Darjeeling Travel Guide

State West bengal

Darjeeling is India`s most popular hill resorts at an altitude of 2134 m or 7000ft above sea level.

Darjeeling Travel Guide

Darjeeling ─ The Queen of Hills

No one arrives to Darjeeling for the first time. Limned and oft-described in every magazine, newspaper, Darjeeling is a part of travelers psyche and collective consciousness. But, Darjeeling ─ The Queen of Hills ─ has its fair bond of experiences enveloped in snow, toy trains, gompas, chilly air et al. Darjeeling, the former popular abode of Brits, unveils far more surprises, pleasantness, beatitude and obscurity when visited as compared to those as seen in the brochure photographs and elaborations.


Darjeeling Post Office, a heritage building


Darjeeling City Guide is a all-inclusive attempt to present the travellers with highest degree of absoluteness on Darjeeling Hotels, attractions, excursions how to reach. Modified and updated with useful numbers, accommodation and Darjeeling Driving Directions. Darjeeling Travel Guide is a bohemian genre of all travel guides. Charted out with minute travel requirements, travel modus operandi and train & flight schedule, the Darjeeling Travel Guide is consolidated info on how to best capture the darling queen.

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Vikash Subba
Hi! Just about the minor typo error regarding the name of the restaurant name "Mafey Munal", its actually "Dafey Munal". thanks from Darjeeling
Posted on Mon, 16 Mar 2009 20:51:47

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