Lansdowne Tour Packages

Are you looking for a destination where you can spend a peaceful vacation with your loved ones? If you are coming from the northern part of India, you don’t have to go far. Kiomoi welcomes you to spend your holidays in Lansdowne, a quaint little cantonment town.
Located in the district of Pauri Garhwal, in Uttarakhand, this tidy and picturesque hill station is one of those vacation spots where you can take a mental and physical break from the grind of the 9 to 6 office job. With its lovely setting of blue pine trees and Colonial-style architecture, Lansdowne holidays are ideal to enjoy a romantic getaway or a restful honeymoon. The atmosphere here is calming and incredibly romantic.
The place got its name from Lord Lansdowne, who was the viceroy of India between 1888-1894. A typical Lansdowne trip would allow you to embrace the beauty of silence amidst pristine natural landscape.
So, if you too are planning to book Lansdowne holiday packages, here’s all you should know to make it a memorable one.

Best Places to Visit During Lansdowne Travel

Bhulla Lake: Begin your Lansdowne tours by visiting the popular Bhulla Lake, a man-made lake surrounded by lush greenery and pine forests. Offering boating facilities and a well-maintained garden, Bhulla Lake is an ideal spot for picnics and leisurely strolls, adding a sense of beauty in calmness to your Lansdowne trip.
Tip-in-Top Point: A common feature for most hill station tours in India is a sunrise/sunset point. Lansdowne is not behind as well. Visit the Tip-in-Top Point on your Lansdowne holidays to soak in the breathtaking panoramic views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and the surrounding valleys, while capturing the surreal sunrise or sunset. It is one of the most recommended places to visit in Lansdowne for tourists of all ages. 
Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this ancient temple has a unique placement as it is located away from the main town, amidst dense Deodhar forests. You will be amazed by the undisturbed beauty of the temple and its surroundings which attracts devotees and nature lovers alike. This is place must definitely be a part of every Lansdowne vacation package. 
Darwan Singh Sangrahalaya: If you or any of your travel companions are history buffs and are keen in exploring and understanding the glorious past of Indian military, here’s one place that you should definitely be visiting on your Lansdowne trip. Darwan Singh Sangrahalaya is a museum honoring the valor and sacrifice of the Garhwali soldiers. Displaying a remarkable collection of artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia, this museum offers a glimpse into the brave tales of the Garhwali warriors.

Things to Do in Lansdowne

Experience Camping Under Starlit Sky: Add a flavor of sereneness to your Lansdowne holidays by setting up your camps under open skies and amidst nature. The availability of open green spaces makes it an ideal spot for setting up camps and indulging in a night of bonfires, good food and good vibes. On a clear night, stargazing is another opportunity that you can experience here. When you book your Lansdowne holiday packages, this is one experience you definitely want to have, since not many places offer such majestic setups.
Enjoy a Quiet Walk in Nature: Lansdowne is unlike your quintessential hill town with bustling streets and crowded markets. The place is largely about soaking in the peace and natural beauty all around. And one of the best ways to make the most of your Lansdowne tours is to embark on simple nature walks. Witness breathtaking vistas, encounter diverse flora and fauna, and rejuvenate your senses amidst the serene ambiance of the Himalayan foothills during your Lansdowne travel. 
Indulge in Adventure Activities: Attention all adventure enthusiasts! If you are getting worried that you might not be able to find adventure activities to do on your Lansdowne trip, you are in for a treat. Lansdowne tour packages offer several thrilling activities that adventure buffs can indulge into. From rock climbing and rappelling to river rafting, there’s a lot to experience.

Important Details About Lansdowne Holiday Packages

Best Time to Visit Lansdowne
The best time to plan your Lansdowne tours is during the months of March to November when the weather remains pleasant and conducive for outdoor activities.
Best Way to Reach Lansdowne
By Air: The nearest airport to Lansdowne is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, situated around 150kms away. Regular cabs/taxis as well as bus services are available from Dehradun to Lansdowne.
By Road: Lansdowne is well-connected by road networks, with regular bus services operated by state-run and private operators from neighboring cities like Delhi, Dehradun, and Haridwar.
By Rail: The nearest railway station to Lasndowne is Kotdwar, situated around 4okms away.

Best Places to Eat in Lansdowne
When it comes to finding recommended places to eat in Lansdowne, there are several options for different taste buds. However, for authentic Garhwali flavors, Mayur Restaurant is a must-visit, known for its hearty traditional meals. Tipsy Café, Fairydale Restaurant, Zayka, and Lans Café are some other well-known eateries to explore during your Lansdowne holidays. 

Best Places for Shopping in Lansdowne
For the best shopping experience in Lansdowne, head straight to the Gandhi Chowk, which is the main market area, offering a mix of shops selling clothing, accessories, and local snacks, perfect for leisurely shopping and street food indulgence. Lansdowne Market, is another popular place for shopping in Lansdowne where you can find souvenirs, handicrafts, woolens, and handmade jewelry, providing insight into the region's vibrant culture and craftsmanship.


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