Cherrapunji tourism and travel guide

Cherrapunji India
Best Session
October - September
Ideal Duration
Guwahati (120 Km)
Major Airports
Shillong (50 Km)
18.61 ° C
Weather Type


Cherrapunji, also called as Sohra locally is one of the wettest places on Earth. If you are someone who enjoys rain, then this is the place that can satiate your thirst to enjoy a majestic rainy season. A true bliss for nature lovers and adventure seekers, well renowned for its lush landscapes Cherrapunji is home to various tourists’ attraction and activities, making it a perfect vacation place for family, friends and partner. Let this snippet be your Cherrapunji Travel Guide to make your Cherrapunji Tour Packages selection easier and guide you to the incredible tour of Cherrapunji.

If you want to enjoy Cherrapunji to the fullest then you must plan to visit between October and May as the rainfall is relatively lower during this time and the weather is also pleasant. Here are some of the Top Places to Visit in Cherrapunji; Nohkalikai Falls, Mawsmai Cave, Mawkdok Dympep Valley and Living Root Bridges. Visit Nohkalikai Falls to witness the charm of the third-highest waterfall in India, falling from a height of 1100 feet, explore the limestone caves of Mawsmai Cave, known for their stalactites and stalagmites. Explore the bio-engineering of the Khasi and Jaintia Tribes who have trained tree roots to form natural bridges. Explore Mawkdok Dympep valley, on our way from Shillong to Cherrapunji, you come across this expansive, lush valley that appears quite striking against the backdrop of cool, cloudy skies. A great option for adventure seekers and nature lovers, the Mawkdok Dympep valley is a perfect place to take a quick break from your drive and just unwind amid nature’s lap. There are multiple eco parks available in Cherrapunji where you can spend some leisure time with your partner or family and enjoy the exotic view of Sylhet Plains of Bangladesh, so make sure to include these eco parks to your Meghalaya Tour Packages. Due to its pleasant weather throughout year Cherrapunji is a top pick for all kinds of travelers including backpackers, honeymooners and also for family trip. Make sure to include Cherrapunji in your Meghalaya Family Tour Packages or Meghalaya Honeymoon Packages to enjoy the exotic views of the nature with your loved ones.

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