks. Many affordable travel packages include visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, and the Red Fort. Immerse yourself in the rich history of India without the hefty price tag.
Attend Festivals: India is known for its vibrant festivals. Check the local calendar to see if any festivals or cultural events are happening during your visit. Participating in these celebrations offers a unique and budget-friendly way to experience India's diverse culture.

Stay in Homestays and Guesthouses: Another way to experience the local culture and lifestyle of a place you are visiting on your holiday is to consider staying in homestays or guesthouses instead of luxury hotels.

Affordable Vacation Packages FAQs

How do I find the best budget tour packages?
Kiomoi offers a wide range of affordable travel packages for travelers of all kinds. Whether you are on a solo trip or a family vacation on a budget, we have affordable vacation deals customized to your needs. 
What destinations are covered under affordable vacation packages in India?
India is a vast country with innumerable destinations to explore. Travelling to these places on a budget is what we at Kiomoi help you achieve. From the serene valley of Jammu and Kashmir to the divine land of Kanyakumari, and from the desert land of Rajasthan to the lush green forests of the seven sisters in the eastern region, we offer affordable travel packages for a wide range of destinations. 
How can I save even more on budget holiday packages?
Some of the recommended ways to make your holiday budget-friendly are: 
•travelling during the off-peak season 
•booking in advance
•take group tours to avail of group discounts. 
•be open to public transportation and local dining options
•stay in homestays instead of fancy hotels.
Are budget travel packages suitable for solo travelers, couples, and families?
Yes, affordable vacation packages suit solo travelers, couples, and families. Many packages are designed to cater to different types of travelers, and you can choose one that best fits your needs and preferences.


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