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Kiomoi welcomes you to Nathang Valley, also called Gnathang Valley located in the Pakyong District of East Sikkim of India. At an elevation of approx. 13,000 feet above sea level is a scintillating offbeat destination that is known for its scenic views, numerous vantage points and craggy terrains.
Embraced by the Tibetan culture Nathang Valley is also culturally rich. Whether you are a solo traveler, nature lover, photographer, backpacker or a newly wed couple looking for a Honeymoon destination, Nathang Valley have a story, adventure for everyone.

It is clear that the beauty this place has to offer is beyond words to explain but Nathang valley also have quite an interesting history. In 1888, Anglo-Tibetan war took place in Nathang Valley called as Battle of Nathang. Doklam plateau that is a significant vantage point for India is at a distance of about 35 kms is clearly visible from here. Keeping the history and its significance aside now let’s delve deeper into this beautiful valley.

Nathang Valley is surrounded by the snow-capped mountains and is famous among trek lovers for its rugged terrain and the panoramic views of the whole landscape makes it ecstatic and calming at the same time. If you want to feel the mother nature’s coziness and have an amazing trekking experience then you must book yourself a Nathang tour package. Experiences offered by this amazing place will give you everlasting memories. Nathang town located in the Eastern Himalayas is one of the remotest Tibetan Residences.

Let this page be your mentor for Nathang Valley tour and make it an amazing experience for you. So, without any further ado let’s embark on an astounding journey.

Make sure to add these places to your Nathang Valley tour to make it memorable:

Eagle’s Nest Bunker
As amazing as it sounds, this bunker is situated at an elevation of 13,700 feet. It is an abandoned Army Bunker that gives an unhindered 360 degree view of the Eastern Himalayas including Western Bhutan, Tibetan Plateau, China, Brahmaputra River and towns like Darjeeling. The Eagle’s Nest Bunker provides you an amazing view of sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjunga from the horizon of China and Bhutan, the whole phenomenon is just exhilarating.

Zuluk Loop
If you were searching Nathang Valley Silk route Sikkim or Sikkim Tour Packages you must have encountered an image of hairpin bend route with sharp turns. Well, rest assured you have already seen the pictorial beauty of the Zuluk Loop, having about 30 hairpin bends a stunning road leading towards Zuluk Village. The scenic views and the thrill while covering this beautiful route isutterly exhilarating! This place perfectly fits the song line “Safar khoobsurathai Manzil se bhi”. You can also visit Thambi Viewpoint to get the best view of this famous road.

Ganek, the dawn point in Zuluk offers the magnificent view of the dawn over majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga. The golden light of dawn touching the snow-capped mountains gives a blissful view and a feeling of warmth. Make sure to include this place in your itinerary if you are looking for Sikkim Honeymoon Packages.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains a serene viewpoint from where you can enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the Himalayan Beauty. Gyamochen offers you the placid view of the landscape and the craggy terrain.

Lungthang is a viewpoint that offers the amazing panoramic view of the majestic Himalayas. This picturesque spot offers you the bird’s eye view of Lampokhri Lake (Green emerald) and the Mt. Kanchenjunga offering an isolated and tranquil environment makes it a must visit place, offering peace and extraordinary panoramic landscape. 

Old Baba Mandir
A revered temple made to commemorate an Indian Army Soldier, it has a fascinating back story related to Baba Harbhajan Singh who lost his life in 1962 during Indo-China war near Nathula Pass. Even after his death soldiers believe that he still serves the Indian Army, appearing in the dreams of soldiers and revealing the enemy’s plan. Along with soldiers tourists also visit this place to seek blessing and protection.

Elephant Lake
At a high altitude of about 14,000 feet the gleaming dark blue Elephant Lake is a serene and peaceful place between the snow cladded mountains. Being a lake in the shape of an elephant amidst the snow-capped Himalayas make it quite interesting as many photographers have shown their creativity by capturing photographs incorporating fog that makes it look like an elephant is blowing water. The charisma of this place can’t be described in words.

Things to Do in Nathang Valley 

Here is a list of things to do in Nathang Valley:

Try Homestays
Want to experience the local culture and hospitality to its fullest then you must try homestays. It provides you with the exposure to the locals’ lifestyle, customs and traditions by staying with them in their homes and you also gets to enjoy the homemade local dishes. Locals can also provide you with tips and places to visit, the local of Sikkim are the true Sikkim Travel Guide you can find.

If you have not tried homestays then you must try it as it could make your trip more economic and also provides you with the culture rich experience for your Nathang valley tour.

Watch the Sunrise at Ganek and Lungthang
Both Ganek and Lungthang provides spectacular views of sunrise. While Lungthang provides a panoramic view of the Himalayan range and winding roads of Zuluk, Ganek makes you witness the first light of the sun falling on the beautiful landscape of the Himalayan range while being surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Both the viewpoints have different perspective and can make watching the Sunrise an everlasting memory

Trekking and Sightseeing
Trekking is the best way for adventurers to seek thrill and to explore a new place with the perspective of an explorer. The rugged terrain of Nathang Valley offers an amazing trekking experience to various viewpoints and locations along with the ethereal beauty and panoramic views.

Whether you want to go backpacking or want to travel with your companion or family, Nathang Valley have an exquisite experience for everyone. You can book one of the Nathang valley Family Tour Packages to ensure an easy and safe travel with your family.

Due to its proximity with the Indo-China border make sure to check beforehand for the places that require a permit to visit and ensure to pack your bags wisely with all the essentials. Also make sure to check the weather conditions before starting your trip.

Enjoy your visit to Nathang Valley!

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