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Gujarat outlines a region that posed as a dwelling for many Indus Valley civilization and Harappan sites. The history of Gujarat dates back to around 2000 years. From ancient history, many dynasties had ruled the land. The major dynasties that ruled the land were the Guptas, Maurayans, Chalukyas and Marathas. Gujarat obtains its name from the people called Gurjars who mounted up to eminence in the sixth century A.D. Gujarat being a coastal state has also been subjected to many overseas invasions. The British, Portuguese and the Persians all have ruled on this effervescent land of Gujarat. Preceding the Independence, Gujarat was a part of the Bombay Presidency. Finally in May1, 1960, the state of Gujarat was formed from the north and west portions of Bombay.
Climate/Temperature: The climate of Gujarat varies in various parts of the land. The climate of Gujarat is humid in the southern districts and dry in the northern section. Due to proximity to the sea, the climate is subtle and cool. There are basically three main seasons in the state of Gujarat. The winter season that extends from the month of November to February. The summer season is from March to May and the monsoon season extends from June to September. The temperature recorded in winter is around 10 degrees C to 36 degrees C. In summers the temperature ranges between 23C and 41 C.The best time to visit Gujarat is in the months of October to March.
There are many places in Gujarat that allure the tourists to this scintillating land. The aura of the region is so unique and awesome that visitors who come to the state remain glued to the land for a long time. The enchanting places of tourist interest are:

The Somnath Temple.
Triveni Ghat
Junagadh Gate
The Gir Forest
Old Fort
Willingdon Dam
Sakkarbag Museum
Watson Museums
Jubilee Gardens
Dwarkadish Temple

Adventure & Activities
The tourists can quench their adventure lust on the dazzling land of Gujarat. Many adventure sports can be played on the land of Gujarat. Some of the major adventure sports in the region are skydiving, bungee jumping and paragliding.
Geography: The sparkling land of Gujarat is spread over the area of 196,024 sq. kms. The state is situated on the western Indian coast. The Arabian Sea covers the state of Gujarat from three sides like a girdle. It has around 1600 kms long coastline. On the western side of Gujarat lies the Arabian Sea, on the northwest lies Pakistan, on the north east lies the state of Rajasthan, towards the east there lies the state of Madhya Pradesh and in the southeast lies the state of Maharashtra.
People / Population: The total population of the scintillating land of Gujarat is approximately 5,05,96,992. The people of Gujarat have their reminiscence from Gurjars. They are believed to have come to India with the Huns and while passing through Punjab, settled in Gujarat.

Religions: The main religions in Gujarat are Hinduism, Islam, and Jainism. There is a vast majority of Hindus in the state. Then you can find a small population of Muslims as well. Jains also forms a small part of the population. Zoroastrians or Parsis can also be seen in Gujarat
Languages: The main language spoken in the state of Gujarat is Gujarati language. Then there are people who speak Hindi, English and Marathi.

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