Pandharpur Travel Guide

State Maharashtra
Pandharpur is located at a distance of 74 km from Solapur and 52 km from Pune.

Pandharpur Travel Guide

Pandharpur — The Spiritual Capital of Maharashtra

Pandharpur’s acclamation in several of Holy Scriptures and books of Hindu evidences its piousness and sacredness sought by tens of thousands of devotees daily from several parts of India. Pandharpur’s aura and its serenity make the true ardent swore by its piousness. There is no dearth of hymns, poetry and verses sung in the praise of the great Lord Vithal, the statuette Lord of Pandharpur Temple. Everyday hundreds of boats carry pilgrims to the temple at the Mahadwar Ghat from across the river Bhima. Pandharpur is hallowed with presence of the “Kuladivat” of Maharashtra: Shree Vithoba / Vithal or Panduranga and Rukmini, on the bank of the river. The specialty of the Sabbath to the Pandharpur is the two world’s feeling one gets on the river and across the river. Feel the serenity under the ripples of Bhima water and assay a divine darshan of Sri Vitthal.


Pandharpur (also spelt as Pandarpur) is located in Solapur, the south-eastern district of Maharashtra, on the banks of river Bhima or Chandrabhaga, the tributary of river Krishna.

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