Varkala Travel Guide

State Kerala

Varkala Travel Guide

Designed and dedicated to all traveler`s type, Varkala City Guide has exclusive sections on how to reach, accommodations, excellent places to see, tempting excursions, sea-side-dining-choices and a detailed quick guide. Aforethought to meet requirements of traveller and explorers, the guide is a virtual trip to the Varkala -- the Sea Coast Settled destination. Just with all other facilities, Varkala Travel Guide is power-packed with on-spot hotel booking convenience. Revealed here is a wide range of budget hotel for you to handpick your choices.
Varkala Beach, a beatification of tranquillity and solitude, straddles unending against ruffling ocean, and is crowned with laterite red cliffs. Varkala, also known as the Dakshina Kashi, is a famous Hindu pilgrimage, where thousands of Hindus visit to wash their sins in the waters of Papanasham Beach and pay reverence to the Samadhi of Shri Narayan Guru, located on the cliff top. The beach-wet spirit of Varkala appeals pilgrims and ardent travellers, alike. Contrastingly, on one side where it is a venerated Hindu pilgrimage, on the other it is populated by hip hep hippies lazing on the sea-shore, showcasing the verisimilitude that Varkala is.

A handful of nature, a bag filled with handicrafts and mind smeared with quietude Varkala is an experience. Visit this season.

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