Thirukkadaiyur Travel Guide

State Tamil nadu

Thirukadaiyur is situated in Mayavaram in Tamil Nadu at 250 km from Chennai

Thirukadaiyur Travel Guide

Thirukadaiyur — Amritaghateswarar Abirami Temple

Thirukadaiyur Temple at Mayavaram is a solemnization of the Yama’s (the lord of death) defeat at the hand of Lord Shiva. As the purana states that it was here within, where stands a temple today, the premises that Lord Shiva appeared in human form to save Markandeya from the ills of Yama. Located in Tamil Nadu, Thirukadaiyur is a methodologically an important place where one is granted longevity of life, and boasts of a list of legends and mythological narrations associated with the existence of the temple. The Amrataghateswarar Temple is listed to be one the eight Verratta Sthalams of the Lord of Universe, Shiva.

Read below to catch some of the interesting facts related to Thirukadaiyur:-

Thirukadaiyur Location

Thirukadaiyur is situated in Mayavaram in Tamil Nadu at 250 km from Chennai.

Legends and Mythology

As goes the mythos, Maarkandeya, son of the saint Mrikandu, was prophesied to live till the age of sixteen years and was advised to worship Lord Amritaghateswarar in Thirukadaiyur for the long life. On his father’s advised, Markandeya performed hard penitence for Lord Shiva bathing the Lingam/ idol with the water of Ganges that flows beneath the temple ground. On the fateful day, Yama appeared to take away Markandeya’s life. Markandeya, on seeing Yama with his Kaal Paasa ran to seek Shiva’s protection and clung to the Lingam of Mritunyjaya (Kala Samhara Murthi) in the Amritaghateswarar Temple, in which he was performing Pooja. At the very moment Shiva appeared in human form to warn Yama to not avenge Markandeya’s life. However, Yama, deaf to Shiva’s warning, threw his noose on Markandeya and the Lingam at once. This inxorable demeanor by Yama infuriated Lord Shiva on which he kicked Yama with his left leg holding him under his foot. Shiva using his left leg to kick Yama has a great relevance as he intended to punish Yama for his disobedience and not to quell him forever. Till date, the mark of Kaal Paasa on the Lingam evidences the Yama-Shiva Purana story.

Thirukadaiyur Temple has three tanks known as Theertam or Amrita Pushkarini, Kala Theertham and Markandeya Theertham. Devotees and pilgrims can avail the pooja services six times a day. Amritaghateswarar Abirami Temple — the dwelling place of Kalasmahara Moorty — is filled with round-the-year festivities. Almost every day dawns with one celebration or other, as hundreds of pilgrims throng the temple to celebrate their 60th or 80th birthdays.

The Temple

The temple architecture that is bound to transpose you to the period of Chola reign in India, strikes first with its intricately designed gopurams and walls. Straggling endlessly on 11 acres sacred land, Thirukadaiyur Temple constitutes five Prakarmas, temple towers and huge-end-to-end matapam. Aged walls, black with homam that are performed in obeisance of the Lord and coatings of Vibhuti (holy ashes that are collected from the lamps or incense sticks) along with traces of flowers and puja debris describes the Abirami Battar’s sanctum — enshrinement of long life. On the exteriors are embossed some inscriptions dating to Raja Raja Cholan reign of the 11th Century. The temple mantapams are ornate with images depicting the Lord with a raised forefinger warning Yama and other related images of the Gods and Goddesses.

Sashti Aptha poorthi at Thirukadaiyur

Thirukadaiyur is the place to which many people go to celebrate the fact that they have lived through life for 60 or 80 years; but there is a catch - you can only celebrate if your spouse is alive- Sashtiyaptha Poorthi ( It is a Sanskrit word, which simply means completing 60; Shasti – 60, Purti – Complete). There is a fantastic sense of good cheer in the temple because it’s all about rejoicing-just being alive. The reason why people celebrate Sasthiaptha Purthi in Thirukadaiyur – As Death was conquered at Thirukadaiyur, the Lord in Thirukadaiyur had been named as ‘Kala Samhara Moorthi ‘( Kala – Death, Samhara – Conquering, Moorthi – Lord)/ Mritunga jaya murthy (Mritya – Death, Jayam – Victory). It is believed that by praying Kala Samhara Moorthi one can conquer death.

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please can you arrange sashti poorthi pooja on aug 31. can you guide us the prodedure to do.
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can you arrange sashti poorthi pooja on nov 5 2011. can yuu arrange stay for 50 people for one night stay.
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I am attaining 60 years on 4th Sept 2011 and interested to perform Shashtiapthapoorthi at Tirukkadaiyur. My marriage day falls on 4th Nov. 2011. Can the Shasthiapthapoorthi be combined with my marriage day
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