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Where on one side, Kashmir Valley offers the “Meadow of Gold” in the form of Sonmarg, on the other side it also offers the “Meadow of Flowers” in the form of Gulmarg. 

An influential part of the popular tourism trio group including Sonmarg and Pahalgam, Gulmarg is arguably the most famous tourist destination in India for Skiing. Tucked away in the Pir Panjal Range, as a cup-shaped valley, Gulmarg comes across as a place specially handcrafted by the Gods. 

Surrounded with tall snow-capped mountains, verdant vegetation, tiny lakes, and an abundance of flowers, this stunning tourist spot in Kashmir is ideal for honeymooners, families, and fans of snow-based extreme sports.

Let’s get to understand this God-designed place a little bit more.

Places to Visit in Gulmarg

Here are just a few of these highly recommended places to visit in Gulmarg. 

St. Mary's Church
With the stunning mountains on one side and the well-known Gulmarg Golf Course surrounding it on three, the St. Mary’s Church is one of the most serene locations to explore in Gulmarg. Several affordable Gulmarg trips include a visit to this Victorian architecture built in 1902. The church is all the more charming and attracts visitors because it looks more like a little, charming country chapel than a traditional church. The church's wooden roofing and gray stone walls give the building a classic appearance that adds to its allure.

Kanchenjunga Museum
Originally designed as a High-Altitude Warfare School, the museum was established to honor the Indian Army's first summit of Kanchenjunga in 1997. You can find an array of modern military and climbing gear and equipment utilized by the Indian Army in the Himalayas at display at the Kanchenjunga Museum. One can also go through the displays of other successful mountain expeditions, such as the Everest trips from 2001, at the museum.  It is one of those locations in Gulmarg that draws a large number of tourists each day who have a great deal of respect for the nation's soldiers who defend the glacial regions from invading forces.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve
If you are an avid nature lover, then a visit to the famous Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is a must for you. A great option for a fun-filled family outing in Gumarg, this biosphere reserve is the home to a diverse flora and fauna, and functions as a haven for birdwatchers, trekkers, and those seeking a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take pictures of, both, common and unusual species present at this 180 sq km biosphere reserve. 

Alpather Lake
If you're up for a scenic trek, make your way to Alpather Lake. Located at the foot of Apharwat Peak, this pristine lake remains frozen for a significant part of the year, offering an otherworldly experience for those embarking on Gulmarg snow trekking adventures.

Strawberry Valley 
If you are interested in exploring the hidden gems of Gulmarg, then begin with a visit to the quintessential Strawberry Valley. The place is not a typical tourist destination and thus keeps you away from a crowded area one of the reasons for its untouched beauty. Surrounded by luscious green meadows and covered in a perfect elegance with bright blue skies overhead, a visit to Strawberry Valley is a captivating experience. You can simply stroll along and awe at the beauty of nature or just take a basket of food and enjoy a wonderful picnic with your loved ones. Of course, the ideal time to visit this elegant open field is during the summers as that’s the time when the fruits are in their “full-red” and ready to be harvested.

Things To Do in Gulmarg

Gondola Ride Gulmarg
Undoubtedly, the first thing all Gulmarg tour packages would highlight is a Gondola ride in Gulmarg. The cable car ride is divided into two halves during which it transports over 600 passengers every hour to and from Gulmarg's Apharwat Mountain; the hub of the city's winter activities. People can travel from Gulmarg Resort to Kongdoori Station (the midway station) using the Gulmarg Gondola's Phase 1 service. Phase 2 includes the ascend from Kongdoori Station to the Apharwat Peak. Adventure seekers can choose to hike to the summit of the mountain for an additional thirty minutes. The Pir Panjal range, Nanda Devi, and the LOC are all magnificently visible from the Gulmarg Gondola. You have to do Gondola ride booking in advance as it is very popular activity to do in Gulmarg and every tourist want to ride it.

Experience Skiing in Gulmarg
How can you not indulge in an activity which is the main highlight of a place? It’s like going to a Chinese restaurant and not ordering Chinese food. Gulmarg is the most popular skiing destination in India and every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world book Gulmarg skiing tours to enjoy this exciting winter sport in Kashmir valley. 

Tee Off at the Gulmarg Golf Course
Not a professional golfer? Never held a golf club in your hands? No worries! You don’t have to be a “Tiger Woods” to visit this iconic golf course in Gulmarg. Entitled as one of the world's highest green golf courses, this destination is a must-see as a part of your affordable Gulmarg trips. Established by Sir Neville Chamberlain during the British Empire, the 18-hole golf course is surrounded by snow-capped peaks offering a picturesque setting while enjoying a round of golf amidst the breathtaking Himalayan scenery.

Explore Khilanmarg Valley
A valley amid a valley! Yes, that’s precisely what Khilanmarg is. A ‘miniature’ valley of its own, Khilanmarg is a tiny hamlet situated at 2000ft. above sea level. A 6 km hike from Gulmarg's main town takes you to this cozy little valley which offers some magnificent views of the mighty Himalayas and some of its highest peaks surrounding it. You can either hire a pony to get you here or walk the entire distance from Gulmarg. . In addition to its breathtaking natural beauty, Khilanmarg has a wealth of adventure sports activities. The valley is stunning in the summertime when it is blanketed with gorgeous species of vivid flowers that bloom around this time and fill the whole area with vivid hues. 

Affordable Gulmarg Trips  

To ensure your travel is seamless and memorable, consider these invaluable tips:
Best Time to Visit Gulmarg
Plan your visit during the spring (April to June) or autumn (September to November) seasons to experience pleasant weather and witness the blooming gardens. 

Strictly Follow the Cultural Ethics
Gulmarg is a small valley, and the locals here abide by their age-old traditions and way of living. So, it is imperative that as a tourist you respect the local sentiments by following local customs and adhere to responsible tourism.

Pack Smartly
It is needless to say that, being a valley region, you should expect colder days during our stay in Gulmarg. Also, a lot of walking might be a part of your Gulmarg travel itinerary. So, packing warm clothes and comfortable walking shoes are essential. 

Pick the Accommodation Options Wisely
When you book your Gulmarg tour packages with Kiomoi, be rest assured to have a series of accommodation options at your disposal. From cozy guesthouses to luxury hotels, you can find a stay that suits your preferences. 

Know About the Local Languages
While English is widely understood, learning a few basic phrases in Kashmiri, the local language, can enhance your interactions with the locals. It's a gesture appreciated by the community and adds a personal touch to your experience.

Be Wary of Safety and Scams
Gulmarg is generally considered safe for tourists. However, like any destination, it's wise to stay alert. Avoid isolated areas after dark, secure your belongings, and be cautious of touts. 

Book in Advance
To ensure a hassle-free and budget-friendly trip, consider booking Gulmarg tour packages in advance. 

Engage in Local Activities
Participate in affordable or free local activities, such as exploring markets, attending cultural performances, and taking part in traditional workshops. 

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    What is Gulmarg known for?

    Gulmarg is renowned for its picturesque beauty and is often referred to as the "Meadow of Flowers." It's a popular hill station and ski resort located in the Indian-administered union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The town is famous for its stunning landscapes, lush meadows, and the world's second-highest-operating cable car, the Gulmarg Gondola Kathmandu: Explore the capital city's historical sites and vibrant culture. Pokhara: Enjoy the serene beauty of its lakes and breathtaking mountain views. Chitwan: Experience wildlife and nature at Chitwan National Park. Lumbini: Visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Annapurna Region: Trek through stunning landscapes and experience the Himalayas up close.

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