India's Top 10 Places for Fruit Orchards

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Nagpur - Oranges
Nagpur is synonymous with Oranges. In the Nagpur district alone Orange is cultivated in 20,965 hectares area, while in total Vidharva region 80,000 hectares are under Orange cultivation. There are 2 seasons of Oranges, Ambiya and Mrig with the Oranges of Mrig season being bigger and sweeter.

Ratnagiri -Alphonso Mangoes
Ratnagiri region of Maharashtra boasts of some finest orchards that produce Alphonso, the king of all Mangoes. The fertile alluvial soil of Ratnagiri produces succulent and incredibly sweet Mangoes also known as Hapusor. During the season the markets of Ratnagiri are full of this wonderful fruit.

Nasik - Grapes & Wine 
Nashik is known all over as the grape orchard of the country. The relatively cooler climate of Nasik is perfect for the cultivation of quality Grapes. Grape cultivation began in Nashik as early as in the 14th century. The seedless variety of Nashik is very famous in India and abroad.

Mahabaleshwar - Strawberry
Mahabaleshwar an acclaimed hill station is also the Strawberry capital of India. Visitors are greeted with numerous Strawberry farms across the town. The main season is May-June for the Strawberries to ripen. Tourists can visit the farms to have a look at the farm-fresh berries and pluck the tender fruit from the bushes.

Jalgaon - Bananas
Jalgaon district lying in north Maharashtra has earned the reputation of the "Banana Capital of India". Jalgaon contributes to more than 16% of India`s total Banana production. The district has 48000 hectares of land under the Banana plantation. The sweet Basrai variant is very popular in the domestic market.

Bordi- Dahanu - Chiku Orchards
Just 145 km from Mumbai at Bordi-Dahanu there is a multitude of Chiku farms dotting the landscape. Dahanu has been home to a large number of Chikoo farmers for a long number of years. A trip to the Chiku plantations is a great way to get close to nature.

Goa - Cashew Nuts
During the season the hills and vales of Goa are aromatic with the sweet smell of the ripening cashew apples. The Goan cashew nuts fetch a premium price due to its excellent quality. Also, from Cashew apples comes Fenny, synonymous with Goan culture.

Allahabad - Guavas
Guavas cultivated in the orchards of Allahabad, the city of Triveni Sangam enjoys a heavy demand due to their delicious taste. At least seven varieties of Guavas are famous, of which Allahabadi Safeda and Surkha are outstanding in taste, shape, size, and color.

Kotgarh Shimla - Apples
Kotgarh, the land of Apples is located 82 km from Shimla. It is here that the apple revolution of Himachal made a start with an American missionary planting the first seeds. The sight of Apple trees with the unripe fruit dangling soothes the eyes of visitors. The delicious and juicy red Apples are popular the world over.

Siliguri - Pineapples
The district of Siliguri on the Himalayan foothills is a traditional Pineapple growing zone. Bidhannagar, located around 45 kilometers from Siliguri, is famous for its juicy Pineapples. Pineapples from here are popular all over India besides being exported to Nepal and Bhutan also.

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