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Porbandar is well connected to various other cities in Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Vadodara, Surat, Hapa, Rajkot. The traveling distance from Ahmedabad is about 419 km, whereas the distance of the city from Rajkot is around 187 km. 
The Porbandar railway station is the main rail connection to the area from where the regular train services are available to different places like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Surat, Okha, Mumbai, Delhi, Howrah 
Porbandar is also well connected to other major cities such as Udaipur, Bhopal, Rajkot, Chandigarh, Mangalore, Aurangabad, and Jamnagar via regular flights.
Porbandar offers various tourist attractions by its extensive beaches, religious monuments, sanctuaries, historical sites, museums that offer an endless array of sightseeing places for tourists of all kinds. A beautiful beach, namely Chowpati, has been attracting a huge number of tourists. Bird Sanctuary and Barda Singh Sanctuary near Porbandar town attract a large number of enthusiastic tourists every year. Many places attract tourists in Porbandar, including Kirti Mandir, Nehru Planetarium, Bhuthnath Mandir, Sri Hari Mandir, Satyanarayan's Mandir, Ram Dhoon Mandir, Rana Bapu's Mahal, Tara Mandir, Kamla Nehru Park, Huzoor Palace, Bharat Mandir, Gayatri Mandir, Rokadia Hanuman Temple, Sandipani Vidyaniketan, etc.

The people in Porbandar are warm-hearted and nice, and they are mostly involved in fishing and speak Gujarati. They are proud of a very rich cultural heritage, and their festivals are a visual serve. Literacy rates in Porbandar are relatively high because people are eager to create a place for themselves in society.

They have many colorful festivals like Holika, Navratri, Diwali, Janmashtami, and especially Gandhi Jayanti and Porbandar Mela. The architectural and craftsmanship excellence of this place stands as proof of their artistic endowment. 

Food in Porbandar generally consists of vegetarian dishes - Doodha Pak, Sev, Mohanthal, Shrikhand, Undhiyu, Dhokla, and kadhi chawal are popular dishes here. Residents of this city love their spicy snacks such as Papad, Chivda, Ganthia, and various kind of Farsan. The population of Porbandar especially is fond of steamed 'Papad.' The preparation of dishes in Porbandar is quite simple, unique and they use main ingredients like peanuts, coconut, sesame seeds, buttermilk, etc.

The Porbandar city is located at 21.63° north latitude and 69.6° east longitude. For centuries it has remained the only connection between India and the entire Western world. Being located next to the Arabian Sea, it is rich in the fishing business.
Since this ancient port city is located very close to the sea, it benefits from a temperate climate. So, the weather of Porbandar is generally pleasant throughout the year. However, it is best in winter when the temperature is usually between 24° to 10 Celsius. Summer is never too hot, but sometimes this place can be quite sultry.

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