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Bikaner is a beautiful small town in Rajasthan that is a heaven and cultural paradise for travellers. This city is known for stunning golden sand dunes, great Rajputana architecture, and old-world architecture. It is the main trade centre for wool, grain and building stones. Also, the city is most popular for blankets, carpets, shawls, and also, candies. Here, you can find numerous fascinating places where you can visit to experience architectural splendour, vibrant culture, and rich history. 

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Top Reasons to Choose Bikaner Holiday Packages

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Highly Recommended Bikaner Tour Packages 

1. Royal Rajasthan
Duration: 7 Nights/8 Days
Package cost: 18400/-
Package covers: Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur

2. Rajasthan Fort and Palaces 
Duration: 11 Nights/12 Days
Package cost: 34500/- 
Package covers: Jaipur, Pushkar, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jojwar, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mandawa 

Things to do in Bikaner - What’s Included in Bikaner Tour Package

Visit Junagarh Fort
In Bikaner, the Junagarh Fort is a beautiful structure that grabs the attention of a large number of tourists. This fort is initially called Chintamani Mahal with impeccable structure. Inside the fort, there are balconies, gardens, kiosks, and palaces having a composite architectural style. Being the part of Bikaner tourism packages, this can be a must-visit destination for both architecture as well as history enthusiasts. It is built in the 16th century and showcases a blend of Mughal and Rajput styles. 

Attend Camel Festival in Bikaner
The camel festival in Bikaner is a great celebration which is held in Jan month every year. This festival holds the cultural and historical significance of camels in the region. If we talk about this lively event, it includes traditional folk dances, camel parades and competitions such as beauty pageants and camel races. The city holds this festival in the honor of the Camel - ‘Ship of the Desert’. During the event, you can indulge in numerous activities like great camel performances, for instance, neck-shaking camel rides, camel races, camel dances, and more. If you are planning to visit Bikaner during Jan month, then you should be part of camel festival. Check Bikaner vacation packages and make your trip hassle-free.

Shopping at Kote Gate 
For a shopaholic person, visiting Kote Gate is considered as the best option. From here, you can purchase Khadi industry articles, miniature paintings, buffed camel hide articles, and wood carvings. You may find numerous high-end shops and handlooms in the market. If you are good at bargaining, then you can visit smaller shops and street stalls. Pick Bikaner holiday package and indulge yourself in street shopping. Either buy the famous Bikaner bhujia or rasgullas from here. 

Plan a visit to Skybird Water Park
The most popular attraction in Bikaner is Skybird Water Park. No matter, who you are a tourist or a local, you will have a great entertainment in the park. It is a perfect place for both fun-loving couples and newlyweds people. This park is open all 7 days from 9 AM morning to 8 PM evening. The best part is that there is no entry fee. In Bikaner, the venue features numerous abundant vegetation and expansive gardens in all directions. It is a great destination for having picnic, places to dine, enjoy amusement rides and spend quality time with friends and family. 

Karni Mata Temple
The Karni Mata Temple, also referred as Rat Temple or Nari Mata Temple, is an extraordinary temple which is situated at Deshnok. Being a 600-year ole temple, it is home to a large number of rats. While choosing Bikaner travel packages, you should make sure that you include your Karni Mata Temple visit in your itinerary. Here, you will have a unique experience during your trip. This temple is dedicated to Karni Mata who is the symbol of protector, non-violence and peaceful coexistence. 

Lalgarh Palace
In Rajasthan, Lalgarh Palace is a heritage hotel and palace which is built between 1902 and 1926 for Maharaja Sir Ganga Singh. This palace is most popular for its grand indo-saracenic architecture and most intricate stone carving on red stone. Presently, it has the Laxmi Niwas Palace, The Lallgarh Palace Hotel, private home of the Bikaner royal family, and The Shri Sadul Museum. If we talk about the complex, it was designed by Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob – the British Architect. 

National Research Centre On Camel 
National Research Centre On Camel is the main attraction in Bikaner where different breeds of camels are studied. It is the perfect place to enjoy ice-creams and beverages made of camel milk. Also known as Camel Breeding Farm, this centre was established in the year 1984 by the Government of India. Inside the center, there is also a souvenir shop. If you are considering visiting this centre during your next holidays, then you can enjoy camel safari and camel riding during your trip. 

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What are the top attractions to explore in Bikaner?

Bikaner, a city with a rich history and vibrant culture, offers a range of attractions for every traveler. The top attractions you should explore in Bikaner include: Junagarh Fort: A formidable fort renowned for its exquisite architecture, intricate carvings, and well-preserved interiors. Karni Mata Temple: Known as the "Rat Temple," it is home to thousands of rats that are considered sacred and protected. Camel Breeding Farm: A unique attraction dedicated to breeding and research on the remarkable desert-adapted camels. Important information: Junagarh Fort boasts intricate carvings and interiors. Karni Mata Temple is famous for its sacred rats. Camel Breeding Farm is dedicated to desert camel breeding.

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