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The 77-year old Toy Train in Matheran is a sheer enchantment to take a ride on! The oldfangled Toy Train in Matheran is Matheran`s best bet that posits the visitors under the shady greens of the serene and unpolluted hill station of Maharashtra. It is from the window of the toy train that one can lap up bonnie of Matheran.

Matheran-Neral Toy Train is one of the four historic toy trains functioning in India since the age of Raj rule. This Matheran Toy Train runs from the Neral to Matheran wrapping up the journey of 20 km uphill. The Toy Train`s acclivity begins at a little further to Harder Hills followed by Jamnapatti station - where the scene appears to be of the horizon with road and rail almost come together. A 90-minutes to train journey is through the clump of visual delight, greenery and fresh air 2,636 ft above the ground. Winding its way through the zig-zag mountain creases the toy train at Matheran lets many charms and enchantment of the hill station. As the trains take up curls and curves amidst the valley, the scenery changes from grassy sides to shady to tree-blanketed hills. And, before you occupy your senses in the fast-changing reel of sceneries, the coming on and off the food vendors selling their range of snacks, the children who hop board the train - while it is still moving- tells you how slow-paced the train is. Interestingly, when the train passes through the horse-shoe embankment, located near Mount Barry, the picture grips the eyes because of its beatification leashed here. This route runs for another one mile before it merges into “one kiss tunnel” on the way. Thereafter, the train crosses the Panorama Point and the Simpson Tank to reach straight to the Matheran Bazaar.

Matheran also presents the delight of having a ride on four identical toy trains that ply on the same route. These are toy trains that are cozy, small trains with the capacity to adjust 100 people. However, a relatively comfortable journey can be booked in advance in the first-class apartments.

The Matheran Toy Train leaves Neral in the mornings at 7.30 a.m, 8.50 a.m. and 10.15 a.m. There`s also an afternoon departure at 5 pm. From Neral the train departs to Matheran at 7 am., 9.45 am, 1.40 pm., 2.45 pm. and 4.25 pm.

Kiomoi quick tips: The train timing is a subject to change and must be cross-checked with the railway sites/authorities. It is advisable to book the train in advance as the train fills up fast. The station code for Neral is NRL, and Matheran MAE. Keep in mind that there`s also a place near Mumbai called Nerul, so don`t get the two confused!

Toy Train Route - Neral - Hardar Hill - Jammapatti Station - Bhekra Station - Mount Barry- Panorama Point - Simpson Point - Matheran Bazaar.

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