Chennai Travel Packages 

Kiomoi welcomes you to the southern most capital city in India, Chennai. Formerly known as Madras, this capital of Tamil Nadu state boasts of a sprawling coastline of the Bay of Bengal.

As you consider your travel options, our Chennai tour packages emerge as a gateway to a tailored adventure. These customized Chennai tours ensure that exploring this vibrant city is not just a visit but an immersive experience. 

Today, Chennai may be one of the top five largest cities in the country and advancing rapidly, but the city also has centuries of rich heritage. 
So, pack your bags, choose from the myriad Chennai tour packages, and get ready to unlock the secrets of a city that seamlessly combines tradition and modernity. 

Best Places to Visit in Chennai

Chennai is a paradise for travellers from across the globe. When you set out to explore Chennai through our specially curated Chennai travel packages, you get to witness the grandeur of this place. 
Here are some of the highly recommended places to visit when travelling in Chennai. 

Marina Beach
Undoubtedly, the most commonly recommended place to visit in Chennai is Marina Beach. It can easily be considered the crown jewel of the city, offering a picturesque coastline perfect for a leisurely stroll or a relaxing day in the sun. Your Chennai tour packages are not complete without a visit to this place. 

Kapaleeswarar Temple
This is an ancient Dravidian-style temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, that attracts visitors with its intricate architecture and vibrant rituals. Chennai travel packages often feature this cultural gem, providing a glimpse into the city's rich religious heritage.

Fort St. George
A living testament of architectural nuances during the British era, Fort St. George will take you back into Chennai's colonial history. This well-preserved structure, included in many customized Chennai tours, houses a museum showcasing artefacts from the British era. 

Elliot's Beach
While Marina beach is definitely a recommended place to visit in Chennai, it is not the only beach you can go to. Having a nearly 2kms long coast line gives a lot of beach in the city. Elliot’s beach is one such hidden gem away from the bustling crowds. With its tranquil atmosphere and charming eateries, it's an ideal spot to unwind.

MGR Film City
Movies are a quintessential part of India’s lifestyle and culture, and the Tamil film industry is an essential part of it. MGR Film City, is a cinematic paradise that allows visitors to explore film sets, studios, and even try their hand at acting. 

Santhome Basilica
This Roman Catholic cathedral holds a significant place in Chennai's religious framework. Santhome Basilica, built over the tomb of St. Thomas, offers a serene space for prayer and reflection. Many Chennai tour packages include a visit to this historical site.

Thousand Lights Mosque
Adding to the many pious destinations to explore Chennai’s religious landscape is the Thousand Lights Mosque. Known for its stunning architecture and the tranquil atmosphere within, this mosque welcomes visitors of all faiths. 

Recommended Things to Do in Chennai

When you pick any of the Customised Chennai tours, there will be certain highly recommended things to do on your visit.  Make sure your Chennai travel packages have, if not all, these activities that you can experience:

Boat Ride in Pulicat Lake
Make sure the Chennai tour packages you are exploring give you this experience for sure. A scenic boat ride at one of the largest brackish lagoons in India; the Pulicat Lake. 

Food Trail in Mylapore
When you set out to explore Chennai and its divine trails, another thing that you will get to experience is a total gastronomic delight. Our customized Chennai tours will guide you to experience local eateries to savour authentic South Indian dishes, street snacks, and aromatic filter coffee. 

Cycling Tour of Mahabalipuram
The fact that Mahabalipuram is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is just one of the many reasons to visit this place. And when you get to visit this iconic city on a cycling tour, a popular activity included in many Chennai travel packages, it’s an experience of a lifetime. 

Surfing at Covelong Point
Also known as Kovalam, Covelong is a tiny fishing village 40kms south of main Chennai town. Many Chennai tour packages offer you to ride the waves along the pristine beaches of the Bay of Bengal.

Tips for Making the Best of Your Chennai Tour Packages

1. Best Time to Visit Chennai
The best time to visit Chennai is during the winter months, which extend from November to February. This period is characterized by milder temperatures, lower humidity levels, and a more comfortable climate overall.

2. Respect Local Customs and Traditions
Familiarize yourself with local customs and traditions, especially when visiting religious sites. Dress modestly and remove your footwear where required.

3. Try Local Cuisine
The South Indian cuisine is globally recognised and has a range of delectable dishes.  Don't miss trying local delicacies like dosa, idli, and filter coffee from authentic eateries.

4.Stay Hydrated
Chennai is known to have a warm and highly humid climate. So, it is highly advised to carry a water bottle to stay hydrated, especially if you're exploring outdoor attractions. 

5. Use Local Transportation
The best way to know a place is to explore it using local transport. The same goes for exploring Chennai. Opt for local transportation like auto-rickshaws or the Chennai Metro to navigate the city. 

6. Learn Basic Tamil Phrases
Learn a few basic Tamil phrases. Locals appreciate the effort, and it can go a long way in making your interactions more enjoyable.

7. Do Not Litter or Pollute Public Spaces
Irrespective of the place you visit, it is always advised to keep your surroundings clean. Dispose of your waste responsibly to contribute to the cleanliness of the city.


1. How to Reach Chennai?

Chennai is a metropolitan city and is well connected to other major cities in India and globally. You can choose to reach the city by:
By Air: Chennai International Airport (MAA) is well-connected globally. 
By Road: Chennai has an extensive road network with well-maintained highways. 
By Rail: Chennai is a major railway hub with well-connected train services. Travellers can reach Chennai Central or Chennai Egmore.

2. Are There Adventure Activities in Chennai?

Being a coastal city is one big enough sign for adventure enthusiasts to expect a roller coaster travel experience when setting out to explore Chennai. 

3. What Cultural Experiences Can I Have in Chennai?

Engage in art and craft workshops at DakshinaChitra to delve into the region's cultural heritage. Check if such experiences are included in Chennai tour packages for a hands-on exploration of traditional crafts.

4. Is Bargaining Common in Chennai Markets?

Yes, bargaining is common in Chennai's flea markets. Visitors can negotiate prices with street vendors for souvenirs and local crafts. 

5. Can I Customize My Chennai Travel Packages?

Absolutely! Kiomoi offers a range of highly customized Chennai tours to cater to individual preferences. Travelers can personalize their itineraries to include specific attractions, activities, and experiences.


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