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India has a wide variety of diversity. You may experience everything here in Ladakh, from the lakes to the majestic Himalayan ranges, from huge deserts to luscious green forests. And it's hard to overlook Ladakh when it involves tourism. Ladakh, often known as the region of high peaks, is home to several breathtaking locations.

Everyone's ideal holiday includes mountain ranges, beaches, lakes and magnificent skies with plenty of mouthwatering foods. Leh Ladakh is indeed the greatest destination to go to if you're yearning for and dreaming of a similar holiday.

Leh Ladakh has it all, from rugged mountain ranges to picturesque valleys, stunning lakes, clear skies, and plenty of adventure. Yet because this location is so unique, you will require at least 8 to 10 days to really explore the picturesque hills and make the most out of your holiday. Located on the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, far from the tropical paradise. Book Ladakh tour package and visit Leh Ladakh will nourish your soul with the refreshing pure air which is far away from pollution.

Neolithic tales, when man first appeared on earth, are depicted on the cave walls of Ladakh. Years later, the Puranas, the oldest collection of Indian religious texts, refer to the local population. Such has been this land's history.

Ladakh is close to Tibet and was formerly primarily Buddhist before capitulating to Islam following numerous Islamic invasions. Although being close by, it has maintained its unique geography and developed customs and practices that are unique to this area. This region of the country has consistently maintained its sovereignty and built its reputation as an independent nation despite several kings and invaders.

Due to China and Pakistan's continued pressure on the Indian subcontinent after independence, there is a significant Indian army presence in the area today to prevent border standoffs and conflicts.

One of the major sources of income for the state of Jammu and Kashmir comes from tourism in Ladakh. The biggest cities in Ladakh are Leh and Kargil. Shia Muslims make up about half of Ladakh's population, with Tibetan Buddhists following closely behind.

The Indus Valley is said to be the home to the Ladakhi heartland. Compared to other areas, this one has a larger population, and because of the fertile soil, agriculture is the main industry.

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