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In the state of Rajasthan, Pushkar is a small town that is known for its vibrant culture, spiritual significance and the most popular Pushkar camel fair. This place has a rare combination of forest, hills, lakes and sand dunes. It is an enchanting and vibrant town that catches the attention with its rich cultural heritage and charm. Here, you can plan a visit only temple of Lord Brahma all over the world. So, if you are planning to discover the magic of this town, then you should book Pushkar tour packages in advance. This will help you avoid any kind of issue. 

Browse through our exclusive Pushkar city tour packages today that are affordable and come with great amenities. We bring to you a range of carefully selected travel packages with incredible deals. We always strive to make your trip intriguing and memorable. That’s why, our team members customized Pushkar holiday packages to meet the different tastes of travellers. 

By approaching us, you can embark upon a life-changing journey. To plan your dream vacation in Pushkar, just book your customized Pushkar city tour package with Kiomoi today!

 Best Pushkar Tour Packages 

We, at Kiomoi, are one of the leading travel companies that meet your budget easily. Below are some most popular Pushkar holiday packages offered by us: - 

Duration: 3 Nights/4 Days
Package Cost: 8800/-
Package Covers: Jaipur, Pushkar

Duration: 11 Nights/12 Days
Package Cost: 34500/-
Package Covers: Jaipur, Pushkar, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jojawar, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mandawa

Things to do in Pushkar | What’s Included in Bucket List 

If we talk about Pushkar, it is a culturally-rich town where you can visit to indulge in a lot of activities. Here, you will have a wonderful experience. Let’s check out what things you can do while on your Pushkar tour: - 
Pay Your Visit to Brahma Temple
In Pushkar, it is the most important temple of the creator God – Brahma. This temple is made of marble and stone stabs. The most distinguishing feature of the temple is the red-coloured shikara. It is a religious hotspot and has an architectural delight. Built on a high platform, it has multiple stairs that lead to the entrance. If you want to enjoy beautiful architecture, then you should include your visit to Brahma temple in your Pushkar vacation packages. 

Visit Pap Mochani Temple 
If you are planning a visit to Pushkar, then you should never forget to visit Pap Mochani temple. Being a small hill with Savitri temple on top, it offers an incredible view of the town. From here, you can watch the sunset. 

Savitri Temple 
In Pushkar, another famous temple is the Savitri temple. It is dedicated to Goddess Savitri – the wife of Lord Brahma. It is a true blend of natural beauty, spirituality, and history. Most devotees come here to enjoy panoramic views. Built-in the 18th century, this temple has a unique layout featuring nine spires that represent the Nine planets of the Zodiac system. 

Get a Thrilling Trekking Experience at Pushkar Lake 
For Hindus, it is a holy site that is mostly accessed for religious purposes. This water reservoir has 500 temples and 52 ghats. It is believed that people who take baths here during Kartika month, wash all of their sins. Being a beautiful site, it holds great religious significance in Hindu mythology and texts. Most devotees take a dip here for soul-cleansing and purity. 

Enjoy Camel Safari 
Take a camel safari to witness the beautiful vistas of the Aravalli Hills. It will take you around the majestic Rajasthan sand dunes. If you want to enjoy the great panorama of the sunset/sunrise, then you should book your desert safari package with Kiomoi. The town will take on an exciting ride with desert hamlets and arid topography. 

Go on the Pushkar Sightseeing Tour
If we talk about Pushkar, it has immense historical and religious importance. In your Pushkar sightseeing tour package, you can visit numerous iconic sites such as the Brahma temple, the Savitri temple and the Pushkar palace. 

Participate in Evening Aarti at Varaha Ghat 
By attending evening aarti at Varaha Ghat, you will have a wonderful experience. Here, you can hear the sound of ringing bells, see illuminated earthen lamps and hear holy chants. So, if you don’t want to miss this, you must include it in your Pushkar itinerary. 

Shopping in Local Markets
Whether you love shopping or collect souvenirs, Puskhar can be a great place for you. For shopping, you can visit sharafa market and sadar bazaar. From here, you can purchase puppets, home décor, textiles, Rajasthani souvenirs, camel leather products, Rajasthani jewelleries, bags, jootis and colourful dresses. While exploring the market, you should brush up your bargaining skills. 

To get detailed information about Pushkar city tour packages, simply give us a phone call or submit an online form today! 

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