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Kiomoi welcomes you to the beautiful part of the Kumaon region in the state of Uttarakhand; Almora. Known for its blend of natural grandeur and historical charm, Almora is one of the highly recommended destinations for summer vacations in India. 

The town’s close proximity to some of the most beautiful trekking trails and religious destinations such as Nanda Devi and Jageshwar, makes it a hotspot among local as well as overseas travellers. 

Kiomoi helps you experience the best Almora tours through a wide range of customized Almora tour packages, that cater to travellers of all kinds. 

Once you visit the place, you get to understand the buzz behind this hill town. From its vibrant markets that are lined with local handicraft shops to the ancient temples that echo with spirituality, every nook and corner of Almora is worth exploring. 

So why wait? Plan your affordable Almora trips with Kiomoi today. Connect with us to learn more. 

Best Places to Visit in Almora

There are a number of places to visit in Almora that offer a unique travel experience in their own ways. Here are just a few of these highly recommended places to visit in Almora. 

Kasar Devi Temple 
It is said that Swami Vivekanand stayed and meditated at the Kasar Devi temple during his visit to Almora. This is one of the many prominent reasons for this temple to have a special place in the local culture of Almora. The temple arena hosts a religious fair in the village it is located in every year. 

Zero Point
Undoubtedly, one of the best places to visit in Almora is the Zero Point. Located in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary as its highest point, one can relish the mesmerizing views of several mountain peaks from Zero Point including the Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, and Shivling. The best time to visit Almora to experience this natural beauty is during the summer months of April to September.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary
A paradise for all nature enthusiasts who plan to avail of Almora vacation deals, the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary offers a diverse flora and fauna. Take an exquisite wildlife safari to encounter exotic species, including leopards, deer, and a myriad of birdlife. Uttarakhand tour packages often include excursions to this sanctuary for an enriching experience in the lap of nature.

Bright End Corner
Another scintillating peak point from where one can enjoy the scenic views of the Himalayas; welcome to the Bright End Corner. Situated at a short distance of 3 km from main town Almora, this picturesque location offers some of the most stunning views of the surrounding landscape that can make your affordable Almora trips worth every penny. 

Chitai Golu Devta Temple
Almora is a spiritually driven town and has several historical temples that are revered highly by the locals. One such temple is the Chitai Golu Devta Temple, dedicated to the local deity Golu Devta. Adorned with thousands of bells, locals believe highly in getting their wishes fulfilled when visiting the temple. When you explore Almora itineraries, several Almora vacation deals will highlight a visit to this temple for sure. 

Things to Do in Almora

Walk the Nature Trail in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary
Tighten your hiking boots as you set out to trace the adventurous trails at the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. A very common part of most Uttarakhand honeymoon packages, this activity is highly recommended for all tourists, irrespective of whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or not. 

Explore the Charming Villages of Almora
A very unique aspect of Almora is the presence of several quaint villages surrounding its periphery. So, when you explore Almora itineraries, see to it that you plan some time out for a simple exploration of some of these villages around Almora. These village excursions can truly transform your Almora vacation deals.

Challenge Yourself with Rock Climbing in Mukteshwar
Attention adventure enthusiasts! While Almora is definitely a culturally and spiritually driven town, it also offers a myriad of adventure activities. To make the best of Almora tours, take this short drive to Mukteshwar to experience the thrill of rock climbing against the stunning backdrop of the Himalayas. 

Visit the Jageshwar Dham Temples 
Surrender yourself to the divine ambience of the spiritually popular Jageshwar Dham, near Almora. When you explore Almora itineraries, the cluster of ancient temples in Jageshwar Dham is a common part of most Almora tour packages. Surrounded by dense deodar forests, the place is not only a pilgrimage site but also a serene retreat. 

Go on a Photography Expedition in Ranikhet
Give a delightful twist to your Almora vacation deals with an adventurous day trip to Ranikhet. Known for its panoramic views and lush landscapes, the place allows you to capture scenic beauty through your lens and create visual memories that will last a lifetime. Ensure your Almora tour packages include this photography-worthy excursion.

Tips for Best Almora Tours  


To ensure your travel is seamless and memorable, consider these invaluable tips:

Best Time to Visit Almora
Almora is a great destination to visit all year round. However, travel experts at Kiomoi recommend the spring and summer months (March to June) as the best time to visit Almora.

Respect the Cultural Ethics 
When fixing up your Almora travel deals, make sure to learn about the local ethics and cultural nuances in order to avoid any unintentional disrespect. 

Pack Wisely
Almora offers a lot of walking trails and trekking opportunities. So, along with warm layers, do make sure to pack trekking essentials such as comfortable walking shoes, etc. 

Choose the Right Accommodation Options
With Kiomoi you can expect affordable Almora trips, offering a range of comfortable accommodation options. Connect with us today to learn more. 

Pick Local Places to Eat
Relish local Kumaoni cuisine at eateries like Lali's Inn and Bansal Bhojnalaya to make the best of Almora tours.

If you want to take your family on a memorable trip to Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand, we recommend booking our Uttarakhand holiday packages. As you know, Uttarakhand is a popular destination in India that offers many adventurous activities during your family vacation. Kiomoi travel offers Uttarakhand tour packages at a discounted rate of up to 30%
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