Ooty India
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October - June
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Mettupalayam (Toy train)
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Coimbatore (85 Km)
18.22 ° C
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The Ooty can be reached by different means of transport generally including airways, roadways, and railways. More information on the available means of transport are as follows:

Reach Ooty by Airways: The nearest airport to Ooty is Coimbatore airport which is 88 Km and 2 ½ hours away from Ooty. A cab from here to Ooty costs Rs 1300 approx.

Reach Ooty by the Rail Route: Udhagamandalam station on meter gauge offers a ride on the toy train. The nearest broad gauge railhead is the Coimbatore junction.

Reach Ooty by road: A smooth drive down SH17 to Bandipur via Maddur and Mysore. Bandipur segues into the Mudumalai Reserve across the border. Drive u some medium hairpin bends en route to Ooty Via Gudalur.

Driving Directions
Ooty situated in the Nilgiri district, Tamil Nadu, South India was once the travel hot spot amongst the Britishers. The tea and coffee festival in the region is quite famous. While at the same time, the list of tourist attractions in this region are endless. The destinations situated in and Ooty include Bellikal Lake, Bison Valley(Bellikal), Catherine falls(Coonoor), Dodabetta peak, Dolphin’s Nose(Coonoor), Kalhatti falls(Bellikal), Kamraj Sagar Lake and Lamb’s rock(Coonoor). The Coimbatore Airport is the nearest airport, nestled 103 km away from Ooty(Tamil Nadu). Mettupalayam and Coonoor are well connected with Ooty by a toy train. There are many bus regular services from Mysore, Bangalore, Kanyakumari and also many other cities in India. Hobart Road, Marlimund road, Snowdon Road, and NH 67 link provides excellent connectivity with Ooty.
Ooty has so many attraction few most important are listed below

Ooty Lake: John Sullivan, the first collector and virtual founder of Ooty constructed this 2 ½Km long artificial lake in 1824. There is a charming lake garden, a jetty, snack bars, and pony and toy train rides on coffee for the kiddies. Once this lake was hedged by dense sholas, today there is an overgrowth of water hyacinth choking up a major portion of the waters. For all that, 12 lakh tourists visit the lake every year. Boating is done every day from 8:00 Am to 6:00 Pm.

The Churches of Ooty: Union Church and Holy Trinity Church, Gothic and Tudor in appearance, with magnificent stained glass windows, intricately pews, plaques detailing the British Battalions who attended the services there and serene cemeteries are worth a dekko. St Stephens built-in 1829, is the oldest Church in the Nilgiris. Its huge wooden beams came to form the palace of Tipu Sultan and the cemetery contains the graves of many old-timers, both British and Indian. St. Thomas Church commands a compelling view of the Ooty Lake. The Kandal Church houses a relic of the True Cross on which Christ was crucified. Special novena prayers and holy masses are offered every Friday at this shrine. The annual fest is on May 3rd. Also, check out the 143-year-old Lawrence school at Lovable, arguably the most beautiful of all the schools in the country, spread over 750 acres of land, with a striking Clock tower(glimpse in so many films), gracious wooden-beamed buildings, an ancient brick Chapel and manicured flower beds. This school has become a famous attraction.

Wenlock Downs: Ooty’s most popular picnic spot, is a vast expanse of undulating landscape, which is used to be the ground for the Ooty Hunt. Today. Today, the down see more peaceful times, encompassing the Gymkhana club, and the government sheep farms.

Ninth Mile: The Ninth Mile and the Sandy Nallah are the popular spots for film tale castle for Raju Chacha a few years ago.

Castle Hill: Castle Hill is situated about 3Km on the road to Avalanche is one of the last original walks. The entrance road to the hill is flanked by dense cypress trees, a serenity that is only complemented soft bird song. It is an excellent picnic spot.

Kalhatti Falls: The Kalhatti falls, en route to Mysore, drops a good 131 feet down when in spate and is hit with the picnickers

Nearby Places and Excursion

Glenmorgan(24Km): Glenmorgan Tea Estate on the Mysore Road is an ecologically rich spot with a special attraction: the electricity board offers a Winch service from Glennmorgan viewpoint to the powerhouse of another tea estate, Singara. The 4 Km Winch passes through the undisturbed sholas, 10 Toda settlements, and wildlife habitats. Take permission from the electricity board for the Winch ride. To get here, take the state highway back to Mysore. About 17 km later, turn right for Glenn Morgan, which is approximately 7km from the turn-off.

Pykara Lake: Pykara’s dense Sholas, Toda settlements, shallow downs, and lake make it a lovely shallow downs and lake make it a lovely getaway. Apart from its lush surroundings, Pykara has a boathouse and restaurant maintained by Tamil Nadu Tourism. Pykara lies on the Ooty Mysore road.

Boat fees: Paddleboat Rs 45 ½ hour, rowboat Rs 60/ ½ hour, motorboat (8pax)Rs 300/ ½ hour.

Timings: 9:30 Am to 5.30 Pm

Gudalur(50 Km): This coffee and pepper town is the gateway to the Nilgiris from Kerala and Karnataka, in the lower plateau of the blue mountains. From Frog Hill Point (14Km from Gudalur), and further on needle rock, one can see Gudalur and Mudumalai. At Nellkota(15 Km from Gadular) are the remains of the dilapidated fort.

Things to do while on a tour to Ooty are as follows:

1-The travelers, must make a visit to the Ooty Lake and try some light boating activity

2-A summer festival held every year in May, with a grand flower show taking center stage.

3-The Rose garden, a top of the hill is worth visiting. *The churches of Ooty like the St. Stephen’s, St.Thomas Church and Kandal Church are worth exploring.

4-The adventure lovers can go for the hang gliding courses which are organized in the month of March to may every year, plus the streams and lakes of the Nilgris are an angler’s delight.

5-Wenlock, Ninth Mile, Sandy Nallah, Ninth Mile, Cairn Hill, Kalhatti Falls are the well-famed places of attraction in Ooty.

6-Shopping: Ooty is famous for the vividness of Chocolate flavors.

7-Ooty has various getaways options which include Glennmorgan, Pykara Lake, Gudalur.

8-Shinkows, Kurinji and West Coast Bakery are the three well-known eateries that must be visited once by the travelers
Weather: The weather in Ooty remains pleasant throughout the year. The temperature in summers ranges from 15 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. The summers are cooler and offer a quick escape from the scorching heat.

Winters: The winters in Ooty are cooler than summers and the temperature ranges from a minimum of 4 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 15 degrees Celsius.

Monsoons: During the monsoon season, this region receives heavy rainfall. The entire region gets coalesced in the lush green hue.

Quick Useful Facts

State: Tamil Nadu

Location: The queen of the blue mountains sits at the center of the Nilgiri Range, at 7,440ft, 292 Km SW of Bangalore.

Route from Bangalore: SH to Ooty via Maddur, Mandya, Mysore, Nanjangud, Bandipur, Theppakadu and Gudalur.

Things to do: Visit Botanical gardens, Summer Festival, Flower Show, The rose Garden

Attractions: Ooty Lake, Union church, St Thomas Church, Kandal Church, Wenlock Downs, Ninth Mile , Sandy nallah, Cairn Hill, Kalhatti Falls.

Festivals: Tea and Tourism festival, Taipoosam, Bookkapurma Mariamman annual fest, Boat Races, Summer Festival and the Dog Show,

Where to Stay: Howard Johnson Monarch, The willow Hill, Youth Hostel in North Ooty, Hotel Nahar Nilgiris, Hotel Khems and Hotel Blue Hill International in the Downtown, Reflections Guest House, Hotel Lakeview, Sterling Days Inn, Mayura Sudarshan can be booked in South of Ooty.

Around Ooty: Ghenmrogan, Pykara Lake, Gudalur.
Ooty has several Chinese restaurants, most of them serving indifferent fare , but Shinkows opposite the Nilgiri Library, continues to occupy top place. Kurinji on commercial road serves up delicious South Indian fast food....crisp dosas, spicy vadas and steaming sambar. Do try the Nilgiri Speciality, the crisp warki, from West Coast Bakery on Commercial Road.
Ooty is also famous for its tea, handmade chocolates and,aromatic oils and chocolates the people can imagine cab be found in every other on Ooty’s Commercial road. However, Connoisseurs will tell you that there is only shop for the people which offers the best chocolates and its name is King Star Confectionery. The Tamil Nadu state handicraft center in Pomphuar on commercial road is most visited for handicrafts. Higginbothams is one of the handicraft shop in the region where the travelers can get the best deals.

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Ooty QnA


may i knw the days require to cover the places in ooty & which are the places to see in ooty. thnxz

Asked on 2019-05-28 15:38

Dear Sir,

This query has already been answered by our City Experts. Kindly refer to the below mentioned link.



Replied on 2019-05-28 15:38

Dear Baapumajum, 

Thanks for your query in Kiomoi,

Ooty is totally safe at any time during the day and you should not have any kind of apprehension about any anti social element. However you must take proper precaution while moving late. But let me tell you there are no nightclubs or discos at Ooty except in Hotel Monarch which is very expensive. also do not venture into forest at night.

Good Day !!!

Asked on 2019-05-25 16:22

As we have group tour programme for Ooty want to know is there unsafety if go out of the room for late night walk...waiting for reply.

Asked on 2019-05-25 11:50


Thanks for your query,

   The rate for cab is 500 (indica-4people) and Rs 700 for qualis ,the weather now is not too cool and  is slight drizzling.Having some jackets and precautions lead you safer trip.

Good Day.

Asked on 2019-05-25 10:52

how far is the bus stand from preethi palace hotel?

Asked on 2019-05-22 17:14

Hi Patra,

Hotel Preethi Palace is located just 15 minutes from the main bus stand and railway station. Hotel Preethi Place is in the heart of the town close to tourist spots, like Botanical garden, Dodabetta peak, and Rose garden.


Replied on 2019-05-22 17:14

Dear hardik,

Go to KSRTC and ask them about the special tours that they organize for Ooty. You can contact Kiomoi also for help.

Alternatively, you can take the Mangalore - Trichy train to Coimbatore and from there take the picturesque Niligiri express to ooty.

You can also take the Kingfisher flight to Coimbatore from Mangalore.

I dont think there is a lot of direct traffic from Mangalore to Ooty. So, i wont be surprised if there is no direct buses; but private operators run direct buses to Coimbatore and coimbatore is very close
to Ooty.

Have a wonderful trip

Asked on 2019-05-20 17:54

is there any direct transportation from Mangalore to OOty?

Asked on 2019-05-19 16:09

Some of my friends have suggested going from Mettupalayam stn to Ooty via cab? How much does a cab cost? Also what's the weather in May end? Do I need sweater/jacket?

Asked on 2019-05-18 18:05

What are bus timings from Mysore to reach ooty, i need to take a bus early morning so may i knw which is available?

Asked on 2019-05-18 16:27

Dear Vikram There are plenty of Tourist bus services from Mysore and bangalore to ooty. Ooty is only 150km from Mysore. you can take any type of bus which suits you including Volvo services or go for
packaged tour to ooty which will be a better option as you will be spared of the problem of having your accommodation and food.you can ask any travel agent at Mysore who will give you the time table for
the various state and private transport services.

pp jain with best wishes

Replied on 2019-05-18 16:27

Can you book hotel for me in ooty ?

Asked on 2019-05-14 18:07

Dear sir,

Thanks for your query, below i would like to suggest you decent Hotels in Ooty

Sinclairs Hotel, Ooty

Geethalaya Cottage, Ooty

Holiday Inn Gem Park Ooty, Ooty

These are the very decent hotels in Ooty, for hotel booking and confirmation kindly contact  Kiomoi Team, you can mail us at support@kiomoi.com or call us on 9958891364 OR 91-120-4666444, our travel expert would be happy to assist you.

Very soon you will get another answer of your query.

Good Day!!!!

Replied on 2019-05-14 18:07

Which is the most convenient way to reach ooty from mysore, is bus a good idea?

Asked on 2019-05-14 17:29


Ooty is 160kms from MYsore. There is a regular bus service from Myore to OOty. Both state transport & Tamilnadu state buses run from Mysore to OOty.



Replied on 2019-05-14 17:29
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