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Gir Forest National Park is the only national park in India where lions may be seen in their herbal habitat after Africa. Gir's lion is an impressive animal. Gir is home to 40 species of mammals and 425 species of birds. We all understand that  Gir is the most susceptible herbal habitat for world-famous Asian lions. While Kiomoi’s package for Gir Wildlife Sanctuary gives you a unique possibility to view the uncommon Asian lion's herds in a magical natural world and particular Asian wild ass, hyena, gir giraffe, pygmy woodpecker, brown and other birds a hard to discover together with fish, owl and black dollar and many others, it's going to offer you with the best requirements of luxury, comfort and journey. Sasan Gir National Park is a revered flora and fauna sanctuary in India that has earned an outstanding reputation for classy holidaymakers, flora and fauna lovers, amongst photographers, nature enthusiasts, explorers and hunters. As the only vicinity to see Asian lions in India, it continues to attract many travellers from the world. You can have the experience of an entire life which is offered by Gir National Park Tour Packages of Kiomoi. 


Gir has ancient stories that it was a private hunting ground of the Nawabs and Junagadh. The alarming decline in the Asian lion population because of poaching and habitat loss brought about conservation efforts, especially in setting up reserves. Today, Gir is now not only the most reachable for lion conservation, and success but additionally celebrated for its status in the conservation of many species and conservation areas. From a population of approximately 20 lions in 1913, they have risen to a comfortable 523 according to the 2015 census. There are 106 male, 201 female and 213 sub-adult lions in the wilderness of these four districts.

Flora and Fauna 


Gir is a dry deciduous wooded area ruled by evergreen flora. The woodland is ruled through beneficial teak, and some rivers and streams, consisting of dhak, acacia and banyan timber, include tree species, consisting of dense areas.



Asian Lion: Gir's famous species, the Asian lion, which is slightly smaller than its African Lion. With a populace of 600 lions, Gir is the last stronghold of this endangered species.

Elephant: A remarkable hunter in Gir is the Lion, Elephants and lions coexist and are understood for their elusive nature.

Deer Species: Sambar, Chital (goal deer), and 4-horned deer are the various numerous deer species determined here.

Other mammals: Gir is home for deer, antelope, wild bear and Indian zebras, contributing to the production of many predators.


Gir is a birdwatcher’s paradise, home to more than 400 species. Notable species embody the hard-headed snake frog, the Indian parrot frog and the tiny florican, which is endangered. Habitats, from grasslands to riverbanks, manual thriving hen populations.


The sanctuary is domestic to an extensive variety of reptiles, in addition to the swamp crocodile, which thrives in the sanctuary's rivers and reservoirs. The wooded area moreover inhabits some snakes, along with the Indian cobra and the Russell snake. 

Gir National Park Safari

Types of Safaris:

Gir gives several safari options to cater for specific options which are given by Kiomoi in Gir National Park Safari:

Jeep Safari: The most popular option, the Jeep Safari, offers an exciting adventure over difficult terrain in an open 4x4 vehicle. Six people can ride in each vehicle.

Walking Safari: For those searching for a better revel in nature, Walking Safari gives guided walks alongside centred trails, allowing in addition exploration of wooded regions.

Canter Safaris: An exceptional car, Canter Safaris are appropriate for huge businesses and offer pinnacle-notch excursion spots for natural viewing.

Safari Zones:

The park is split into several safari zones, every with unique areas for sightseeing and learning. Some of the main places are as follows:

Gir Interpretation Zone: Also called Devlia Safari Park, this included region provides a properly controlled environment for checking out flora and fauna, as well as sightings of lions and other principal species.

Gir East Zone: Known for its dense forests and hilly regions, this district is good for spotting elephants and a wide form of birds.

Gir West Zone: Composed of open barren region trails, it offers astonishing viewing possibilities for herbivores and hunters alike.

Safari time:

Safaris are held two times  in the early morning and late afternoon  to coincide with times whilst the wildlife is at its height Typical safari instances are:

Morning Safari: 6:00 am - 9:00 am.

Evening Safari: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

Safari Etiquette and Tips

Booking in Advance: Given the recognition of Gir safaris, it's far in fact beneficial to ebook your safari well in advance through a professional website.

Dress Appropriately: Wear a neutral-coloured grab to mix in with the environment. Avoid colourful shades that would disturb flora and fauna.

Stay Quiet: Silence is important for flora and fauna sightings and making sure of a respectful nature for the animals.

Follow Guide Instructions: Always pay attention to your safari guard, which is well-versed in animal conduct and safety protocols.

Photography: Bring an incredible virtual digital camera with a zoom lens for taking photographs a ways flora and fauna. Avoid using flash, which might disturb animals.

Book Your Gir National Park Safari

How to make a booking

Gir National Park Safari Booking can be booked online via the real website of the Gujarat Forest Department or through authorized excursion operators. The process normally includes the subsequent steps.

Choose your zone: Choose your favoured safari vacation spot primarily based commonly on your interest in wildlife or particular landscapes.

Select the date and time: Select the desired time (morning or evening) for the day of your Safari.

Provide details: Enter the required personal details, including ID proof.

Make Payment: Complete the booking by making the necessary payment online.


Safari expenses vary depending on the form of vehicles chosen and whether it is a weekday or a weekend. Costs generally encompass transportation expenses, hand expenses and admission fees which can be suitable for the person. It’s crucial to check for bargain fees on professional websites or with a reserve agent.

Best Time to Visit Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

The exceptional time to go to Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is throughout the dry season from November to March. It is much more common to see plants and animals during this time because the weather is ideal and animals collect around water features. At some factor for the duration of the wet season (June to October), the park remains closed because of heavy rains and fear of flooding.


Gir Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is a jewel in India’s crown of conservation, offering a completely precise opportunity to peer the Asian massive lion and an extensive style of wildlife in their herbaceous habitat. Thanks to the non-compulsory safaris, nature wom of beauty and cultural gaining knowledge of Gir guarantees an unforgettable ride for nature enthusiasts and flora and fauna lovers.

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