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Miracles of Srikalahasti

The flickering flame at Srikalahasti ‘garbhagriha’ is most astonishing fact that states the presence of almighty Lord Shiva in the temple. This is just one incident of the revered destination-Srikalahasti; many of them can be read and felt in the history and mythology of the place. Here are some of the oft-told Lord Kalahastheeswara miracles.

Sri Rama saved by Lord Kalahasteeswara

As mentioned in Padmapurana, Lord Shri Rama, grief sticken by Sita’s abduction, started wandering in the forest in search of his wife. During this sorrowful period, he met Sage Agasthaya who guided Lord Rama to observe Viraja Diksha, a period of four months observed to abstain from the worldly pleasures, and asked him to worship Lord Kalahasti on the Dakshina Kailasam. Rama worshipped Lord Shiva and was guided by his blessings to attain Sita.

Brahmin Vijay

A poor Brahmin, who lived close to Srikalahasti, meditated on God Shiva Lingam with great devotion. In a high state of devotion the Brahmin built a hut near the temple and started staying there, chanting the name of god incessantly. Pleased with Brahmin’s undivided devotion, Lord Kalahasti appeared in person to bless the Brahmin.

A dumb person absolved of his sins

Nadasarna was a hermit who lived in Vriddachalam, very near to the Srikalahasti Temple. Bhima, who was one of the disciples of Nadasarna, learnt all vidya (knowledge) from Nadasarna except Vashikarna (art of magnetism). One day Bhima stole the book of Vashikarna from his guru’s chamber. The shameful act of Bhima irked his guru who then cursed him to remain dumb. Bhima, realizing his grave mistake, worshipped Lord Kalahasti to free him from the curse. To his amazement, the Lord, pleased with his penance, appeared liberating him from the curse.

Story of Nila, the Brahmin women

Nila was a Brahmin woman who once insulted a hundred hermits who were observing a vow. As a consequence, she was cursed by them and started spending her days in dismay and confusion. As says the legend, the Brahmin women met sage Agasthya incidentally seance and on his suggestion prayed Lord Kalahasti and to get absolve from her past sins. Thereon, after an intense period of meditation and chanting, the Brahmin women attained salvation or moksha.

Srikalahasti Accommodations

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