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Tamil Nadu has a primordial history. Many dynasties ruled over the land. Some of the dynasties that ruled over the land were the Cholas, Pallavas and Pandavas. During their reign, the culture, literature and architecture of Tamil Nadu burgeoned and attained enormous heights.
Climate/Temperature: Tamil Nadu experiences a moderate type of climate. The tropical climate of Tamil Nadu makes it a luring tourist hub. The temperatures of winter and summers have a very minuscule variation. There are three main seasons viz. summer, winter, and Monsoon. The summer season extends from April to June. The maximum temperature during summers is nearly above 40 degrees C. Winter season is experienced between the months of November to February with the temperature hovering around 20 degrees C. In winters, the atmosphere is quite pleasing and enjoyable. Between the months of October and December, the monsoon season is experienced. The average annual rainfall in Tamil Nadu range between 25 and 75 inches (635 and 1,905 mm) a year.

Tamil Nadu is a land of beauty and splendor. There are many places in the state, which lure the tourists to this lovely, peaceful and serene land.  Some of the major tourists attractions are:

Mamallapuram - the beach resort
Kanchipuram - the land of 1000 temples
Madurai – famous for the Meenakshi Temple.
Thiruchirapalli and Thanjavur
Ootacamund and Kodaikanal – the hill stations.
Kanniyakumari - The tip of the Indian peninsula where the seas meet. The waters of the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and of the Arabian Sea join together at this point.
The hill resort of Yercaud.

Adventure & Activities
There are several adventure sports offered on the land of Tamil Nadu. Some of the famous adventure sports in the state are:

Aqua sports
Hang Gliding
Geography: Tamil Nadu is the southern most state of India. It lies in the extreme south of the India. Kanyakumari, the last point of India in the south lies in the state of Tamil Nadu. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, encloses this state from north and west respectively. It is bordered by Indian Ocean from the south and Bay of Bengal from the east. The state of Tamil Nadu approximately expands between the 8° 04' N latitude (Cape Comorin) and the 78° 0' E longitude. Geologically, Tamil Nadu is located on the eastern side of the Indian Peninsula flanked by the northern latitude of 8.5" and 13.35" and the eastern longitude of 76.15" and 80.20". Along the western and eastern borders of the state, lies the Western and Eastern Ghats. The total land area of Tamil Nadu is approximately 130,058 sq kms.

People / Population: The people of Tamil Nadu are very hospitable and generous. Around the country they are widely known for their cordial and amiable nature. This jovial and convivial nature makes them stand differently from rest of the nation. The total population of Tamil Nadu is approximately 61.5 million per sq. Kms.

Religions: The main religions in the Tamil Nadu state are Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Jainism.

Languages: Most of the people of Tamil Nadu speak the Tamil language. It is the both the official and general language of the state. Other languages spoken in the region are English and Hindi. Tamil language has an account, which can be traced back to the time of the Tolkapiyam, the Tamil Grammar text generally ascribed to 500 B.C.

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