Tuljapur Travel Guide

State Maharashtra

Located 430 km to the South East of Mumbai.

Tuljapur Travel Guide

Kulaswamini: Tutelary Deity of Maharashtra

Tuljapur, the abode of holiest of the holy goddess Kulaswamini, is a consecrated pilgrim centre in Maharashtra, almost 430 km to the South East of Mumbai. Tuljapur Kulswamini is the patron deity of Maharashtra and there are tales of Goddess’s miraculous blessing on Shiva ji, the great Maratha who attributed his many conquests to his kul devi (patron god).The holy temple of Ma Bhavani appeals in many ways and one of which is its turmeric and vermillion tinged exuberant carvings on the temple top. Inside the precincts, the goddess welcomes one in the same searing gaze and ferocity as she blessed Shivaji with a divine sword. Revered by many, the Tulja Bhavani Mandir is thronged by more than 10,000 devotees on a daily basis in its prangan (common area). 


The town of Tuljapur is located just few meters above the Bala Ghat plateau where the state highway descends into Solapur. Tuljapur is located 40 km from Solapur and 22 km from Osmanabad and the nearest landmark to the temple is ST Bus Station to the left of which descends the path to the temple.

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