Thekkady Tour Packages

Have you dreamt of witnessing tigers in their natural habitat? Thekkady tour packages will take you to Thekkady, located in the lap of Kerala’s Western Ghats, which is just your dream come true place. This place is a paradise for wildlife lovers and is home to Periyar National Park. It is India’s first tiger reserve. But Thekkady’s charm extends far beyond spotting majestic tigers.
Enjoy cruising on a boat through the serene Periyar Lake which is surrounded by lush greenery that is on your Thekkady Tour Package by Kiomoi. Kerala Tour Packages which often include visits to the spicy plantation that offers you a glimpse into the amazing soul of Kerala. Thekkady is a place for all the adventure seekers who can explore the thrilling treks, while nature lovers can soak in the peace of waterfalls.
If you’re looking to involve yourself in the peacefulness of the hills, want to explore the spice gardens or just simply want to relax this place gives something for everyone. So, pack your bags and enjoy the journey that promises you to discover the world of verdant beauty and amazing wildlife of God’s Own Country.

Places To Visit On Thekkady Tour

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: An ought-to-pass in Thekkady is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary offers fair plant and animal and rich views. With Thekkady Tour Packages you may discover its wealthy biodiversity together with elephants and tigers. opt for the Thekkady drive to love gravy boat rides along Periyar Lake and led jungle treks. Thekkady ensures an immersive journey into nature splendour.

Spice Plantations: Thekkady spice plantations are well known for their sweet spices and beautiful grandeur. Choose a Thekkady package deal that consists of a pass-to to those plantations to have a look at the cultivation of cardamom pepper and vanilla. A Thekkady trip here provides a sensory experience and insight into Kerala’s spice heritage, making it an enriching part of your Thekkady tour.

Elephant Junction: Elephant Junction is a tremendous destination for elephants. There forecasts presenting particular studies like elephant rides and interactions. thekkady go Uses often admit amp call to this draw where you get a bath and eat elephants. A Thekkady journey to Elephant Junction ensures memorable encounters with those majestic creatures making it a spotlight of any Thekkady Packages.

Chellarkovil Viewpoint: For exciting broad views run to the chellarkovil, inch Thekkady landscape painting. Thekkady Holiday Packages frequently spots which offer awesome perspectives of cascading waterfalls and luxurious encounter valleys. Enjoy a serene Thekkady trip here for an unforgettable sightseeing experience and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region.

Kadathanadan Kalari Centre: Encounter conventional Kalaripayattu martial arts at the Kadathanadan Kalari Centre. This social invoke is often blanketed in Thekkady go packages showcasing past fight techniques and effectiveness. A go-to here during your Thekkady ride gives a deep dive into Kerala's martial background and provides a unique cultural dimension for your Thekkady adventure.

Things To Do on Thekkady Trip

Explore Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: Dive chance with Thekkady cross programs that bid-led safaris in Periyar flora and fauna sanctuary. Spot elephants tigers and unique birds at the same time as cruising on the serene Periyar Lake. This exciting wreck of numerous thekkady journey itineraries lets you steep yourself in the rich verdure and special flora and fauna of this stable discipline devised for companions in nursing continual ThekkadyTour.

Visit Spice Plantations: Improve your Thekkady Trip by way of travelling to nearby spice plantations. Thekkady move applications tons admit led walks accomplished these redolent estates in which you get study round cardamon pelt and special spices. Discover the cultivation method and enjoy fresh spices and advantages. Understanding of the place’s  agricultural history. It’s a receptive get that provides profundity on your Thekkady Trip.

Enjoy Bamboo Rafting: Encounter the thrill of bamboo rafting at the tranquil waters of Periyar Lake with Thekkady tour packages. This hazard enclosed in numerous Thekkady travel alternatives allows you to slide executed beautiful landscapes spell Findion flora and fauna. The combination of serenity and pleasure makes this hobby a highlight of any Thekkady tour imparting a unique perspective of the natural splendor around you.

Take part in social display: Thekkady Tour Packages witnessing traditional kathakali or kalaripayattu operation. Many Thekkady excursion packages Characteristic cultural suggests that showcase nearby art paperwork. This vivacious effectiveness complete with blue costumes and Complicated dancing actions bid partner in nursing an immersive glance into Kerala's sturdy social inheritance devising your Thekkady travel both informative and wonderful.

Trek to Chellarkovil Viewpoint:  Add a sprint of a journey in your Thekkady trip via hiking to the lovely Chellarkovil Viewpoint. This trek a great deal highlighted inch thekkady go applications rewards you with extensive views of the state ghats and aloof waterfalls. The trek offers each a bodily undertaking and a visible ceremonial dinner making it a memorable part of your Thekkady tour and a great way to realize the place's natural splendor.

Best Time For Thekkady Tour

Thekkady is a beautiful destination in Kerala that offers a unique experience throughout the year. Choosing the best time to visit Thekkady depends on what you’re looking for in your Thekkady tour.

Summers (March to May) may be quite hot, with temperatures attaining 36°C. However, it's miles absolutely the quality time for folks who are interested in the natural global to go to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy boating at the Periyar Lake. During this era, all Thekkadi Trips tend to include visits to spice plantations and provide loads of trekking activities.

Monsoon (June to September) brings lush green colourings and gives a sparkling look to the panorama. At some factor during the monsoon season, Thekkady villas highlight the natural beauty of the region and provide a refreshing respite. While heavy rains may also position a forestall to a few outdoor sports activities, it’s a great time for nature fans to enjoy the serene beauty of Thekkady.

Winter (October to February) is a famous season for Thekkady treks. Beautiful weather with temperatures starting from 15°C to 25°C makes the area ideal for tourism, together with hiking, flora and fauna safari, spice Thekkady trek and Thekkady Tour Packages throughout iciness someday in itinerary ever going similarly showing the importance of this interesting destination.

How To Reach Thekkady

To reach Thekkady you could choose from several tour alternatives:

By Road: It passes through Thekkady roads and connects properly. When you opt for a Thekkady tour package deal, it usually consists of tours from major cities like Kochi and Bangalore. The visual electricity in the green landscapes makes the adventure exciting. Private taxis or buses are also available for Thekkady trip, which gives flexibility and comfort.

By Train: There is no instantaneous railway station in Thekkady but you can reach nearby stations together with Kottayam and Madurai. Thekkady tour, the bundle deal includes normal train offerings at this station, along with an outdoor trip to Thekkady. Taxis or buses from Kottayam or Madurai can complete the adventure at your holiday destination.

By Flight: The nearest airport to Thekkady is Kochi (Cochin International Airport). Many Thekkady packages include flights to Kochi. You can hire a taxi or take a bus from the airport to Thekkady. The flight choice is perfect if you're looking for a quick trip to start your Thekkady experience and experience the beautiful hill station.

Quality Choose the mode that fits you without difficulty and get a Theakkady trip package to consider!


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