Yercaud Travel Guide

State Tamil nadu

Known as "Ooty of the Poor"

Yercaud Travel Guide

A blend of ancient and modern world, Yercaud is a restful hill in the Shevaroy range. Yercaud offers you with the breathtaking sights. Tour Yercaud and relish its natural beauty. Our city guide provides you with all the important information which will be helpful in making your stay comfortable and memorable. Yercaud Travel Guide, visiting botanical garden that has a good collection of exotic plants, trees and beautifully laid out ornamental gardens, an option for boat ride on the lake. The calm water of the Yercaud Lake naturally attracts visitors to it.

Yercaud Lake

There is some kind of activity going on always at the lake to keep you occupied. There are also rowboats and motorboats available for hire. Coffee gardens are spread all along Yercaud’s landscape.

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