Puri Travel Guide

State Orissa

60 km from the state Capital Bhuvaneshwar. Bounded in the south by the Bay of Bengal

Puri Tourism & City Guide

Puri: The play field of Lord Jagannatha

Puri, the very name invokes the images of the huge Ratha ( Chariot ) of Lord Jagannatha drawn by lakhs of enthusiastic devotees among a sea of humanity. Well, if the lord’s presence was not enough, Puri is also powered by another enormous force and that is the tumultuous waters of the Bay of Bengal.

Now imagine them combined. Together they make Puri one of India’s best loved destinations. Droves of tourists all year long, throng this coastal place of Orissa seeking spiritual succour and some adventure too. Though Puri is not really a surfer’s paradise

Located barely 60 km from Bhuvaneshwar, the state capital, Puri is the home to a large number of tourist attractions. Ancient monuments, temples, beaches, museums- it offers something for everyone.

Puri is an ancient place known earlier as in the holy land of Sri Purusotamma-Kshetra. The great Adi Shankaracharya, established one among his four Maths here, known as the Govardhan Math.

Puri Travel Guide is mixed with all the ingredients to make your travel to Puri most fulfilling. Like all our previous Travel Guides you will find detailed sections on How to Reach, Attractions, Excursions, Must Dos, Hotels et al to plan a memorable Puri vacation.

So start exploring this city with our Puri City Guide.

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