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October - June
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Tezpur, Guwahati
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The Northeast is a beautiful part of India that has many attractive states and towns. The beautiful state of Arunachal Pradesh has an amazing lush green town  Bhalukpong on the bank of the River Jia Bhoroli(Khameng). Bhalukpong is not your everyday destination as it’s a place where the Himalayas brush the skies and the lush greenery of the forests seems to whisper ancient secrets. Bhalukpong is the home to the Aka, Miji and Monpa tribes as this town is a living museum of tribal heritage. Each of these tribes contributes some reason to making Bhalukpong an attractive destination because of its customs, languages and artistic expressions. The magical traditional dances such as the colorful Ponung of the Akas and the energetic Chham of the Monpas, these dances are not just performances but tell stories about their tribes through music and movement. The local taste of the place will blow your mind as it is influenced by tribal traditions and dishes like “Pasa”(a tangy fish soup), ‘“Marua”(millet-based dishes) and “Zan”(a dish made from millet and maize) these dishes are made with the special ingredients and cooking methods of Bhalukpong which are a Bamboo staple which add a unique aroma and crunch to these dishes. Don’t miss out on "Apong," the local rice beer, which is a must-try for its unique taste and cultural significance. The place is paradise for nature lovers as it is the gateway to the Pakke Tiger Reserve. The Kameng River which flows through Bhalukpong is not just a lifeline but also a canvas for adventure opportunities like rafting and angling. The area of Bhalukpong is famous for its medicinal plants, which are an important part of the local traditional medicine. The famous plants you can find here are bamboo groves and orchids. If you are an adventure seeker then trekking routes like the one to Tipi Orchidarium or the walk within the Tiger Pakke Reserve in Bhalukpong is a perfect blend of thrill for you and the adventure will be more exciting by having Kiomoi’s Bhalukpong Tour Packages.  In the end, this Bhalukpong Travel Guide will tell you that this is not just a place on the map; it’s a journey into the heart of nature and culture, a place where every step is a story waiting to be told about Bhalukpong Tourism. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, leave back your hustle and bustle life and enjoy a trip to Bhalukpong with Kiomoi’s Arunachal Pradesh Tour Packages and explore the magic of the northeast.


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